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1 Jimmy Hopkins

Jimmy Hopkins is tough, intelligent, mature, and a badass all in one. Kind of reminds me of Michael De Santa.

Best character in the game, heck he's the best character of all time, no one can reach jimmy hopkins

He is my video game hero and I would love to fight him if he was real .

Everybody knows jimm is the strongest, all the other kids are easy to beat up with him

2 Johnny Vincent

Johnny Vincent is awesome and nice. If you add the files to have all characters that only appear in Missions you can have Johnny Vincent and if you Talk to him when you finished the game, He says "Hey, Hows it hanging".
That's awesome and I like the tone of his voice.

Johnny is easily the most badass character in the game. His best line is "I'm just toying' with ya kid" when you fight him.

I have no problems with Johnny but I wish that on my Xbox 360 I can see him and the other clique leaders in free roam.

Love his fighting technique and when I played it was the hardest boss fight!

3 Russel Northrop

"CRUSH. KILL. DESTROY! " - Russel Northrop.

Russel is innocent, believe me. He's actually pretty nice, he's loyal, he's big, he's strong, and I'm glad that he's on this top ten list (even though only at number nine. ) He's the most strongest guy at school, and I really like him. He's cute! I love it when he smash people just to protect hia friends and... followers?... yeah. But still, he really should be in this ' top ten list.

He can take a lot more hits than any of the other bully characters, So he is cool

I like the fact that he was always there for Jimmy. He is a cool guy!

He's loyal, he's the most helpful on the final mission

4 Gary Smith

Lots of people, around the Internet, hated Gary because he was the main 'enemy' of Jimmy. Hell, even my brother was suprised to hear when I say I like him. Yeah, sure, he might be a jerk (at times? ) but I still love him. He's one of my favorite characters, and he is extreamly manipulative. He's inntelligent, for the most part. But let's just check his background. He said his parents was one of his problems, and after I heard that line I didba research. Yeah. He came from a brokem family... sort of. And even so, he has behaviour mentally disorder, and that's why he consume pills. I feel pity for him, and it's my opinion to think that he should be in the top 10, despite the fact that he's still going to be an 'a'hole after he gets kicked out of school. I'd totally go out with him.

He is an interesting character, even though his monomania over ruling the school gets ridiculous. It can be attributed to his mental illness though

Awesome antagonist he should appear as the secondary of a sequel and someone I mentally relate to

That badass with great fighting style and quotes makes him the best villain of all time

5 Pete Kowalski

He helped jimmy and put his trust in jimmy helping him make the school a better place without gary

Most loyal character of all time, he's the only one that doesn't turn on you

Our best friend never betrayed us and always stand up to us

One of the main characters deserves to be in the top 5

6 Trent Northwick

He's finally on the top ten list! He deserves it, literally one of the best bully characters ever. If you look more into this character like I have

To be fair, he is got the best personality out of all the other characters that arnt the main ones.

One of the only people I would actually try to make friends with if I went to bullworth.

Trent loves himself almost as much as I love him

7 Derby Harrington

He's hot. I think he das educated that way by his abusive father but in the deep he maybe is a nice guy.

"You're not half the Preppie I am, I'm a bloody Harrington! " -Derby Harrington

He is one of the best looking ones (yeah, that is the only reason).

Derby is amazing, purely because he is such a snob

8 Kirby Olsen

I just love his personality. Cute, has a sense of humor, has one of the best catchphrases I have seen, and also can kiss Jimmy! He will never leave your side after you kiss him for the first time. My favorite Jock.

If you come real close you can smell my cologne. -Kirby Olsen

Trent and Kirby that's why I like them so much

Hilarious, especially his Poundcake lines, personal favorite

9 Donald Anderson

Lol, did he even had any kind of role in the whole game?

Why the hell is donald number 2 lol

"I'll be rich one day."

10 Algernon Papadopoulos

"I think I'm getting emotionally scared, please let me go"

'That's just my style of rapping, bro! '

Algie boy needs to be higher.

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11 Edgar Munsen

He helped to calm down everyone when the school was a battleground

In my Opinion Edgar is the best Character in the game

Edgar is one of my favorites

"Alright, let's fight! "

12 Peanut Romano

What do ya mean 'Napoleon complex'?

