Top Ten Coolest Looking Credit Cards

These are the credit cards that catch someone's attention when you pull them out of your pocket.

The Top Ten

1 American Express Centurion Card

At one time it was a myth that this black card even existed. Trust me, when you pull out this anodized titanium credit card, people notice. Easily the coolest looking credit card out there.

Very cool. It has an intense feel to it which just completes the look. I like the black darkness.

If Jay-Z is rapping about this card, you know it's a baller card... Just saying

2 Visa Black Card

Not quite the titanium of the American Express Centurion Card, but the carbon graphite Visa Black Card still looks pretty cool.

Carbon fiber Is Bad Ass. I don't care who you are. This is the best looking card that has been out there ever! I wish it was more available to anyone who wanted to get it.

I've never seen a black Visa before. I've seen my parents with a blue Visa and a red Visa, but I had absolutely no idea black ones existed. - RockFashionista

3 Citi Forward Card

Very cool looking green mesh design on a black field.

4 American Express Blue

I have this card and I love it. Its clear with the blue square orb thing in the center. I love pulling it out cause it does look like a great card.

5 Chase Sapphire
6 Discover More Card - Sealife Collection (Shark)

Who doesn't think sharks are cool?

7 Chase Slate Card

Nothing fancy, just classic coloring and design.

8 Next Millennium MasterCard

Classy black and white image of a Bald Eagle on a black field.

9 Discover More Card - Wildlife Collection (Butterfly)

Great eye-catching color in the photo.

10 Discover Card Escape

Interesting purple design. Makes me want to go play Halo.

The Contenders

11 Discover Current Card (Green w/ Orbs)

Looks like a cross between a lava lamp and a deep space photo of some amazing nebula.

12 Chase Freedom Card
13 American Express Premier Rewards Gold
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