Best Computer Animated Movies

The greatest movies where the entire finished result is created and rendered by computer.

The Top Ten

1 Toy Story

I'm sorry but I think the Toy Story Collection should always be no. 1... I can watch these movies over and over again and never tire of them. All my kids have grown up with these.

Best kids movie ever. One of the best movies of all time. This blazed the trail for animation! First 3D animated film.

I like this one better than the second movie, I havnt seen the third yet. - dragon13304

Lovable characters, unique storyline, visually enchanting for being the first movie of its kind, and simply filled with awesomeness.

2 Shrek

Shrek is the best though anyone who desnt like shrek can go eat a dozen onions them stoopid I font lejfuiweuiwhguwgwuie

A movie for all ages ,with a memorable soundtrack - MatrixGuy

Classic movie! Timeless and wonderful for all ages. Absolutely hilarious and a must-see.

Great movie, but the 2nd is still slightly better than the first. - Lasvegasxavier

3 Finding Nemo

Cute, funny, heartwarming, exciting, adventorous. If you like these adjectives you'll love Finding Nemo!

I like panda and nemo but I chose it.
panda is also great hmmmmmmmmmm most of the animated movie are very good and I like much of them

I loved this movie! I have seen it like 10 times! - locobirds

Only watch it when I'm sick but its still my 2nd favorite pixar movie - Ajkloth

4 Monsters, Inc.

Underrated. A classic any parent should show their child. - ohright

In my opinion, the best thing to EVER come out of Pixar!

Definitely. The film is hilarious, touching and emotional. A masterpiece, I say!

My cousin really likes this movie - Ajkloth

5 Up

Heart touching and sentimental movie with a strong story content...! Really it takes human imagination ability into a new level...!

This movie should be in the top ten, just for the montage at the beginning.
A very funny movie, with some very emotional moments.

Up is my favorite animated movie of all time! It should be number one because it is hilarious for all ages unlike Wall-E!

This movie made me cry and it was really well thought out. - Arcxia

6 Ice Age

Sid Is So Damn AWESOME!

Where's Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius? Someone put it on this list please so I can vote.

7 Toy Story 3

If anyone had ever told me that sequels never beat the original movie before I'd watched this film, I'd have agreed with them. But this masterpiece right here has managed to put me in the wrong, and hit all the right buttons with me. It resonates with just about every person there it, and has nostalgia and enough feels to make you want to never let go of the movie world.

The fourth one is coming out soon, and I will be officially messed up if it is greater than this one. Nothing can be as good as this, yo. Drop everything and go watch this movie, even if the second Toy Story movie hadn't been to your liking. It is loads better, I promise. Any movie that gets a 99% from Rotten Tomatoes deserves to be watched.

The number 1 animation of all time it should be further up, I reckon this movie is a sure favourite for the Best Picture oscar and it will no doubtably win Best Animated Feature film, this movie is a big underdog for Awards night - roblist

The Greatest Film of Our Time.
Enough said.

8 The Incredibles

Great action and very funny - mistat94

One of my favorite superhero movies - Ajkloth

Should be 2nd after tangled

Beautiful animation, lovable characters who are well developed and rounded to be 3-D and not flat, not to mention one of the best pacing I've ever noted in a movie. The villain was...different, maybe? This deserves to have a sequel of its own, and one is coming out in 2018. Its script is by Brad Bird, which is heartening.

"Too late. Fifteen years too late."

I know, right? We've been waiting for the sequel for a decade. Great family movie. One of Pixar's finest works.

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9 Wall-E

I absolutely love this movie. You would think this is for kids, but think again! Adults will love it too, I do. It has so much character and thought but into it. Even though love was between robots, I still think this movie was original. It also made me think about the nature of humans, that we all are some way flawed.

One of THE best movies of all time. For anyone who hasn't watched it, you better go now, don't miss your chance. This movie will change you in the many ways it has changed me.

Its pretty sad that I stop watching years ago, but the animation...its pure beauty...

It's plot and animation is just... Beautiful.

10 Kung Fu Panda

Man this rules! People of all ages don't be ashamed of watching it, its awesome! - chippyz

An epic start to Dreamworks' Greatest Franchise.

Love this.


The Contenders

11 Wreck-It Ralph

Excuse the person at the very bottom, they have never watched this movie and are judging because the only content they have seen of the movie is the trailer but in Japanese. (Don't say I'm racist, I'm a extremes weeb and I saw the Japanese trailer and I laughed so hard the voiceover though)

Amazing movie. Great storyline, great characters, and a good amount of humor mixed in. The perfect blend for a great movie. Wreck-It Ralph appeals to all of your emotions, making you happy one second and then crying another. There's a lot of classic video game characters throughout the movie, making it fun for the young and the old.

I haven't watched it but I know it's awesome!


12 How to Train Your Dragon

One of the best computer animated movies ever. This should be higher on the list. Awesome graphics, beautiful soundtrack. The water and clouds look so realistic in this movie. Don't even get me started on how well animated the dragons are and with all the flying, fire and other complicated things to animate, this movie is just so amazing. Deserves to be number 1.

Its such a beautiful movie with awesome soundtrack that it can touch the hearts of all ages when they watch it! Should be in the top ten! Better than many movies at the top!

Only One Word *HICCUP* He's Awesome! - mohit100

Spectacular story, you have to see this movie. Of course, this piece should be higher in this list

13 Despicable Me 2

Why isn't this film or its predecessor in the top ten? It was an outstanding film that was 10x better than Frozen!

14 Cars

Thanks For thumbing me down A$$hole

My Childhood

15 Madagascar

HILARIOUS. Timeless masterpiece of a story. Will display to my kids, grandkids and after that. You get the picture. If you haven't watched it already...

