Best David Lee Roth Songs

This is a list for who likes the solo career of David Lee Roth, a member from Van Halen.

The Top Ten

1 California Girls

This is a nice song from The Beach Boys, but with David Lee Roth is much more better! Highly recommended! - Jean666

This song rather number 1 or number 2. 'Cause this is not only my favorite song by him, it's also the best cover I've ever heard.

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2 Just a Gigolo UListen to Sample
3 Yankee Rose

This is the best song! The guitar at the intro is awesome! Highly recommended! - Jean666

Gregg is a beast on the drums he was my dads drum teacher

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4 Just Like Paradise

Just Like Paradise is definitely first for me, but Just A Gigolo should be second for sure!

This is one of the best songs not only by Diamond Dave, but one of the best songs ever!

This one should be the best song, but I like it, too. I recommend it! - Jean666

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5 Goin' Crazy!

This one is awesome, including the video of this song! I recommend it, too. - Jean666

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6 Shy Boy UListen to Sample
7 Tobacco Road UListen to Sample
8 Damn Good

The best song from steve vai 😂, absolutely the best song

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9 Slam Dunk Slam Dunk
10 That's Life UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 A Lil' Ain't Enough

Amazing song, catchy chorus, good riff and solo performed by inspiring guitarist Jason Becker, who was unable to tour for this album because of him being diagnosed with ALS shortly after recording. Anyways, listen to this song and you will realize why this is THE best David Lee Roth solo song.

This one is awesome! It has a nice riff! Check it out! - Jean666

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12 Lady Luck UListen to Sample
13 Sensible Shoes

Looks like a country song, but it's good. I like it! - Jean666

NIce tune for such a clown.

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14 Ladies' Nite In Buffalo? UListen to Sample
15 Loco del Calor UListen to Sample
16 Stand Up UListen to Sample
17 Ice Cream Man UListen to Sample
18 Baby's On Fire UListen to Sample
19 Skyscraper UListen to Sample
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1. Yankee Rose
2. Slam Dunk
3. Shy Boy
1. Shy Boy
2. That's Life
3. Goin' Crazy!
1. Yankee Rose
2. Just Like Paradise
3. California Girls


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