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1 Spirits Having Flown

Masterpiece best vocals harmony's, production, song writing, and recording...

''Because of side A perfection! ''

2 Idea
3 Odessa

Despite the comercial succesfull Odessa is a masterpiece including classics songs like Melody Fair or First Of May among other and including so powerful simphonic songs... It's an amazing album

4 Still Waters
5 Bee Gees 1st V 1 Comment
6 Cucumber Castle

Love this song

7 Main Course

Album that changed the 70's

8 One
9 Living Eyes
10 Size Isn't Everything

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11 Trafalgar

I believe Trafalgar o be their best album. Odessa second. Every song on Trafalgar is great or a full on classic. Love Trafalgar and lion in winter are probably my favourites. Over time some of the songs that I wasn't so crash hot on have grown on me considerably. Originally I had it on vinal but scratched the song 'when do I'. I tried to gouge the record so that the needle skipped the track. Not very successfully. Only recently began playing the song. Like I said all tracks are wonderful. Not too fussed about their music post 70s, although they did produce some good stuff.

12 This Is Where I Came In
13 Children of the World
14 E.S.P.
15 Saturday Night Fever: The Original Movie Sound Track
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1. Spirits Having Flown
2. Idea
3. Odessa
1. Idea
2. Still Waters
3. Odessa



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