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1 Calling (Lose My Mind)

Best song by alesso so far.. Great tune, Vocals, Everything..

Great song


2 Heroes (We Could Be)

Absolutely amazing! in this song...her voice is so awesome in this song!

Best song!


Alesso you r awesome


3 Under Control

Calvin Harris Beats..Alesso Techno...Hurts Vocal = awesome..!

Calvin Harris + Alesso = EPIC

NEW SONG...Listen it ASAP...

This should be the first

4 Years

Superb! I listen this song every day. Really great!

Lovely tune made by Alesso.. Delirious...

Make me feel good

Definitely... best alesso song along with calling..The piano melody carries all the emotion with alesso's perfect mix. Truely amazing...!

5 Cool

Amazing song, both in is vocals and electronic parts.

I just don't get tired of listening to this song

6 If I Lose Myself


7 If I Lose Myself Remix

One of the most melodious songs ever! - Raiton

Awesome music and awesome vocal. THE BEST SONG OF ALESSO. HOW IS THIS NOT #1?

Awesome mixing by Alesso... It will definitely touch your heart...

Great one

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8 Queen of Your Dreams
9 Clash
10 Sweet Escape

Best song I've ever heard

The Contenders

11 Payday
12 Raise Your Head
13 Every Chance We Get We Run

Awesome track with David Guetta..

14 Party Rock Anthem REMIX
15 Titanium (Alesso Remix)

Great remix from Alessso

16 Tear the Roof Up
17 I Wanna Know

5/5: A beautiful song with good lyrics and production - ProPanda

19? Must be in top 10... One of Alesso's best

18 City of Dreams

It's my best song ever been.

Best in my opinion

Magic song.

The best one!

19 If It Wasn't for You

"the tune is so addictive, just can't get enough of it! "

Highly underrated in my opinion, one of his best songs.

20 Take My Breath Away

Why is at the twentieth position? THIS SONG IS SO AWESOME. Alesso's voice is so good in this song. GO LISTEN TO IT

21 Pressure - Alesso Remix

Alesso's calibre of music is proved by this song..

This is the best song

This is my favorite EDM song from before 2012. Only 23? It was the #2 song for SiriusXM Electro in 2011.

22 In My Blood
23 Silenced by the Night

His most underrated work

Awesome some of alesso production

24 Heiress of Valentina (Alesso Exclusive Mix)
25 Scars
26 All This Love

Love the music and vocals...Alesso is great

27 This Summer

Awesome remix after If I Lose Myself _/\_

28 Save the World
29 Eclipse
30 Nillionaire
31 Dynamite
32 Workaholic
33 When I See You (Alesso Mix)
34 Numb


35 Collioure

Best music video by alesso!

36 Loose It ‎
37 Destinations
38 Gillionaire
39 Profondo
40 River Flows In You (Alesso Remix)
41 Moma
42 Cool (Slow)
43 Falling
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1. If I Lose Myself
2. Heroes (We Could Be)
3. Under Control
1. Heroes (We Could Be)
2. Years
3. Cool
1. Heroes (We Could Be)
2. Years
3. If It Wasn't for You


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