Best Computer Animated Movies

The greatest movies where the entire finished result is created and rendered by computer.

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41 Beowulf

crazy movie man look at the blood it looks so real the main villian looked like angelina jolie when the first time I so this movie I thought it was real

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42 Puss In Boots

Great movie! 5 stars!

43 Ice Age: The Meltdown
44 Rise of the Guardians

Best movie ever! Perfect for a family!

45 Finding Dory
46 A Bug's Life

I watched this when I was 5 I'm 16 when I saw my little cousin watch it I remembered how good it was - arsenal193

Wonderful story with awesome morals and the usual drama about not to let the baddies take out out in one foul swipe.

Boring, enough said

47 Happy Feet

One of the cuted animated flicks around at the moment. Will the sequel be cuter though?

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48 Tron

Tron. First Computer Animated Movie by Disney

49 Bee Movie

The Bee Movie but every time someone says Bee We Are Number One plays. - AR2002

Underrated! Very good cgi movie!

50 Kung Fu Panda 2

An emotional ride at some points, laid back at the others. This has got to be one of the most unpredictable movies mood-wise. Really hit a spot that resonates with most. Deals with separation as well. Also, the 'good guys vs the baddies' was done well than most.

Did I add that it was funny? Because it definitely is.

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51 Cars 3
52 Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
53 How to Train Your Dragon 2

Hiccup is back with Toothless the cuddly dragon, and while it is more sorrowful and heart wrenching than the first at parts, it didn't measure up to the masterpiece that was the first movie. The plot seemed to be inconsistent at several points, almost as though all the sub plots were crammed into it at places. The villain makes me roll my eyes, but it was an enjoyable watch, nonetheless.

54 The Little Prince
55 Shrek the Third

This Movie Is So Bad That It Ruined Shrek And Should Burn In Hell

Why did you put it on this list then?

56 Frozen

I think Frozen was the much needed change of pace that we were looking for in movies. It tells the story of the beautiful yet troubled queen Elsa who was forced to hide who she really from everyone including her sister Anna. But she managed to rise from the ashes of her solitude and let go of her inhibitions culminated by an empowering and breathtakingly beautiful song (Let it Go).

Why is it on 43? Its more amazing than all the others plus it's the highest grossing animated movie ever

The best movie ever

Why is this only 54? - 445956

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57 The LEGO Movie
58 Disney's A Christmas Carol
59 Over the Hedge
60 Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

It truly deserves 2 be in number 1 place...
N king julien is the best character in all d 3 parts of Madagascar! With sacha baron cohen's voice... Love it.. Amusing.. Entertaining!

I love madagasgar 3 a lot but I think toy story should be number 1 still.

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