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Mountain America Credit Union

I will leave by the end of this month, Dec. 2014, after 8 years. Like said above - they "NEVER" make a mistake, so why I am leaving? Employees are trained to say "I'm sorry..." They really are not sorry. Don't use their Customer Service because you will not be satisfied. They have treated me like a 2nd class person for the last time. In doing their verifications they asked me if I had any loans and I said yes. What they see on their screens is not the whole picture. But, because their info shows no car loan I lied to them and they now want to ask even more questions. I went and saw the manager today, 10 Dec 2014 and asked her if I am not listed as being responsible for a car loan for my daughter and she doesn't pay, are you going to come after me? The answer was yes! Run from macu and save yourself a lot of grief. I am NOT SORRY that I am leaving. It should have been done a long time ago. By the way, they do push sales often. With the number of requests I have received to buy ...more

Best Credit Union Ever! I have been with Mountain America Credit Union for almost 40 years and would never change. They have done all my loans at the best rates ever. They will match other financial institution rates so that I can get the best rate. I also did my mortgage with them as well and everything was handled superiorly. The employees know who I am and know my name when I come into the branch. If there is ever a problem they have always gone out of their way to fix it and take responsibility if it was their fault. It is wonderful to be with a credit union that take pride in their job and their work ethics. MACU's online and mobile app is the best. If you don't know how or need help with either one the employees can. They all seem to know how it all works. They are there to make life easier for every member.

Absolutely wonderful credit union. They truly do care about their members and are always kind and courteous both in person and on the phone. I have been with MACU for many years and will not be leaving. I am sad to read some of the other poor reviews here, but I suppose the angry people are the ones that typically post reviews like this. MACU has saved my family and I thousands of dollars in interest in loans. Not only that, but they took the time to help me review my budgets, set up my online banking and overall set me up for success. Thank you thank you thank you MACU for rescuing me from so much stress and being so helpful.

Worst treatment ever from a bank. Poor customer service and their mistakes I paid for! Tired of them only following the rules they want to follow and not honoring programs they offer. They have completely cost me time and time again. I am closing all my accounts Monday and taking my money elsewhere. They need to train their staff to be more professional and not rude and take responsibility for their mistakes.

America First Credit Union

They are the worst credit union with whom I have ever been associated and I have been a member of at least four or five in my lifetime. Their communication between departments is deplorable. No one seems to know what's going on. They are apathetic and pretend like they care when they absolutely do not. I applied for a loan and after jumping through all sorts of hoops for a few thousand dollars and even writing to the head of AFCU, I was still denied. Their calculations about my financial state were way off but I refuse to continue to beg for a few measly dollars. I will take my money elsewhere. They simply do not value their members and I don't want to be associated with such a place. I have several friends and family members with whom I've shared my experience and they too have had similar experiences and they will be closing their accounts as well. How they ranked number 2 is beyond me.

They do not care about you they only care about their money. My vehicle was stolen - I was trying to still pay the loan off and they DID NOT BELIEVE ME it was stolen. I had to have the police confirm it was and the refused to work with me even then. I eventually got a payout from the insurance co but not before they made sure their legal department took over. I was and am blown away at their lack of professionalism and their disrespect. Their lawyer Hammond is the most arrogant and rude person I have ever met. He literally would not let me speak - he would run me over constantly. I will NEVER bank their again.

They always blame the customer for any errors. I had a check returned for approx $2000. I had in excess of $100,000 in my savings account more than enough to cover the returned check. I received notice from my vendor that the Check had been returned, but nothing from the bank. I would think that the bank could at least notify me so that I could transfer money into the checking account and avoid the $75 in late fees and the embarrassment with my vendor. My credit score will also take a hit for the returned check. America First is the most customer UNFRIENDLY business I have ever dealt with. Should be ranked last

I concur. They are the absolute worse credit union I have ever dealt with and I have been a member of at least three or four.

PROS: a lot of locations, decent hours, pretty easy access, easy transferring funds between AFCU accounts, very friendly professional staff.

CONS: if you travel internationally, good luck. THIS IS THE ONLY bank I've used which foreign ATMs automatically access funds from savings, SO if you are like me and carry savings just to keep a checking account -have fun with that. The debit card ties to my checking whether I use it at a cashier or ATM SO WHY CAN'T it does this outside the U.S.A.? Speaking of which, when you DO find a vendor in a foreign country that actually accepts VISA anymore, again comes out of checking -BUT this isn't the fault of AFCU now is it?!?

If you have any problems, good luck again. They apologize this way and that but make very little effort to help. I admit I erred in setting my direct deposit to someone else's account by switching the last 2 numbers around (a "90" instead of "09" easy error to overlook when you see numbers all day. Oh yes Mr... We ...more

Cyprus Credit Union

We have been with them for over 3 years. Checking, savings and 2 auto loans. My daughter even has a student checking with them. Go to apply for an unsecured personal loan and because we filed bankruptcy 3 years ago, they always want collateral. Nevermind that we have NEVER missed a payment on the autos that we have with them and our account always has sufficient funds.
If you have ever hit a hard time in your life and are looking for a hand up... I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND CYRPUS!

