Best After Forever Songs

Choose the best song of the wonderful Dutch metal band with female vocals.

The Top Ten

1 Come
2 Monolith of Doubt
3 Beautiful Emptiness
4 Dreamflight

This is a masterpiece! One of the best epic in metal. Incredibly beautiful and emotional song. Perhaps the best song After Forever! In general, this whole album is great

Epic After Forever song. Wish they were still putting out great music.

5 Energize Me

Very nice lyrics, the rhythm and the sound of the instruments are very well qualified plus floor's voice fits the song very well

6 Intrinsic

This, along with "Dreamflight", is among the band's best songs - it's got really nice progressive elements, such as the changes in temp, and also brings out the full extent of Floor's vocal talents - petrucci75hammet

7 Digital Deceit
8 Face Your Demons
9 Eccentric
10 Mea Culpa (A Capella)

The Newcomers

? Transitory

I get blown away by this song every time I listen to it...

WOW. If you haven't listened to this, give it a try...

Epic, I feel breathless by the end of it every time I listen to it!

The Contenders

11 My Pledge of Allegiance #1
12 Leaden Legacy
13 Forlorn Hope
14 Sins of Idealism

5 words... Best A F song ever :D in this song floor unleashes every single details and range of her voice.. From low notes, to medium and belted notes and to head notes (best part the chorus done by her voice :D)

15 Beyond Me

Best song from after forever. Feat sharon den adel version is perfect - silentdesert

16 Discord

One of the best songs of this genre. Miss this band.

17 Follow In the Cry

Follow In The Cry is one of the only songs I can listen to on repeat for ages without getting sick of it. I love Epica's performance of it from the MFVF 2009 with Floor guest singing on it. I also loved MaYaN's performance of it at Sao Paulo with Simone, Floor and Laura all singing together!

18 Cry With a Smile

This is got to be the most beautiful song from After Forever - germshep24

19 Envision
20 Ephemeral
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