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1 iYiYi


Weird song but its awesome! A bit funny :D

Cody is very cute in this song. I feel very happy when I listen this song. I love this song very much.

I really like this song.

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2 Wish You Were Here

It's so good song... It deserves to be at top.

That is the best song and music video!

I wish you were here... It's my best song.

3 All Day

This song is our favorite. Me and all my classmates like this and all of us will dance. Even we repeat this song hundred times we are don't got bored. We really like it. - louiejay98

I think this song should be song #1. I love this song and I can't stop listening to it

Can that go to #10 this Monday!

This song is awesome I love this song

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4 La Da Dee

Whenever I listen to this song, I feel very happy. In fact, I am listening to this song at the moment.

Love it! Got a nice upbeat music

Its one of the best I heard better den pretty brown eyes

I like this song since I heard it when I watch cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2

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5 On My Mind

That needs to go to #4 next Friday!

Its very awesome...

I love the song

6 Not Just You

This songs have a deeply meaning ;")

In single word "its not just awesome! Its kickass"

7 Got Me Good

That song will make it to #2 for Paradise to go to #1

It should be on top...


8 Pretty Brown Eyes

His singing is the best! Maybe it will go to #1 the first week! And it also go to #8 the next week!

Catchy and good vocals

God it was super hard to decide

Love dis song xxx

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9 Summer Shade

This is a beautiful song

It's a really amazing and a catchy song

10 Round of Applause

He is deeply testifying his love for the girl is he crushing. I startin playing since it release till now it rocks.

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11 Angel

Baby! I love you precious! Cody does a great job with this song and I love to think of myself as his angel! :) Such a sweet song...

I love this song so much

Love this song...because its truly loved and wonderful song

I love this song. When ever I hear this song I"ll refreash all the days which I had spend with my angle

12 Don't Cry Your Heart Out

Great song... thumbs up

13 So Listen
14 Perfect
15 Summertime

The perfect and my favourite summer song!

Awesome song this one!

16 Surfboard

It should be on top ten it's one of the best song of cody simpson

Latest One I liked it.

Latest song and have a positive dubstepish mood...

Love it! Didn't really even know he existed beforethis song---i woulda thought he was like from the suite like or something

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17 Flower
18 Summertime of Our Lives

This should be the best song of cody ever

19 If You Left Him for Me
20 Crazy But True
21 No Ceiling

Nice song... I thing, Cody's one of a best song...really nice

Just awesome... Download now..

22 Shine Supernova

I didn't think this song was sang by him.. his voice is so changed and adult in this song. and sounds a little like chris brown!

Why is this great song not on the list?!
My top song of Cody!

23 Thotful
24 I Love Girls

Truly in love with this song... - DNish

That can go to #1

25 Children of the Ocean
26 The Reason
27 Valentine
28 Home to Mama
29 Free
30 One
31 Awake All Night
32 Paradise

Maybe that will walk up to #1

33 Tears On Your Pillow


34 Hello

Maybe that will go to #1

35 Be the One

Will that do to #1 just this week! Can taylor swift duet with you!

36 Sinkin' In
37 Imma Be Cool
38 Love

Best song yet I hope

39 Better Be Mine
40 Rainy Day
41 Back to You

Oh my god! This should be #1
I just love this songgg!

42 Gentleman
43 Standing In China
44 Torn Up
45 Guitar Cry
46 Neck Kisses
47 Evenings In London
48 New Problems
49 Please Come Home for Christmas
50 ABC
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1. iYiYi
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