Best Basketball Shoe Brands

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1 Nike

Great in all fields, style, durability, science, and has the best basketball player endorsers. NICE

They are the best you can basicly fly with them all the good basketball players use them and they are very good quality they are the best shoes ever in history and will always bee they are to good the are supper good

Usually the go to brand when someone says what's the best brand that makes basketball shoes well the first thing they usually go with is Nike been there done that it's the obvious answer because their shoes have good ankle support and are very comfortable as I can tell with my experience with Nike basketball shoes. - utv82803


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2 Air Jordan

Man why isn't Jordan right up behind Nike? These shoes are are easily the second best. They're comfortable, stylish, and fit your feet perfectly. No wonder they have the best athletes in the game endorsing their product.

Come on now Jordan is right behind nike the only people that wear adidas is d rose and a couple other guys

From my experience Air Jordans are the most comfortable basketball shoes because anyone can wear them no matter how wide or thin your foot is, and they don't make your feet sore

Yo michael jordan is the G O A T

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3 Adidas Adidas Adidas AG is a German multinational corporation, headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest in the world. They were first founded in July of 1924 as Gebrüder Dassler more.

Thanks for allowing me to vote for you guys it is such an pleasure and I was hoping if I can contact with you guys I am really proud that you are the best companies that make best shoes

NUMBER ONE SHOE BRAND! They are not expensive and very reliable. Unlike other shoe brands. They don't get dirty easily also (like some shoe brands)

Great value for your money. Very reliable and durable yet still comfortable and stylish. If you want a good basketball shoe for the amount of money you pay go with adidas.


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4 Under Armour Under Armour Under Armour, Inc. is an American company that manufactures footwear, sports, and casual apparel. Under Armour's global headquarters are located in Baltimore, Maryland with additional offices located in Amsterdam, Austin, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Houston, Jakarta, London, Mexico City, Munich, New York more.

It's comfortable, great, supports, durable, economic and users friendly, crazy little thing

Have the Stephen Curry Ones and Twos. most comfortable basketball shoe out there with the charged cushioning going all the way to the toe in the Curry Two. Highly recommend this shoe brand.

The best brand you could get and I got Nike b-ball shoes and I broke my heal with the Nike shoe and that was the first time I got Nike and the last

I Have the Stephen Curry threes and Fours. most comfortable basketball shoe out there with the charged cushioning going all the way to the toe in the Curry Three. Highly recommend this shoe brand.

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5 Reebok

I really recommend the kamikaze 2 mids, at first it will hurt the bone on the outside of your foot, but after like the 4th time wearing it, it turns super comfortable and it looks good too

Reebok should be first because of their success with the amazing reebok pumps.

Have some that I played 200 games in. No wear at all these are the est

Great shoes like questions and answers and one of my favorites the pumps. Love DMX and Hexalite technology

6 And 1

stylish, great support, durable, and very affordable.

I always wear and one when I ball because it gives you durable hop quickness on the court and strength for ANY FULL COURT GAME

I prefer nike, but these are the best shoes that are only for basketball.

Best in style and value the only problem is that the glue they use is not string as soon as u glues it back with a better one it wil last. tai chi's, rockets, xcelarate and the best one is Too chillin

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7 Ewing Athletics

Stylish, durable although they are sorta bulky

Absolute classics should be in the top 10

What are those

8 Anta

It's unique, an upcoming brand, and heavily recruiting top athletes.

Good looking basketball shoes... most of their designs would be sold out if they had a Nike logo on them

I like it... more than Adidas Nike and Reebok..

Performance basketball kicks at $120

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9 Li-Ning

Stylish, New Brand, New Breed, Unusual, Uncommoner, Innovative not Imitative, and at this point... Absolutely no fake look a likes.

Li Ning is awesome. Better than And1 and Under Armour

Stylish love the shoe and also my favorite basketball player is signed with them WAY OF WADE!

Best sports brand in china

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10 New Balance

These are alright performance wise but they are worn by the legend himself MATT BONNER

These shoes SUCK. they are ugly and don't break in quickly. Also, they aren't comfortable and are lacking the elements needed in a basketball shoe.

