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1 Buffalo

True American wing flavor! The hot from India/Pakistan area the tomato from Mediterranean area. Butter from Europe... All on deep fried American chicken!

I really like the crazy weird flavors but buffalo wings are the best they have this great taste and Donald Trump all the other flavors. - Ilyas678

Buffalo belongs at the top of the list, at the least #3 because it so tasty! That's why its so popular

I hate buffalo

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I really love the taste of bbq because its flavorful, a little spicy, a little sweet, but also not too crazy with the flavors. I put LOTS of bbq on not only my chicken wings, but also my other chicken, ribs, pork roast, tender loin, pulled pork, and a lot of other meats!

It really should be Hot BBQ, but number 1 and 2 isn't bad either. By far my favorite flavors when I go to local Wing Joints; it is almost foolproof.

Its untopable, just absolutely delicious I would eat a whole dozen for a snack if they werent as unhealthy

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3 Hot

Hot wings remind me of home. The zing, the burn, the tears that build in your eye after a wing too many... Not to mention the flavor, that's sweet and tangy with a sneaky kick at the end.

Being indian of course I love the hot stuff but they still are great no matter what spice level you are into

As and Indian, spicy food is the best flavor in the entire universe! I love hot buffalo wings because if its satisfying spicy kick!

Yum yummy yummy in my tummy tummy

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4 Medium
5 Mild

I always order mild and just get extra sauce on the side just in case I need it - yumbacon

the buffalo flavor only less spicy - FreddyGodzilla

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6 Spicy BBQ

I love spicy chicken wings!
This is the best for any occasion, especially cook outs.
I make them all the time when I have any family functions at home and by the time you look around... It's all gone! I am always asked to make it.

I really love the spice that come with the BBQ. It makes the perfect combo.

When I go to wing stop this is what I get you can't go wrong with these - Phillip873

I don't like spicy wings,sometimes I do like spicy wings

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7 Ranch

Don't like ranch on hot wings. Ruins the spicy flavor

Blue cheese is way better than ranch, buts not even on the list, or even chicken ceasar parmasean from wild wing, amazing!

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8 Blue Cheese

I like my wings extra rare

This sounds horrible! Why would anyone eat this!?!

9 Honey BBQ

Honey is pretty good

It’s amazing

10 Honey Mustard

My favorite kind of chicken - xashex

Love he honey mustard. Sweet. Tangy. Can't do the spicy or hot!

Love the sweet taste

Gotta love those hot honey mustard wings at Zaxby's. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The Contenders

11 Inferno

Hottest of hot burns your mouth in a good way

The hotter the sauce, the better the wings.

so spicy

12 Carribean

By far my favorite chicken wing flavor! I love the unique taste you get from Jamaican Jerk spices! I'm also pretty sensitive to spicy foods and this is the spiciest I can eat while still tolerating the heat. LOVE IT!

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13 Spicy Garlic

Wow. Too many garlic haters out there. It makes the flavor with the little kick and a nice zesty garlic coating.

14 Honey Suicide
15 Cajun

Some people don't like it because its spicy however it tastes incredible its nice and spicy and has a good new orleans flavor yo it

The best it's spicy flavorful and you can never stop eating them oh my gosh everyone vote for this

I love it, the amount of spice is just right.

A little spice never hurt no one def top 10

16 Garlic Parmesan V 2 Comments
17 Honey Garlic

Layered in the sauce, or crispy chicken with the sauce as a dip, I go nuts for this stuff! - vavagavoon

A kick of garlic and honey with a zingy tang to it makes you wanna bust


18 Lemon Pepper

I thought this was the most popular flavor... Until I moved out of Atlanta and everyone looked at me like I was crazy when I ordered them.

Lemon Pepper is my favorite I don't know why it's all the way down here last time I checked it was at the top.

Yeah this flavor is pretty good.

I love lemon pepper wings. They are AWESOME!

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19 Plain

Hey you can never go wrong with the original

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20 Terriyaki

Sweet and Savory.. perfect combination :-)

I like the sweetness but also the tanginess of the sauce. They are a perfect combination.

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