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21 Marco Pitruzzella - Braindrill
22 Romain Goulon - Necrophagist

These top ten are based on famous they are. Technically, Romain Goulon blows Gene Hoglan clear out of the water.

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23 Trey Williams - Braindrill
24 Dirk Verbeuren - Soilwork
25 Krzysztof Raczkowski - Vader
26 Ken Bedene - Aborted

Insane speed and power. Technique is flawless and is one of the cleanest players in death metal

Technical monster.

27 Darren Cesca - Deeds of Flesh, Goratory, Arsis
28 Shannon Lucas - The Black Dahlia Murder
29 Donald Tardy - Obituary

He may not be the fastest drummer around, but he always knows how to hold a beat, which makes the riffs even more awesome. Hail Obituary

Obituary are true pioneers in aggressive metal

This guy is fantastic! Keeps beats that are both not overly technical but brutal at the same time! Definitely deserves a higher spot!

30 Alex Lopez - Suicide Silence
31 Alan Cassidy - The Black Dahlia Murder

Alan Is more faster than Shawn Cameron

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32 Aaron Kitcher - Infant Annihilator

...look up YouTube videos of this guy

33 Jean Dolabella - Sepultura
34 Mauro Mercurio
35 John Longstreth - Origin

There is absolutely no way any ass from an 'old-school' death metal band, or any deathcore band should be above Longstreth. There is no one who combines that type of speed with that technicality. He's the most complete dm drummer.

Longstreth should be 36 places higher

Longstreth combines that speed with technicality. He tops Kolias, Hoglan...anyone.
Longstreth is the number ONE death metal drummer...hands down. - Xenosapien

36 Jaska Raatikainen Jaska Raatikainen
37 Kevin Talley - Dååth
38 Ole Öhman - Dissection
39 Stanisław "Hexen" Malanowicz - Hate
40 Chason Westmoreland - Abigail Williams, Hate Eternal, Oceano
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