Best Canadian Provinces & Territories


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1 British Columbia British Columbia

The scenery is just beautiful. It's a diverse province with many cultures blending together. Many fun activities for people of any age.

We are one of, if not, the most diverse province in Canada. We have deserts, rainforests, mountains and rivers.

2 Ontario

Best province

best - lucaskt

Really Beatiful, Is California but North Version

Much more diverse than B.C. I mean, Toronto - Zachywaky

3 Alberta Alberta

I call bs Alberta sucks.

Alberta is alberta

Another prairie province, and known for its rodeo shows.

Should be 1st. Alberta rules. Oilers Flames Eskimos Stampeders. Way more popular sports teams than B.C

4 Nova Scotia Nova Scotia

Beautiful country, amazing scenery. I'm personally from there, and it has nice people. From my experience, your town is like your family. Best province in my opinion

5 Québec

Montreal is an amazing city. Also the Canadian of Montreal and the famous Centre Bell

Cities, countrysides, beaches or ski resorts, we have it all!

Second best behind Ontario

Montreal will make you cry at winter. Vive la ville de Montréal TABARNAK!

6 Nunavut
7 Saskatchewan Saskatchewan

The friendliest one by far! - neehawgamer

8 North-West Territory
9 Newfoundland and Labrador Newfoundland and Labrador

The history there is pretty cool. - booklover1

10 New Brunswick New Brunswick

I live there and its fun but you will found it boring if you lived in big cities like Montreal or Toronto

This place is okay but poor

The Contenders

11 Yukon


Beautiful territory with amazing people. Whitehorse is a great place to live.

12 Prince Edward Island Prince Edward Island

Quiet, peaceful place, but seriously, why is Quebec so high on this list? Quebec is RACIST AGAINST ALL BUT WHITE French CANADIANS! - Megalink

Ya Quebec people are racist dumb retards that know nothing

13 Manitoba Manitoba
14 Quebec Quebec
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