Best Chewing / Bubble Gum

Everybody chews gum, everybody loves gum.
Only one qeustion though, whats #1?

The Top Ten

1 5 Gum

! Like the best gum of all time! Chewed it for like 2 hours straight & the taste was STILL there


Best ever try it once and then you would not eat any other gum GUARANTEED!

I love this gum!

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2 Trident

Trident White tastes great and also makes your teeth look great!

Trident is the bomb. It is really flavorfull, and the flavor lasts for ever! When ever you go to get gum, go for trident!

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3 Stride

like all the flavors, last longer than any other gum and has the best flavors. - jack2463

lasts the longest and has the best flavors - kumo9

this gum does have long flavor which is good - 7beach77

It s good chewwing

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4 Orbit

Best flavor and dentist approved. Long-lasting flavor as well.

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5 Hubba Bubba

Hubba bubba is the best on earth I always get the bubble tape that the brand makes

It has such good flavour and one piece is so big and has long lasting flavour

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6 Juicy Fruit

The new sugar free pellet version will definitely be a big hit!

Juicy fruit will always have the best taste quality - bnug242

. . . nanana Juicy fruit the taste you nver forget

Best gum ever! Autumn Schmitz

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7 Big League Chew

Oh come on! Number 10? I think we can do better than that... - kristinfoor

8 Extra

They have a whole bunch of awesome flavors, even desert. They all taste so very great.

I love extra the have a whole range of yummy flavour it's so cool

Lol I'm eating chewing gum while commenting on this - astroshark

9 Nicorette
10 Big Red

it is so spicy and yummy but only the right kind some people get big red mixed up with other spicy gum lke red hot and its not as good as the BIG red kind I want some now

The Contenders

11 Ecilpse

Isn't eclipse a mint?

12 Double Bubble
13 Bazooka Joe
14 Bubblicious
15 Wrigley's
16 Bubble Yum

best ever its so sweet should be 1 I have 1000000... etc.

reasons that it should be 1 first its the sweetest

2nd I'm not going to say anymore more reasons

17 Big Babol
18 Ice Breakers
19 Vivident
20 Daygum
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