I don't like them at all

Lame shoes

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11 Shaq

Stylish shoes but not comfortable. The cardboard inside the shoe came off in at least a month of hard basketball training. I do not prefer these shoes, but they are inexpensive.

You can get them for $15 at Walmart!

Awesome shoes! Affordable as well

Shaq is Jesus hail Shaq

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Great style and durable!

Amazing and cheap shoes

Have had and still some signature big name athletes such as tony Parker, Kyle Lowry, javale McGee, Shane battier, dorell wright, George hill, Jason Kidd, Michael pietrus and Kevin love

Lots of attention devoted to quality control and details of the shoes. might be a little heavy, but specializes in cushion. recently signed Howard.

13 Converse

Because I've had converse and their great with basketballs games like main games so I would call them basketball shoes though but that's my option though but I'm in love with converse though well everyone that votes for converse is a smart choice because they give you more support in your shoots and your foot motion well picking converses is the smart choice though bye

Oh come on people converse is a classic chuck Taylor made them his shoe it's comfortable and it not that expensive this needs to be number four at the most

These much and aren't comfortable

The converse weapons are probably the best basketball shoes by coverse

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14 Fila

They so popular, cool, comfortable, brand new, shoes

Grant hill wore these as a signature shoe

Basketball shoes are comfy and cool

Best shoes
Very nice
I love it

15 BrandBlack

These shoes rival the big ones in both quality and looks. Plus they go for about $90-$120, these are a steal. The traction is among the best for indoor use and their new "Future Legend" model is amazing. Search them up.

Jamal Crawford Crossover 1 and 2 brand shoes. It's so good shoes and you can't see this shoes anywhere except in USA. If you want a shoes that you can't see anywhere. This is the best.

Sexy+performance, top 7 at least. Search them up.


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16 D Rose's

Not a brand they are adidas

17 World Balance

Nice shoes.. and durable

Great shoes and value for money. Excellent durability specially as an outdoor shoe!

Are these somewhere else too aside from the Philippines?


18 Jordan

There great can't believe there not in the top 5 or at least 10

Should be #2 right behind nike come on now.

Best shoes ever I 10 pairs that I bought in the last 2 years the best shoes ever even better than nike because of it's explosiveness,and speed.
P.S. what the hell is Slazenger?

19 Starbury

Best shoe n the wrld.. Peeps should endorse this more... My brothers are just doing it for the money rather than the feel...sad that the truest race in the world have turned against their core principles

20 Accel

This is the BEST BRAND ever! My brother has it and absolutely LOVES IT!

21 Diadora

What are those

Don't even make basketball shoes


22 Kaypee

What are those

Are they still exist?

They suck

23 Asics

Japanese made so you'll be sure of its quality.

24 BBB


Lonzo had better rookie stats than kobe, and melo up next

25 DC Shoes

Not even close to basketball shoes

They got some good shoes there

26 361

Kevin loves old shoe

Good quality

top brand

27 Pro-Keds
28 Lotto
29 Ekito

Best brand ever not well known but look up the Ekito post ups on amazon... sick

30 Supra

Very comfortable but I wouldn't say for basketball

Not basketball shoes

What are those

31 Puma Puma Puma SE, branded as Puma, is a German multinational company that designs and manufactures athletic and casual footwear, apparel and accessories, which is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany.

They used to have the Walt Frazier signature shoes

You know there good

32 Athletic Propulsion Labs

These shoes are supposed to make you jump higher so that’s why the nba banned them

The nba banned shoe 👟

33 Slazenger

They are comfortable, stylish and affordable
They are awesome

34 Add In
35 Kipsta

Good looking
Good price
I can compare with Addidas

36 Gola
37 Muck Boots
38 Le Coq

Best ones ever I lover the name

39 Starter

Worst shoes of all time

Starter brand are also made for Basketball compare to Diadora, Le Coq, Gola and Lotto.

40 Spalding

One of the few brands here that actually sell basketball shoes

Worst mine ripped in 3 days

41 Osiris
42 K1X

New brand, cool look

43 Grosby
44 Mongol
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