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41 Shroud of Frost

I can see that the newer songs dominate this list, but hey! Shroud of Frost is a masterpiece with an amazing mood-metal worthy any musical top list ever.

42 Judgement

I had to add this one on! I am shocked people. I seriously thought that out of the rockier part of their career, this was up with Fragile Dreams.

43 A Dying Wish
44 Parisienne Moonlight

Great piano riff with haunting vocals - RalphSaad

V 2 Comments
45 Release
46 Wings of God

Best Anathema song ever!

Great guitar solos - RalphSaad

47 Empty V 1 Comment
48 Breaking Down the Barriers V 1 Comment
49 The Silent Enigma

The title track of this classic album

50 Sunlight
51 The Gathering of the Clouds

Oh no is a best music

52 Pressure
53 Sunset of Age

The time is coming...

54 Kingdom

Simple, but hypnotizing and addictive, epic and majestic.

55 Pulled Under at 2000 Metres a Second
56 Take Shelter
57 Dusk (Dark is Descending)
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