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I love cimorelli They rock! Don't you agree that this list has the best covers? This list doesn't include songs they wrote like Million Bucks. Enjoy!

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1 Call Me Maybe (not the parody)

These girls are awesome in this song. I think their voices are the best in this song. - Jewlwhisker_456

I think this was the first cover I ever listened to. I instantly fell in love with them and I continue to watch them everyday. - WinchesterGirl26

When they're singing, they're having fun and it matters bec it means they love what they do.

Why do members of the cimfam pick favorites?! I like cimorelli but the cimfam is one of the worst fan bases ever!

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2 As Long As You Love Me

The message is so clear. Effects are wonderful. I can't stop watching this video - Jewlwhisker_456

Oh gosh no! Cimorelli couldn't even save this one!

They're spreading awareness and it's so powerful

3 What Makes You Beautiful

I LOVE THE SETTING! The beach, the song, the... Well everything is perfect. - Jewlwhisker_456

I'm realizing how overrated cimorelli is...

I don't like the original version because I don't like one direction, but this version was perfect 👍. The video was also amazing, they did a good job deciding on who is going to sing what part of the song!

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4 Payphone

My favorite part is at the end when it goes "So call me maybe. " - Jewlwhisker_456

Loved Lauren at the start and throughout

I loved Dani's rapping in this

Dani's rapping was amazing - WinchesterGirl26

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5 Good Time

The acting was done very seriously. - Jewlwhisker_456

6 One Thing

Cool setting, love the extras - Jewlwhisker_456

Really? really? Is this "really" one of there best covers?

7 We Are Never Getting Back Together

The costumes, the props and the headphones really go together. - Jewlwhisker_456

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8 Stronger

In this song, I'm impressed by all of them.
Dani - her voice sounds very mature for her age.
Lisa - perfect singer to reach high notes.
Katherine - powerful voice better than ever.
Christina - still lead voice, but she also gives to her sisters the chance to shine.
Amy - sweet, adorable, unique voice.
Lauren - interesting vocals.

What an amazing encouraging video by cimorelli. Stronger help maria become stronger again.

The story that goes with this song is so powerful. - Jewlwhisker_456

I cried

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9 Where Have You Been

The reason I love this song is that it is so silly. The crazy dance rocks! Sweet Glasses! - Jewlwhisker_456

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10 Love You Like A Love Song

I hate that only members of the cimfam are commenting! I want someone with a balanced view! I guess I'm here to save the day!

Their just so tallented and they smashed it while singing this

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11 Skyscraper

I just love how creative the CIMORELLI SISTERS are. They really rocked this song, they were awesome! Lisa and Christina really rocked it!

It's the best cover ever. Lisa is rocking' here with her high note. The rest of the sisters are great too. I LOVE THEM!

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12 Dynamite

I love the fact that this song has been preformed several times in front of an audience. - Jewlwhisker_456

13 Let It Go (Frozen Version)

Lauren sounded so beautiful in this song. MASSIVE LAUREN FAN!

Their voices were amazing and not to mention their outfits were really cute.
They sounded just like the movie! (But Lauren the most :P)

14 Made in America

Its also not a cover...

This is so patriotic!


15 Classic

Classic may

16 Halo

Amy was so good. I'm so impressed.

Lisa's voice was angelic

17 Best Love Song

All of the girls were amazing in this cover. I loved lauren's voice. It was fantastic. The way they sang that song was perfect. I could really relate to it. I LOVE CIMORELLI! Keep on making more amazing covers!

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18 Best Song Ever

They never DID the best song ever this should be removed from this list!

Actually, they did perform this song, at Americana Live or whatever it's called - Jillian

19 Feel This Moment
20 Cover Girl
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