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1 Jackie Evancho - Heavenly Christmas

You will think this is the voice of an angel from heaven, but it is just the voice of the newest and best singer the world has ever known.

Jackie's voice is achingly beautiful.

She is a bit of heaven!

What can you say about a voice, a song, and a singer like Jackie Evancho when nothing you can say quite captures the pure elegance you are experiencing? Every time Jackie sings, another level of incredible presents itself. Thank you Jackie.

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2 Buon Natale - Il Volo

The best traditional Christmas songs ever. Il Volo, with their awesome Italian heritage and awesome tenor and baritone voices, brings Christmas to you in ways you would not believe. These voices are indeed heaven sent.

Christmas is the time to hear the angels sing. Listening to Il Volo sing theses beautiful Christmas oldies, is the next thing to listening to the angels sing.

Buon Natale is the epitome of the Christmas season which is all about music! Il Volo is taking the world by storm and they have the voices, talent, and personalities to create the best music ever. Buon Natale is a must have in your Christmas collection. It is #1!

That album is overrated by Italian teen pop fans... 😒😒 - DynastiNoble

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3 Christmas Eve and Other Stories - Trans-Siberian Orchestra

The best without a doubt
It combines Metal with Christmas Music perfectly. - christangrant

4 Halford III: Winter Songs - Halford
5 A Twisted Christmas - Twisted Sister
6 The Lost Christmas Eve - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
7 Night Castle - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
8 Letters from the Labyrinth - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
9 Awakening - Jackie Evancho

Jackie Evancho Over All In The World!

Only the "Special Edition" contains the special second disc of Christmas songs.

Disc 2 contains some real Christmas gems.

This isn't even a Christmas album... There were maybe one or two Christmas songs.

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10 Beethoven's Last Night - Trans-Siberian Orchestra

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? Christmas Time Again - Lynyrd Skynyrd
? Glorious Christmas Songs That Will Make Your Black Label Heart Feel Good - Black Label Society

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11 Celine Dion - These Are Special Times

The greatest Holiday album ever. Celine showed a very special and unique vocal as always. All the songs were powerful. No one can beat her manner of singing! She's the Queen!

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12 Someday at Christmas - Jackie Evancho

Her new release for the 2016 Christmas season.

This album contains many of the songs from the Awakening Special Edition Christmas CD, along with songs Jackie recorded on other artists' albums (e.g. Placido Domingo, Peter Hollens, Vittorio Grigolo) and the title track, a new recording for 2016. - BobG

13 Toni Braxton - Snowflakes
14 The Christmas Attic - Trans- Siberian Orchestra
15 O Holy Night - Jackie Evancho

Don't miss the video of her Queen Latifah appearance.

Nobody sings it like Jackie, she feels it!

Jackie Evancho Uber Alles In Der Welt!

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16 Kelly Clarkson - Wrapped In Red

Kelly Clarkson manages to merge Christmas and pop and put it all in one album. It's a cool album.

She is an amazing singer and I love this song

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17 Elvis Presley - Elvis' Christmas Album

This is not Blue Christmas.

Elvis blue Christmas album the best of them all

Blue Christmas is great - Ajkloth

18 Diana Krall - Christmas Songs
19 Whitney Houston - One Wish: The Holiday Album

THE greatest singer of all time. Even in her later years, Whitney still had THE VOICE. Love this album, best holiday album of all time! - Martin12

One of the only albumsI can listen to ask the way through without even thinking of pressing the skip button when I here the intro the the first song I instantly get filled with the Christmas spirit

20 Josh Groban - Noel

how was this not on the original list and for that matter where is mariah carey

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