Best Black Stone Cherry Songs


The Top Ten

1 Blame It on the Boom Boom

This song just gets after it. Solid song all the way through.

2 Lonely Train

"But you can't judge a book looking at the cover" some people should remember this sometimes...

3 Things My Father Said

This should be no1! The lyrics are so deep and meaningful, the music's great and the singing, as ever, is top-notch! Come on people this is better than the 2 above it!

4 Killing Floor
5 Blind Man

This is the song that got me into Black Stone Cherry... Lyrics and music are great together... This song is heavy and still gives you the true feeling of southern rock... Love this song... I purchased the BSC and Folklore and superstition albums at the same time, I played this song and fell in love with Black Stone Cherry...

6 Peace is Free
7 Please Come In
8 White Trash Millionaire

Good southern rock n roll

9 In My Blood
10 Rain Wizard

The Newcomers

? Fiesta del Fuego
? Violator Girl

The Contenders

11 Like I Roll
12 Tired of the Rain
13 Backwoods Gold

Although Rain Wizard was the song that first made me like Black Stone Cherry, Backwoods Gold (in my opinion) is a better song.

14 Hell and High Water
15 Change
16 Maybe Someday
17 Devil's Queen
18 The Bitter End
19 The Key
20 Long Sleeves
21 You
22 Sunrise
23 Stay
24 Me and Mary Jane
25 Such a Shame

This song is incredible! How is it at 26?!?!

26 Big City Lights
27 Let Me See You Shake
28 Soulcreek
29 Reverend Wrinkle
30 Shooting Star
31 Ghost of Floyd Collins

Catchy, fantastic vocals and brilliant lyrics. Couldn't ask for more.

32 When the Weight Comes Down
33 Die for You
34 Staring at the Mirror
35 Stranger
36 Rollin' On
37 Can't You See
38 Sometimes
39 The Rambler
40 The Way of the Future
41 Drive
42 Magic Mountain
43 Peace Pipe
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