Best Car Dealerships In Utah

Looking for a new car, but not sure where to go? Utah is full of dealerships. No one wants to be disrespected, or thrown for a loop. These are some of the more respected dealerships in Utah.

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1 Prestman Auto

Wow! Of all of the vehicles I have purchased over the years I have to say that hands down, Prestman Auto was an experience like no other. Low pressure, high quality vehicles, huge selection, & FANTASTIC prices. I saved thousands of dollars over the comparable vehicle at other dealers and even from online. They have definitely earned mine as well as much of my family and friends business for all of our future car or truck purchases!

Prestman Auto has great cars at great prices! I've bought two cars from them so far and I loved being in a stress free environment during the process. I never feel pressured. The facilities are nice and accommodating, especially the awesome massage chairs they set you up in while you're waiting!

Prestman Auto is the highest rated dealership in Utah on Google. Family owned and operated since 1989, its one of the largest independent dealerships in Utah. Specializes in discounted vehicles thousands below NADA retail.

Best dealership in Utah, hands down. I've bought seven cars over the years from them, and will never go anywhere else. You save thousands of dollars below retail.

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2 Mark Miller

They specialize is Subaru, Toyota, and Scion, cars.

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3 Nate Wade

I worked here for about 18 months several years ago. About half of the salesman were honest on their own, the other half were kept honest because the owner and sales managers are honest.

Not pushy. Great people. Very honest.

Also dealing in new and used Subaru's.

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4 Larry H. Miller

Bought a used car at the downtown Honda dealership and threw in a two grand warranty which I was told was "bumper to bumper, drivetrain, powertrain, and engine" (salesman lied to me). Car broke down after 3 months and I found out the warranty doesn't cover anything, not even the window that was already not working when I bought it. I was having expensive repairs every month ($1300 last month). Just the other day the radiator blew and took the lower half of the engine with it, upwards of two grand most likely and of course the warranty wont cover it (they always find a way to blame it on you so they don't have to pay). Best part is the car is only worth 2500-2800 (it's the first car I bought at a dealership after dealing with used lemons). Being 18 and in college I am now financially stuck. I can't afford to fix it or get out of it so I am currently shelling out my monthly payment on a car that can't run and is sitting at their dealership. If I wanted to refund the warranty they'll ...more

By far the worst dealership I've ever been to in my entire life. I would never recommend these people to anybody. There are plenty of other places that will treat you like a decent human being and not scam you. I bought a vehicle and two weeks later it broke down $2,000 and damaged and they wouldn't even when can I help me fix it.

I don't know about their regular dealerships, but I got run through the mill with their used car dealership. It was one of the most frustrating experiences and it soured me from ever wanting to deal with them again. Unprofessional, poorly managed, and bad business practices define this place.

Untrue...I've never heard anything good about these guys, but decided to try them...after deciding they were full of crap and I wanted to leave, they "couldn't find the keys" to MY CAR. Don't go here.

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6 Enterprise Car Sales

With a very large range of well-kept used cars, Enterprise has many, many low mileage options for used cars.

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7 Tim Dahle

We will never buy here again and do not recommend this dealership. Terribly managed, will promise the stars in the sky but all you get is the run around, and they find every way possible to increase their profits when you go to sign, after agreeing on a price. The salesman, who was not new to the business but new to their dealership, we actually liked. Unfortunately, with all the headache that management gave us with our purchase, as well as several others, he quit before we were able to get all the simple fixes we were promised at the time of purchase. As he put it, why would a company who makes Millions off of their customers be so stingy with little things that would create a loyal customer? After he left, we tried to continue working with the other managers but there was no follow through. They kept giving us the runaround until we got tired of it and just gave up. One year later we are in the market to replace our other car and will not even consider anything on their lot, no ...more

If you are buying new, have awesome credit (or financing approved beforehand elsewhere) and not trading in a vehicle they are pretty great to deal with. Lots of extra options and friendly service if you have the privilege of being in that position.

Buying used, getting a fair trade in price or have an average paper grade credit score becomes a nightmare war. Lots of mechanical problems overlooked to move a used car quick, especially expensive fixes. Trading in a vehicle means they will try to wear you out while treating you like an idiot the whole time. And financing took 3 months before finally getting worn down to be thrust into whatever company offers a better kickback instead of terms or APR.

Nissans, and Infinities, new and used.

I got a bad experience buying a car. first they told me that everything look ok with me buying new car, after a month never recieved a notice, call or something. I went to the dealer to see what s going on wiht my car. they told that something happen with my application a I will need to return car. After all the the drama I decided to give it back and no continue with the deal. worst experience in my life

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8 CU Auto Sales

Great cars wonderful deals more than fair. My family and friends have purchased over 15 cars from cu auto sales.

Used car dealership that deals with credit unions to fund loans.

CU Auto Sales is fair and honest and provide a quality used car. Highly recommend!

Love CU Auto Sales!

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9 Ken Garff

By Far the best, solid, and they listen

With a dealership for almost every brand of car, you would be hard pressed not to find the kind of car you're looking for, but where KG really stands out is the way they treat their customers, and they way they do their business. They have new and used dealerships.

I've bought 4 cars from Ken Garff Honda Riverdale. Good experiences every time.

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10 Doug Smith

Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Suzuki, Subaru, and many others, new and used.

The best! Just a different feeling there

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The Contenders

11 Jerry Seiner

Dealing in many different brands of cars, new and used. GMC, Cadillac, Kia, Nissan, and many others.

12 Action Auto Sales And Finance Inc.
13 Riverton Hyundai
14 Brent Brown Toyota

Easiest buying experience of all the cars I have ever bought.
And has been the most dependable.

15 Jorgensen Chevrolet

One of the top Chevy Dealers in Utah If you are looking for a Dealership with a small town feeling of honest Business than these are the guys for you - clark23

I agree... what a great dealership for the best prices in Utah with out of this world customer service. Thank you Jorgensen Chevy

16 Toyota Bountiful

Best prices, Best service, and best customer service! Compare the entire states dealerrater reviews to this dealer and you will see they have more positive reviews than any dealer in the state.

17 Heritage Auto Group
18 Car Finder Utah

These guys are very straight forward and up front. They do not pressure you, or add any back end fees that other dealers do. My Mercedes that I bought from them was an amazing price and is still running great.

Pick up chebrolet

19 Miller's Utah Carzz
20 Hansen Motor Co.
21 Harrison Mitsubishi & Imports
22 Alliance Auto Group
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