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21 Bam Bhole Nath

Beautiful song on Lord Shiva!

Bam Bam Boole! I play this song for my prayers and it teleports me to Mt. Kailash. Great song.

This song is not by bob marley this is by jai uttal.

Jai om nama shiva yaa

22 Mellow Mood

Bob is the best

"Strike the hammer while the iron is hot" says it all. Great song, Great Man

By far my favorite song ever

This song is the only one of its kind.. It's a whole genre that pruduced only this very song.. Love you Bob you will always live throgh my life, through your songs RIP legend

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23 A Lalala Long

This is not Bob Marley it is Inner Circle. And by the way it is called Sweat (A Lalala Long)

This so relaxing and beautiful and happy

This song is so kickass, its happy and relaxing at the same time!

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24 Sun Is Shining

And the weather is sweet! Best song for a good day

Its an amazing song! Puts you in a really good mood

This is the only Bob marley song I use to wake and bake each morning
Keeping me happy with your music forever

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25 Concrete Jungle

Any questions?
Smooth intro. nice lyrics. a song you have to think about.
even the base line is absolutely perfect.

I don't know why everyone is sleeping on this song. It's Marley at his rawest with the power of his lyrics ("No chains around my feet but I'm not free.") only matched by the power of that unreal guitar solo. A masterpiece.

26 Africa Unite

Survival hands down Bob Marley best album, I'll listen to any song on this album

One of the best!

Most powerful

27 Bad Boys

Hearing this song since childhood, still feel the same feeling as before.
An awesome song of a lagend

One of the best songs I've ever heard of my life!
I listen to it since I'm a kid and I just love it as much as before.

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28 Iron Lion Zion

Amazing song, can't believe it's not in the top 10! I could listen to this song all day long without getting tired of it, it has an amazing vibe

Yes. This song is fantastic -- it's energizing, uplifting and powerful all at once; a pinnacle of his career that hits the bullseye dead on and in ways most other reggae songs can't touch.

Most overlooked song from Marley!

Can't believe this song is not on the list

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29 Trenchtown Rock

Loving the feel good melody... Under Rated in this pole

Most underrated song so far on@ long list of overrated, greatest hits, radio bob, type songs...easily in top 15

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30 Ganja In My Brain V 3 Comments
31 Natural Mystic

I listen to this song every night before bed, it makes me calm and happy, but I also love all of Bob's music, not just because I've been to Jamaica but because I am of that era.

One of the very best Bob Marley songs ever, very meaningful and makes you think hard about suffering and the battles of that era. A great song by a very influential man.

Many more will have to suffer... Many more will have to die... Don't ask me why... One of the best lines ever written... Every song by Bob is great

Hands Down best song. The beat soothes the soul. Listen to the lyrics.

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32 Roots, Rock, Reggae

This song is very great =)

Isn't that the best reggae song EVER?

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33 So Much Trouble in the World

This song is great. Why is it so low? It should be top 10. If you love Bob Marley, you'll have to have this song.

34 Easy Skanking


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35 Satisfy My Soul

Such a simple, beautiful, and heartfelt tone, truly a Bob Marley classic and vastly underrated

Not necessarily the best best, but it's a great, simple feel-good tune. Definitely underrated.

This song exemplifies a man with a pure heart

This is my all time best!

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36 Rebel Music

Awesome song on rebel thing must hear

37 Time Will Tell

Such an amazing melody, just got lost with this song every time!

38 Zimbabwe

This list is whacked! Wheres's "them belly full"? "positive vibration"? Why are they not on this stupid list?

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39 Johnny Was

Great song. Can play it all day long

Excellent lyrics and emotionally intertwinned. One of those songs you would wish to never end...

40 Misty Morning

What, Hows this number 40, this is an early morning song to listen to when going to work every day!

That is a long time ago that I heard this song, in one word WOW

One of my favorite songs ever!

How is this song so low

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