His fight style is pretty nice

"Come on, hero, walk tall, don't ya!? "

Beside Norton Williams,He is a lieutenant of greasers.

13 Pinky Gauthier

Sure Pinky can be a spoiled princess. But she's a spoiled princess with a heart of gold.

I must say, I am impressed by her humanity.

Best girl in the entire game. Lx

14 Tad Spencer

Tad Is a funny Preppy. He is actually quite fit. He is also my favorite character. He is funny, because when he fights he sometimes say:"I'm going to pound you like my dad pounds me! "

Tad's the most best and humorous preppie of all time. I have pity on tad, because his dad treats him severly. He even says: This school is like a big version of my dad. I feel sorry for him. Tad Rocks!

I know, like after getting beaten, he sometimes asks "Why, daddy, why? " Just makes you feel bad for him

I always feel sorry for him when he gets beat up and says "Please, daddy, don't hit me anymore."

15 Zoe Taylor

She was my waifu when I was a kid.

She just has that amazing yet bad attitude. I like how different she is to the other girls. She’s not slutty like Lola, stuck up like Pinky or a bully like Mandy. Zoe is just a really cool chick who does things her own way

Jimmy's girlfriend

16 Hal Esposito

Hal is so cute! He's the best character in the whole game! I wish he was near the top instead of being at the bottom with all the other cool greasers :P

Hal has one of the most amusing lines in the whole game, he's very bixarre, yet interesting. Not to mention his fighting style, especially the bearhug, is awesome.

The big fat fart will destroy all.

"I'm gonna break you like a twig! "

17 Mr. Galloway

What's better than an alcoholic teacher?

He is a good teacher and I like the drama between him and Hattrick.

18 Earnest Jones

"My suave-ity?! My suave-ability?! How suave I am! " -Earnest Jones

19 Ted Thompson

"Yeah, dude! Take a dump on the doorstep." -Ted Thompson

"Time for some smash-mouth! " -Ted Thompson, Star QB, Bro

I like his fightning style,best!

Should be number 1 I have a replica of teds jersy TIME FOR SOME SMASH-MOUTH -Ted Thompson

20 Melvin O'Connor

Best nerd. At least, he likes rpg's and he seems the most friendly.

21 Norton Willians

"What are you doing here? "
"Uhh... taking out the trash? "
"Guess that's what I'll have to do."
Also, damn that sledgehammer though.

Salute the sledgehammer.

I love it when I fight against him when he has his sledge hammer 🔨!

22 Bif Taylor

I wonder how many seven-year-olds I could beat up! Aren't you like 18, and that's why it's funny

Super cool character and like Pete I laugh at almost all his scenes and dialogue

"I'm gonna lay you out! "

Bif is one of my favourite characters because he is so tall and tough but has a sensitive side and a sad backstory, plus he's kinda cute

23 Gord Vendome

Andrew Gehling did such a wonderful job at voicing Gord Vendome in the game. When Gord started crying, it shows how emotionally distressed he is. You can hear the emotions like bliss, joy, sorrow, bewilderment, fury and anxiety through Andrew's voice as he voices the character.

When Vendome says, "I HATE HIM! He has to PAY! " You can hear the sheer rage in his vocals. It sounded like he's growling if you listen closely.

He's probably the cutest guy that you can kiss and makes me laugh so much.I don't know how anybody can dislike him.

Best prep. He is so funny!

24 Christy Martin

She's my favorite of non-clique students and my favorite girl in game. Red hair, green eyes, prette face, for the win

She's got to be the most attractive girl, without a doubt!


25 Ricky Pucino

He is one of the handsome and cool character in bully and he reminds me of claude from gta 3 and the most awesome greaser compared to all

The most totally, frickkin', cool greaser of all time... and a pro with bikes... should at least deserve to be at number ten in this top ten list. I'm sorry, but I have to admit; Ricky is more awesome-er than Jhonny (I mean isn't he a psychopath?! ), and especially Pnut, come on! I really love when he steps on other people's head and spit on them, and also when he offered to help us even when we're not that close to the greasers... his friendlier I have to say...

I like him because he helped Jimmy in the mission ( Beach Rumble )

He is the friendliest greaser!

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