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201 The Holiday Season - Andy Williams V 1 Comment
202 This Christmas - Donny Hathaway
203 Last Christmas - Cast of The Only Way Is Essex
204 I Pooped On Santa's Lap - The Toilet Bowl Cleaners
205 Jingle Bombs - Achmed
206 Mistletoe - Justin Bieber

Worst Christmas song ever, because it's played by Justin Bieber, who is the worst singer on this planet.

Why is Crush 40 worse? Justin Bieber spits on his fans and said a racist joke during Never Say Never. (The movie, and this was behind the scenes and not on dvd. Look it up. ) And if you think they suck because they sing songs for the Sonic the Hedgehog games, well, suck it because I'm a Sonic fan. - Derpyderpderpderp

Best song ever Christmas or not

Justin can suck my arse over and over again

EWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEW! BLECK! I'm throwing up inside...

207 Holiday Clusterf**k - Doug Walker (The Nostalgia Critic)
208 Christmastime Is Killing Us - Family Guy
209 Santa's Comin' Tonight - Che Ray

The second song in the SpongeBob episode Christmas Who?. Me and my siblings sing this in the car on the ride home on Christmas Eve and it drives our parents crazy - Discord

210 I Won't Be Home for Christmas - Blink-182

This song is a great mix of comedy and humor by a great band.

211 A Soldier's Silent Night - Father Ted
212 What Would Christmas Be Like? (Official Video) - Mia Rose
213 His Favorite Christmas Story - Capital Lights
214 December 25th - Francesca Battistelli
215 Thank You Very Much - james Head
216 I Like Life - Stratford Johns
217 Christmas Children - SHeDAISY
218 Diamond (SNSD)
219 I Wish It Was Christmas Today - Julian Casablancas
220 This Christmas (I'll Burn It to the Ground) - Set It Off
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