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61 Who Are You
62 Finesse
63 Killa On Tha Run

Well I see it, only because it's not released! Daah it's the best song ever! I love this song so much that I can't stop listening to it!

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64 Faded

Great 80's sounding song with lyrics many of us night folks can relate to.

Now that I 'm at the end of the bottle she looks like a supermodel

65 Her World Goes On

It's a very nice song... I would repeat this song a couple of times in my mp3 playlist... If you haven't heard of it yet then try to... It's a nice song

66 Trippin Out
67 Dreamtaker

How did the song not here guys?
definitely the best song of bruno mars.

68 A Stranger
69 Circles

I love this song but it's really just because I love love love Bruno mars.

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70 Calling All My Lovelies

Most layered. seriously give it a listen. such good prod value and very catchy after a few plays. Honestly his most crisp track ever.

71 Perm
72 Too Good to Say Goodbye

A new song that I hope will sometime in the future be recognised as one of his best. Just beautiful. - coldwinter17

73 Sugar Cocoa
74 Welcome Back
75 Evil

Great song! Please listen to it!

76 Mama's Worst Nightmare
77 This Is My Love

Really good song should at least be top 10

78 Phantom Planet
79 Straight Up & Down
80 There I Go Again
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