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41 Oliver & Company

Its arsome and sexy dog Dodger

42 Aladdin

Go higher

Go higher

Go higher

Go higher - Belle9090

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43 Fantastic Planet
44 Tangled

The story: outstanding
The adaptation: Breathtaking
The characters: Beautiful and deep
The music: Marvelous

Flynn Rider! Flynn Rider! All the characters! Rapunzel! Flynn Rider! I don't know why things like that exist! - lizard302

Way way way way way better than Frozen.

Better than frozen - Belle9090

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45 Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise
46 Beauty and the Beast

This should be after little mermaid

One of the best animated movies ever

What why 46 shame just shame

Best animated movie after little mermaid and lion king and aladdin and don't be inapropriate

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47 Brave
48 Madagascar

The original Madagascar! Without this we wouldn't have had the equally funny sequels that came along afterwards.

49 Tarzan
50 How to Train Your Dragon 2
51 Fantasia

Named the second greatest animated film by the Online Film Critic's Society, one of the 100 greatest American films on the AFI Top 100 list in 1998, and named the fifth greatest animated film by the AFI.

Best Disney Film ever. Chernabog is the best villain that Disney created. - asantalo

52 Cat Soup

I love this short. Funny and well-made.

53 Rio

Pretyy much the most colourful animated flick period. Plus Jesse Eisenberg is funny.

54 Despicable Me 2

I absolutely adore Lucy! I'm so glad they introduced her in this movie she is my all time favorite character! I hope she's in the 3rd movie.

55 Revolutionary Girl Utena
56 Trolls
57 Shark Tale
58 Batman: The Killing Joke

Best superhero animated film I’ve ever watched! Mark Hamill is the best Joker around the world! Better than Heath Ledger’s Joker. - asantalo

59 101 Dalmatians

How many times! Boring! - lizard302

Looks dumb - Belle9090

It's stpid

60 Sleeping Beauty

Higher higher - Belle9090

Please I want this to go higher I love this movie and charechters

High r - Belle9090

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