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81 Heathen Chemistry - Oasis
82 The Open Door - Evanescence

My musical Bible. Holden Caulfield would've liked it.

83 Dear Agony - Breaking Benjamin
84 The Beginning - Black Eyed Peas
85 Adema - Adema
86 Move Along - All American Rejects
87 In Between Dreams - Jack Johnson
88 For Your Entertainment - Adam Lambert
89 Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson

Four of the songs in here are the ones that have built my childhood. They are all exquisitely composed in a way that exemplifies its amazing melody that overpowers most of the modern crap that we hear today.

90 Brave New World - Iron Maiden
91 Absolution - Muse

What 72? Should be top twenty at least - KidA

Perhaps Muse's best album. Should be higher than The Resistance and Blackholes and Revelations which are currently in the top 30. In my opinion this album should be at least in the top 20.

Love the song time is running out

92 Origin of Symmetry - Muse

Origin of Symmetry is easily better than any other Muse work. This said, #92 is a shame.

Fantastic songs love this album

Best album

93 Phobia - Breaking Benjamin

Definitely their best album hands down

94 X&Y - Coldplay

You can't beat Coldplay, or this album. - Merilille

Should be top fifteen! - KidA

95 Blackbird - Alter Bridge
96 Daughtry - Daughtry
97 Vulture Street - Powderfinger
98 Arular - M.I.A.
99 Back to Basics - Christina Aguilera
100 The Fame Monster - Lady Gaga

Nothing to argue about. Lady Gaga saved Pop music and took it back to what it once was.

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