Most Beautiful UAAP Women's Volleyball Players

The Top Ten

1 Fille Cainglet

She's beautiful and humble

2 Jed Montero
3 South Ramos
4 Denise Patricia Tan
5 Melissa Gohing

And ganda talaga ni gohing

6 Lizlee Ann Gata
7 Charo Soriano
8 Karla Bello
9 Rachel Anne Daquis
10 Charleen Cruz

Simple and very modest you will sure fall for her...

Ms. Everything is definitely beautiful inside and out. Aside from that, she plays really well inside court.

The Contenders

11 Dennise Michelle Lazaro

One of the best and prettiest liberos - MaskaraMoPaul

12 Shiela Marie Pineda
13 Carmina Aganon

She's beautiful with her own personality and with her brave spirit.. She is the one and only SILENT ASSASIN/KILLER

14 Mika Aereen Reyes
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