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1 20th Century

Although the scope of warfare expanded dramatically during the course of the 20th Century, the developments that defined the periods of peacetime ultimately outweigh the costly destruction and significant loss of life. The Cold War could not have been executed more brilliantly, and the era of 1945 to 1991 yielded many, many fruits. Technologies that will be in use for the rest of the duration of the human race sprung forth from this ideologically competitive yet focused era. The remaining years of the 1990's also saw amazing developments for our common humanity, particularly in medicine, art and music. Yes, this century that concluded an otherwise difficult millennium alone redeems that entire 1000 year period and keeps us looking deeper and deeper into the next.

It was the century of many important discoveries, inventions and technological achievements: atom (atom itself has been discovered much earlier, but many properties of atom and subatomic particles have been discovered during the 20th century), computer, jet engine, moon landing,...

I used to think this was just the obsessed century, but sometimes I wish I could return. I was a child in the 90s now that's the obsessed decade. So if I could I would visit either 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s.

The best 100 years in human history - SimpsonsFan1989

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2 21st Century

I love the 21st Century because there's always something to do when your bored like go on a tablet or something.

The technology improved more after we hit the 21st century.

It must be good if we're still living in it.

Is good

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3 19th century

The scope of industrialization couldn't have been conceived when Great Britain began such feats. The automobile, the piston engine, machine guns, bombs, geographic lines in Europe, the rise and fall of Great Britain, the last century without airplanes -- the 1800's were an exciting time, building up to a very destructive century.

This was the beginning of the modern world. Industrialisation, the end of monarchies across the world, the introduction of modern political points of view, and most importantly, the building of tensions between European countries which would eventually lead to the major warfare in the 20th century. Other than napoleon, and the scramble for Africa and some minor wars in Asia and the world, this was a relativley peaceful century compared to the 20th century. - Bturlik

4 1st Century


5 18th Century

French Revolution. Best thing to happen to Europe.

6 16th Century
7 17th Century

The ladies were respected. The Three Musketeers takes place during this century. If guys in grade eight acted like the main characters act, middle school would be heaven, not hell.

8 2nd Century
9 14th Century
10 15th Century

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11 32nd Century BC
12 13th Century

I love medival things.

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