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101 Cynic Cynic Cynic is an American progressive rock band - incorporating experimental music, alternative, metal and jazz fusion elements - founded in Miami, Florida, and currently based in Los Angeles, California.
102 Dissection Dissection Dissection was a Swedish extreme metal band. They formed in 1989 by Jon Nödtveidt and later disbanded in 2006, followed by Nödtveidt's suicide. Their sound is usually described as "melodic blackened death metal".

They mixed Black Metal with Death Metal and Melodic Death Metal, sometimes they were labeled Melodic Black Metal. - GREYBOYY

Not death metal but heavy and badass! Should be higher on this list

103 Inmortal

BAck street boys should be on number 1 slot they are so brutal, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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104 Beyond Creation

Amazing technicality and song writing and a beautiful 6 string fretless bass sound

Amazing band should be higher

105 Abominable Putridity Abominable Putridity Abominable Putridity is a Russian slam death metal band formed originally from Moscow, formed in 2003. The band has released two albums; In the End of Human Existence and The Anomalies of Artificial Origin. They are one of the most popular brutal death metal bands to day. Abominable Putridity shares more.

Absolutely brutal and badass! Matti Way is one of the most powerful death metal vocalists. - ryanrimmel

Best wigger slam band of all time

Guttural. awesome, especially mixing different techniques (even djent) always the way it sounds very originally. Love AP.

106 Rings of Saturn Rings of Saturn Rings of Saturn is an American extreme metal band from the Bay Area, California. The band was formed in 2009 and was originally just a studio project.

ROS is so underrated, just listen to Parallel Shift, Senseless Massacre and Servants of This Sentience, they deserve to be way higher in this ranking.

Great band that are getting more recognition!

107 Broken Hope

Broken Hope needs to higher up on this list, they have a unique sound that other death metal bands do not have

108 The Crown

The Crown is a GREAT, underrated Swedish Melodic Death Metal Band. Eternal Death and DeathRace King are outstanding. They had a sick DM vocalist in Johan Lindstrom, but 2002's Crowned in Terror is outstanding! With the one and only Tomas Lindberg (of At The Gates fame) filling in on lyrics & vocals. They had a comeback album in 2010, with a new vocalist, Jonas StalHammar, which was admirable, though not mind blowing. Still, this little known band deserves much more recognition. They are the closest Swedish DM band to At The Gates, and blow In Flames and even Arch Enemy away. Check out their earlier works!

109 Amorphis Amorphis Amorphis is a Finnish metal band formed in 1990. Initially, the band was a death metal act, but on later albums they have evolved into playing other genres, such as folk metal and progressive metal.
110 Nocturnus

Very underrated. These guys were the definition of Death Metal. Not to mention, the keyboards are excellent in their sound. Although their latest album isn't so great, they're still the best.

111 Thy Art Is Murder Thy Art Is Murder

Technically Deathcore but I'm a one sided, biased Thy Art fanboy, so they have my vote anyway. - Ethansics

112 Pig Destroyer Pig Destroyer
113 Cephalic Carnage Cephalic Carnage Cephalic Carnage is an American deathgrind band formed in 1992 in Denver, Colorado. The band comprises vocalist Lenzig Leal, guitarists Steve Goldberg and Brian Hopp, drummer John Merryman and bassist Nick Schendzielos.
114 Profane Omen
115 Dir En Grey Dir En Grey DIR EN GREY is a Japanese metal band formed in 1997 and currently signed to Firewall Div., a sub-division of Free-Will.

I don't think this is Death Metal in any way.. maybe they have some DM influences, but that's it. - Flav

116 inExordium
117 Brujeria Brujeria Brujeria is a Mexican-American extreme metal band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1989. Their name comes from the Spanish word for "witchcraft".
118 Necrophagia

I think they are pretty good,although they are one of the first death metal bands in 1983.

119 Aeon
120 Abnormality
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