Best Dark Dragons In Dragon City

The Top Ten Best Dark Dragons In Dragon City

1 Venom Dragon


2 Hedgehog Dragon

His spikes. Just stunning. - hatcher234

3 Pirate Dragon

This dragon is amazing

4 Dark Dragon

It looks like a night fury

5 Petroleum Dragon

I love this guy.

Actually amazing, named him Blobbert

6 Neon Dragon
7 Zombie Dragon
8 Wizard Dragon
9 Vampire Dragon

It is vampire that can suck you

It is just like a dracula

Where is the pure?

10 Carnivore Plant Dragon

The Contenders

11 Black Swan Dragon
12 Rattlesnake Dragon

It looks swag

13 Pure Dark Dragon

The Dark Dragon with no weaknesses.

14 Amazone Dragon

She is really great!

15 Antimatter Dragon
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