Best The Chemical Brothers Songs

The Top Ten Best The Chemical Brothers Songs

1 Galvanize

Greatest Song Ever!... :
Don't hold back!
'because you woke up in the mornin' with initiative to move
So I'll make it harder
Don't hold back!
'because you think about it, so many people do,
Be cool, man, look smarter
Don't hold back!
And you shouldn't even care about those losers in the air
And the crooked stares
Don't hold back!
'because there's a party over here, so you might as well be here
Where the people care
Don't hold back!

Totally energy booster and mind blasting track!
Hope more to come like this by chemical brothers..!

My Chemical passion began with this powerful and irresistible song!

First Chemical brothers song what I known.

2 Hey Boy Hey Girl

Best song, the drops, vocals fit just good, perfect beat, so eletric

Their best song... At least should be top 3!
Yes, it's not the typical style of the chemical brothers but still its an awesome song...
Haha you guys are stupid

Superb video, thanks for introducing me to a first look into Chemical amazing music!

This song introduced me to Chemical brothers

3 Block Rockin' Beats

What this song is awesome this should be top 5 at least! Listen to this people!

Its title should be unleash rocking' beats.

Best song about Beats

Instantly fell in love with TCB after hearing this song. I heard it about 5 years ago in a flash game and looked everywhere to find it.

4 Let Forever Be

A great, scattered-sounding song that I can listen to over and over. I think it is either about drug use or possibly about the robotic lifestyle most adults fall into - a sedated, zombie existence.

Shred song. Good cover by Deep Sea Arcade. Search it

Great beats, great orchestration!

5 Do It Again

In my opinion best chemicals bro song

Gets stuck in your head! So good!

Put this on repeat and pushmow the will be done in 1/4th the time, but tired as F! LOL!

6 Star Guitar

How is this not in the top ten.
Watch the music video (which is one of the best music videos ever made), and when you've seen the video you will love the song.

Amazing song and also amazing video

Great Song, A mix of everything. A timeless classic

Awesome trance sound. Takes you on a trip

7 Swoon

Swoon should be in the first place, it's the best song from chemical brothers. by the way feels like heaven hearing this song stoned

Madly in love with this song. You will be too, it is dope worthy.

I'll never be able to explain how this song makes me feel... The most euphoric melody that's ever graced my ears. Truly a masterpiece.

HOW IS SWOON NOT IN THE TOP 10? It's easily my favorite Chemical Brothers song of all time.

8 Out of Control

That irresistible beat, that melody... Wow. In my opinion, their most perfect and exciting song. Not quite your simple big beats song, it's quite complex with great build-up percussion. The guitars at the end make it almost sound psychedelic while remaining immensely catchy. Out of Control is an absolute highlight and the vocals by Primal Scream's frontman Bobby Gillespie work wonders as well. Should be at least top 3.

Intense, intelligent, colorful, yet utterly simple. Electronica at its finest.

9 Dissolve

How is Dissolve not in the top ten.
Its one of the best modern songs by The Chemical Brothers.

Gets my blood bangin', mate. Bonkers!


10 Escape Velocity

Such a Mad song, can't even begin to imagine it live

Mad song, should be higher. Lift it guys higher please

Fellin love with this song again after watching American Ultra!

The Contenders

11 The Sunshine Underground

Complex, Builds, Intense, great emotion! - rhuber

Best electronic song ever created

"Best development of ideas."

12 Hold Tight London

One of their very best songs, should have been a single after Galvanize and Believe instead of The Boxer. Extremely Underrated. Love the laid back groove and beat.

This one is massively underrated. Who can like CBs and not like this? - PositronWildhawk

13 Believe

Super! Super! Super! Super!
Mad video for an hypnotic tune and beat, one of best Chemical shots!


14 Setting Sun

Rock/Dance fusion at it's best. I miss the era when chemical brothers, prodigy and massive attack all made music in this vein

Epic! With the voice of Noel Gallagher too

Just the classic track with an awesome drum beat

15 Leave Home

Captivates you first time you listen. Never lets you go again.