I've had Cyprus for years, so has all my family, and my husbands family. We have savings accounts, IRA's, REAL free checking, car loans, and have dealt with their home loans department, all with great pleasure.

Great credit union, but if you are into bells and whistles, they're not what you are looking for. No atm deposit, awful mobile app.

Great credit union, awesome CD plans! Always forgiving with over draft! No issues, pro staff!

University Credit Union

Love you of U credit union. The only thing I wish they would do better would be spend more money on their online and mobile banking structure. It is way outdated.

I love this Credit Union I have been with them for over 20 years. They just keep making it easier to do business with!

Best bank I've used thus far. I've had American first and well Fargo. University Credit Union is #1

Joined in 1990 and they are a sound financial credit union that continues to innovate

Goldenwest Credit Union

The staff of Goldenwest Credit Union is the most personable of any I've come across. Each staff member makes the client feel as if the company was created with that person in mind. There are some minor flaws, such as the ability to make deposits at every branch and the not-so-easy mobile app. But all in all, I'd say comparing GCU against other well-known credit unions is worth your time. It's always best to research BEFORE investing -- it's your time invested and your money earned -- and you've worked hard to get it. Isn't your money and peace of mind worth protecting?

Pleasant staff that will make sure that you get the care you need. Additionally, convenience is a strong point because there are sufficient branches within their field of membership & the mobile app is user-friendly. Furthermore, the ability to have cards issued in a branch is an example of 5-star service for its members. Basically, despite its minor flaws, it's a great Credit Union for those within its field of membership

Goldenwest is one of the strongest credit unions in the country. Due to their strength they make it far easier to get the best rate for their loans. They do a bonus dividend on their savings accounts every year. They're service is always top notch, the employees are more than willing to go out of their way to help a member.

Utah Community Credit Union

They are such a pain to work with. They're always taking our money without telling us they will or why they are, and we've had to fight them over and over. They've also ruined their website so they you can no longer see details about your transactions, making it difficult to keep track of your money. I used to think they were great, since I have banked with them for over 10 years, but these last couple years have just been a nightmare.

I have been with them for several years now and LOVE them. Even when I moved away for a while banking was so easy with their app! I am so happy that I was able to move back to Utah and have them so close again. I would never take my money anywhere else.

I am using UCCU for over 10 years and have no complain except the number of branch and its locations. Please increase branch especially SLC valley area. That is the only reason I can't make UCCU my main bank.

App is great. Everything is smooth.

Jordan Credit Union

Great credit union. They treat me so well and actually seem to have my needs in mind when working with me. I love my credit union!

Utah Central Credit Union

I am also looking for a new credit union. Things have changed for the worse since they have been taken over.

Too many glitches trying to get on line to see statemeets etc. , Charging fees for things they never used to charge for. It may only be a few dollars, but it is the principle of the thing. It doesn't feel like a credit union any more, just a money grubbing institution.

I was a member for years and decided to leave after they were acquired by another credit union branch back east. They change their online system removng previous years of transaction history, changed their credit card system that now takes 3 days for your balance to update. They are going back in time rather than forward.

I've been with UCCU for over 20yrs and loved them for auto loans checking and credit cards, that is until the past year, leading up to them merging with Heritage West. I'm always having problems and Fees that I never had previously. Looking for a new Credit Union unfortunately.

This used to be a great credit union. Until Chartways purchased it. They took away the good custome. Service they needed with your data, changed the credit cards mow the reward point are worth half the value. Run from this credit union

Beehive Credit Union
Granite Credit Union

Awesome credit union that takes care of all your needs! Has an excellent app and web site. You will never need to go into a branch again, all of you credit union needs can be taken care of over the app.

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Alpine Credit Union

Alpine has great rates and services. Also Alpine handles almost all it's services in house. Where many other credit unions process service and handle issues outside the state of Utah.

Deseret First Credit Union

Worst CU I have ever been with. They have replaced our checking cards 4 times in the last year because of fraud on there end. We were denied a car loan because they thought the loan to value ratio wasn't good enough yet America first credit union jumped on it. I have an 800 credit score, a business that does well and have paid off multiple loans with them but it feels like DFCU is not in it to help its members only them selves. Time and time again they have problems with approving me for financing for something and when I go to America first it's a no brainer. America first is far better for small business and personal in my experience

Dfcu offers best rates and have the best products! There mortgage department saved me 300 a month. I will not go anywhere else.

Education First Credit Union

I like the credit union a lot, Kent is a great president, and does his job well. to work with costumers needs. however there loan officer mallory is terrible don't even bother asking for aloan. if your under the age of twenty-five even if you have good steady income and a good credit score she does not care and its obvious save your time and get a loan at america first but they are a great place to have an account with

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