Top Ten Best Bush Songs

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1 Glycerine Glycerine Cover Art

Love this song, love this band. Pure and raw talent. Gavin is one of the few lead singers who can sing, play guitar, while dancing and rocking out the whole show! He is amazing with his vocals, lyrics and supporting his bandmates. Bush is one of those bands you will travel to see live!

This is an awesome song! Gavin has awesome vocals, the lyrics in this song are just awesome the slow guitar riff fits the song perfectly! One of the best grunge songs ever

How the @$#! Is Little Things at #47 and this song (fine in its own right) is #1... If you were in school (High School / University) in the 90's then shame on you...

Popular vote gets it right once again! Gavin is too pretty to completely get into in his more intense songs, but this one fits just right!

2 Comedown Comedown Cover Art

This song is my Favorite Bush song. I can not wait until tomorrow when I will see them perform the song live. I have seen Bush four times since 97 and they always perform the best shows.

This is song that will be sung for the rest of eternity. The great fans will never forget, but this is how everyone else will remember Bush.

I think that this is their best song. Glycerine was popular but this was their best.

It's an awesome song. The riff and the lyrics are amazing

3 Everything Zen Everything Zen Cover Art

One of or the best song from Bush, one of the best debut albums from a band ever!

This song is quintessential Bush

This needs to be number 2 or 3

Bush's first and best song.

4 Machinehead Machinehead Cover Art

Great song. I love it very much.
It's one of those that you can listen to over and over again and never get sick of.
I listen to this song every morning when I wake up to get me up and ready to greet the day now, and I never grow tired of hearing it.
Great guitar on the intro as well, I might add.
Overall, most definitely worth listening to.

I just love it! This is awesome! I love the music. It great the singer and the drums. I dodn't listen very much bush but it's a great band!

Awesome song. Using it as my wrestling them song. Awesome to get fired up and helps a lot for a good workout.

You'll never get tired of this song! It's absolutely amazing! My favourite bush song.

5 Mouth Mouth Cover Art

This song has stood the test of time in my opinion. There is depth to it without pretension.

This song and Letting The Cables Sleep should be #1 & #2 without a doubt.

6 Swallowed Swallowed Cover Art

The best song ever, I can't type to you how amazing of a song this is! I just hit the 100th time I played this song on my itunes and the next closest is at 83 plays and I have over 1000 songs on itunes.

I never heard a bush song that I have not liked swallowed is another great is just great

A superb addictive Grunge song

Just an amazing song!

7 Cold Contagious Cold Contagious Cover Art

The entire album is beautiful, still 20 years on it's phenomenally good, and this is the pick of the lot from it.

Great guitar, great drums... Their best off their best album.

Best Song on razorblade Suitcase

You will get yours!

8 The Chemicals Between Us The Chemicals Between Us Cover Art

This is one of my favorites from Bush. Proof that a band can add electronic elements while retaining a sense of their soul. Other bands should look at this song and learn from its strengths.

It's just one of those songs that I'll remember for life. It makes me feel alive!

My absolute fave from Bush, this definitely belongs in the top 5

Love this song especially the riff

9 Greedy Fly Greedy Fly Cover Art

Grunge at its best. The rest of the album, Razorblade Suitcase, seems to be dry and stripped-down, but this song's got it.

Deserves to be at the top of this list. Creatively superior.

This song is great. Simply +

10 Letting the Cables Sleep Letting the Cables Sleep Cover Art

This song featured in the second season of Charmed. I thought it was amazing! Such emotion conveyed through such little lyrics. Got me interested in Bush and grunge :D
The song really moved me.

I am shocked this isn't #1. I go to a different space when I hear this song

I don't know how this isn't first. I shiver when I listen to this.

Best song ever made!

The Contenders
11 Superman Superman Cover Art
12 Little Things Little Things Cover Art

As much as I love songs like "Glycerine", "Comedown", and "Swallowed", this is definitely a top ten song, and probably top five, I had to vote for this, it is so good.

This is not only Bush's best song but one of the best ever in Hard Rock industry

Definitely top 5, probably 2 or 3. I think Machine head should be #1.

Are you kidding me 34. This should be at least in the top three

13 Bonedriven Bonedriven Cover Art

Simply the best.

14 The Sound of Winter The Sound of Winter Cover Art

Wow - this song was my anthem for 2012, an awesome life transition song. Sometimes taking a decade off from the band works out.

Best alternative song of 2011... Bush are simply awaesome... Favourite british band... They are th

Heard it for the first time in NHL 12. Great song

NHL 12 showed me this. Love this song.

15 The People that We Love The People that We Love Cover Art
16 Alien Alien Cover Art

Very surprised that this song is not already on this list.

Absolutely amazing song. Their best by far.

One of my top three favorites. An epic song.

17 Warm Machine Warm Machine Cover Art

One of the best by bush definitely in my top 5, the guitar is perfect

18 Inflatable Inflatable Cover Art

Such a beautiful song

19 The Only Way Out

Glycerine and Greedy Fly will always be two of my favorites, but this is surprisingly pretty great.

20 All My Life

My favourite from the newest album! They've changed but this song simply rocks with the killer riff and amazing lyrics!

21 Bullet Holes Bullet Holes Cover Art
22 Eye of the Storm Eye of the Storm Cover Art
23 Float Float Cover Art

I would say this should be a top ten song.

This should be in top 5

Best song ever!

24 Straight, No Chaser Straight, No Chaser Cover Art

Best break up song ever

25 Baby Come Home Baby Come Home Cover Art


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