Top 10 Best Credit Unions In Utah

Are you a Utah resident tired of big banks and their sneaky fees? Ready to experience the difference a credit union can make?

Credit unions are known for putting their members first, offering great rates on loans, higher interest on savings, and often fantastic customer service. The Beehive State has some truly outstanding credit unions, but which ones take the cake?
The Top Ten
1 Mountain America Credit Union

Best Credit Union Ever! I have been with Mountain America Credit Union for almost 40 years and would never change. They have handled all my loans at the best rates ever. They will match rates from other financial institutions so that I can get the best rate. I also did my mortgage with them, and everything was handled superbly.

The employees know who I am and recognize my name when I come into the branch. If there is ever a problem, they have always gone out of their way to fix it and take responsibility if it was their fault. It is wonderful to be with a credit union that takes pride in its job and work ethic.

MACU's online and mobile app is the best. If you don't know how to use them or need help, the employees can assist you. They all seem to know how everything works. They are there to make life easier for every member.

2 America First Credit Union

I have had an account with AFCU since I was 16 (32 years ago), and they are hands-down the best ever. They have been awesome with loans, business accounts, personal accounts, and lines of credit. Even when we lived out of state, we ended up doing all of our loans through AFCU, as there is no comparison with their customer service. They truly know how to take care of their members.

Best option for full service. They have all the services most people will ever need, and nearly all of them are free of fees. They have competitive rates on loans and savings, with plenty of options. They will help you get the best outcome.

3 Cyprus Credit Union

I've had Cyprus for years, as has all my family and my husband's family. We have savings accounts, IRAs, truly free checking, car loans, and have dealt with their home loans department - all with great pleasure.

Great credit union with awesome CD plans! Always forgiving with overdrafts. No issues. Professional staff!

I've been with them for 10+ years. Great staff and service!

4 UFirst Credit Union

I love this credit union. I have been with them for over 20 years. They just keep making it easier to do business with!

Best bank I've used thus far. I've had accounts with America First and Wells Fargo. University Credit Union is #1.

I've been with them for 20 years and have never had a problem.

5 Goldenwest Credit Union

The staff of Goldenwest Credit Union is the most personable of any I've come across. Each staff member makes the client feel as if the company was created with that person in mind. There are some minor flaws, such as the inability to make deposits at every branch and the not-so-easy mobile app. But all in all, I'd say comparing GCU against other well-known credit unions is worth your time.

It's always best to research before investing - it's your time invested and your money earned - and you've worked hard to get it. Isn't your money and peace of mind worth protecting?

6 Utah Community Credit Union

I have been with them for several years now and LOVE them. Even when I moved away for a while, banking was so easy with their app! I am so happy that I was able to move back to Utah and have them so close again. I would never take my money anywhere else.

I have been using UCCU for over 10 years and have no complaints except for the number of branches and their locations. Please increase branches, especially in the SLC valley area. That is the only reason I can't make UCCU my main bank.

The app is great. Everything is smooth.

7 Jordan Credit Union

Great credit union. They treat me so well and actually seem to have my needs in mind when working with me. I love my credit union!

8 Beehive Federal Credit Union
9 Granite Credit Union

Awesome credit union that takes care of all your needs! It has an excellent app and website. You'll never need to go into a branch again. All of your credit union needs can be taken care of through the app.

10 Alpine Credit Union

Alpine has great rates and services. Also, Alpine handles almost all its services in-house. Many other credit unions process services and handle issues outside the state of Utah.

The Contenders
11 Deseret First Credit Union

DFCU offers the best rates and has the best products! Their mortgage department saved me $300 a month. I will not go anywhere else.

12 Education First Credit Union
13 Utah Heritage Credit Union
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