What are you waiting for? Snap to it!

I think it deserves to be no.2

MAKE IT NUMBER 1 - HunterBoy

16 Ratatouille

Ratatouille's position is so low, I can't believe it. This movie is awesome and hilarious. With mind blowing picture and colors. And for the first time in a movie, all characters are likable.
Ratatouille for the number 1 spot! - ahmedessam

The Ending to this movie left me completely speechless.

It rocks because it stays in your hearts forever and is truly a great movie


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17 Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children

This movie is just brilliant. You kind have to be into the Final Fantasy series to really appreciate it though

Vincent valentine and cloud strife are the hottest guys in this earth but only after dante!

Vincent Valentine is the coolest dude ever! - Aceacles

love the games, like this even better - BostonCeltic

18 Toy Story 2

This movie should be top 7 in my opinion

Much better than the original.

19 Rio

So Many Times Better Than Disney's Brainwashing Pile FROZEN



Best Movie Ever!
Birds Rule!
And So Does This Movie!

This Movie Has The Best Music and Most likable characters
Of any animated movie I'v seen in awhile. It Should Be In The Top 10 at least.
Anna Hathaway was the best actor in the movie as Jewel.

Good movie but little bit of childish type.

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20 Zootopia

Best animated movie of 2016

Best animated movie of 2016!

Love that movie :D

21 Big Hero 6

Why is this not on the list? It should be at least top 5

The only movie on this list that tops this one in pure ingenuity of sequences and sharpness of script is The Incredibles.

The #2 Greatest Animated Film of Our Time.

It should be no 2 after number 1

22 The LEGO Movie
23 Antz
24 Minions

No mean comments.

Coming out December 8 2015 on blu-Ray

Coming out December 8 2015 on loser-Ray

We're Not Losers For Watching This,We Have Our Own Opinion!
The Minion Haters Are The Losers And Need To Get A Life!

25 Rio 2

Not as good as the first one.

Haters,Don't Get Your Guns Out! I Have The Right Too Have My Opinion!
Sure,This May Have Too Much Going On,But The Characters Are Well Developed,The Animation Is Very Beautiful,The Songs Are Much Better Than Frozen,It's Fairly Funny,The Story Is Okay,
It's Great

26 Cars 2
27 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
28 Rango

The best, of course.

RANGO is the gratest of all time HANDS DOWN!

29 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Meh cgi animation but great movie! Has anyone seen the sequel? It looks terrible.

Best Sony Pictures Animation movie ever! One of the best Pete Oswald’s plucky and cartoony art style of Animation that works very well in CGI, with fluent movement and fast-paced slapstick. Fantastic Movie! - UltimateReviewer

30 The Lego Batman Movie

Yea brother

31 Megamind

Both of these comments are stunning, especially the longer one! I will exactly do my review the same way the guy who made the larger comment does! - The Ultimate Daredevil, who sees Megamind as the greatest animated blockbuster of 2010.

This movie is absolutely hilarious! It also has a great cast and a superb story line.

Megamind is one of the most unique and visually appealing, not to mention clever film that I've had the pleasure of seeing. Add humour to that delightful mix, and well, the seats came off in the theatres viewing this movie.

Sometimes cliché, eh, but overlook that small detail. Did I mention the songs are awesome as heck? Cause they certainly are.

32 Inside Out

I love This Movie!

Unique with a capital U, and I am not ashamed to say that my family bawled their eyes out (some more gracefully than others) when the melancholic parts came on. You could say that our brains were turned inside out. :P

P.S - I could really use some joy right now.

33 Despicable Me

I despised myself for succumbing to the wile of these cute minions afterwards.

Super movie it deserves to be within 10

34 Shrek 2

Puss in Boots makes it better than the original.

Better than the first

35 Beowulf

crazy movie man look at the blood it looks so real the main villian looked like angelina jolie when the first time I so this movie I thought it was real

Amazing movie best animated movie I have ever seen

36 Shrek Forever After

Much better than Shrek the Third

Really good movie, heart touching.

37 Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

A friend and I went to see this movie at the cinema and we fell in love with it. I love the books as well. It is a big shame that the movie has recieved fairly average reviews. I love this movie!

I'm still waiting for a sequel

Such and Undrrated movie. Please watch it if you haven't yet.


It only got a 34% score on Rotten Tomatoes for some reason.

39 A Bug's Life

Boring? This was early CGI.

I watched this when I was 5 I'm 16 when I saw my little cousin watch it I remembered how good it was - arsenal193

Wonderful story with awesome morals and the usual drama about not to let the baddies take out out in one foul swipe.

Boring, enough said

40 Arthur Christmas
41 Puss In Boots

Great movie! 5 stars!

42 Rise of the Guardians

Best movie ever! Perfect for a family!

43 Tron


Tron. First Computer Animated Movie by Disney

44 Happy Feet

An adorable movie. Definitely should be in the top 10!

One of the cuted animated flicks around at the moment. Will the sequel be cuter though?

45 Ice Age: The Meltdown
46 Finding Dory
47 Bee Movie

Is this a joke bee movie stop with the memes

Underrated! Very good cgi movie!

48 Dr. Seuss' The Lorax
49 Frozen

I think Frozen was the much needed change of pace that we were looking for in movies. It tells the story of the beautiful yet troubled queen Elsa who was forced to hide who she really from everyone including her sister Anna. But she managed to rise from the ashes of her solitude and let go of her inhibitions culminated by an empowering and breathtakingly beautiful song (Let it Go).

Why is it on 43? Its more amazing than all the others plus it's the highest grossing animated movie ever

The best movie ever

Why is this only 54? - 445956

50 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
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