Very nice loop and rhythm!

Real nice vibe baby


16 Asleep From Day
17 Come Inside

Superb piece in one of my two best Chemical album: the other is WE ARE THE NIGHT

18 Under the Influence
19 Another World

One of the most emotional techno tracks I've ever listened to

20 Sometimes I Feel So Deserted
21 It Doesn't Matter

Simple, yet very effective. The way that the same words are repeated over and over puts you in a trance like state. The bass is insane!

22 Go

Best song yet! Fantastic when driving, at sporting events, etc.


Go, press the button now.

Best of best

So good

23 Saturate

Most Epic song from the chemical brothers, just wow

Saturate destroys. Watch their live movie, Don't Think (or just youtube it), and watch all the Japanese people and lone white guy lose their schnarps as Saturate slowly begins to thump in...

24 Surface to Air

This one is amazing, the only reason for it to be as low is that it's unknown to the voters

25 One Too Many Mornings
26 Elektrobank

Check also Dust Brothers remix of Elecktrobank, brilliant tracks. So underrated

27 The Salmon Dance

In my opinion, this is a fun song. But in the top 20 between all these brilliant Chemical Brothers songs? No way. A bit overrated.

Goes hard in the paint. The music video is pretty dope, as well.

Just Love it!

28 The Test

Love it, should be Top 10 in my humble opinion

Just brilliant, so much energy!

If I'd cast two votes this would be my pick. Amazing song and sound. A real journey indeed, check the video for it as well. Great vocals by The Verve's R. Ashcroft.

It's just a great trip. Love the sounds, love the journey, love the singing. Remonds me partly of The Prodigys "Narayan"...

29 Where Do I Begin

It's like the most beautiful song this band has ever made! The Vanilla Sky OST, yay! Listen to it! It's great! - kirillyanukovich

30 Midnight Madness

BRILLIANT SONG. How its way down at 26 is beyond me. This should be in the top 5.

Electronic Battle Weapon 10 is a great remix of this

One of my favorite songs of chemical brothers
Everyone needs to know this song if you listen to them

31 Come With Us
32 In Dust We Trust

After hearing this song for the first time I started to trust in the Brothers.

33 Wide Open

Amazing sound. Not a dance track but great as a piece of composition. Beck was a great choice to sing this. - Walkingcouch

This is better than you think

34 Music: Response
35 The Private Psychedelic Reel
36 Piku
37 Don't Think

The best ever. This song is a master class in electronic music.

What, vote guys

38 Galaxy Bounce

Should be way higher. - ZeroBlaster

39 It Began In Afrika

I think it's an excellent rhythm!

Surely this should be higher. Ok fine it's not my favourite but is in my top 5. Great tune

40 Life is Sweet
41 The Golden Path

I can't believe that this song is 36 in the list! Give it a shot you might get surprised...

One of their best

42 Chemical Beats

Early Chemical Brothers - blew me away when I first heard it nearly 20 years ago! Should be number 1

43 The Pills Won't Help You Now

Probably my least favorite of all their epic songs. They've done this formula much better in songs like The Test, The Sunshine Underground, Wide Open etc...

Jesus Christ. This song is so deep and wonderful. How could this song not be on the list?

Amazing, beautiful, wonderous song.

44 The Devil Is In the Details
45 All Rights Reversed
46 Song to the Siren
47 Burst Generator

I don't know why, but it's my favourite by a mile.

48 Dream On
49 Container Park
50 My Elastic Eye

This is not at the top because it's a good song on a tremendous album. It's too catchy actually, so catchy you love it at first and then get tired of it after a few spins, while songs like Star Guitar, The Test, Come With Us, It Began In Afrika and galaxy Bounce never get dated. The album Come With Us contains so many overwhelmingly awesome songs it's easy to understand why a very ok song like My Elastic Eye gets overlooked. But that's just my opinion.

I simply can't undesrstand why the hell this song wasn't on the list... This, alongside "Escape Velocity" and "Galvanize", is the Chemical Brothers' best song!

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