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1 Rose Tyler Rose Tyler

I honestly think Rose is the best just because she has true chemistry with the Doctor. She gets him and she knows him and though she gets jealous at times when he takes notice of other women, they really do make the perfect pair. Take the episode Tooth and Claw for example, Rose wanted the Queen to say 'I am not amused' they've been pretty much keeping it on their mind throughout the entire time and both hoped that she would say that as well.

Also, Rose was wary of the Tenth Doctor at first, but quickly gained her trust again and never stopped supporting and believing in him. Like in 'Parting of The Ways'. The Doctor sent her back and told her to leave both him and the TARDIS, but she wouldn't and she didn't give up. She never would.

They both taught each other so much and there was no moment where I felt as if they did not have any chemistry at all, well except for 'The Girl in The Fireplace', but only because they didn't spend that much time together. Even in the same ...more

I honestly have to disagree. I agree with the chemistry part, but she doesn't do much to help the Doctor - Icegirl119

Rose Tyler was definitely the best companion of the Doctor. She could be so fearless and always had the courage to face the problem headstrong. Don't forget that Rose also showed sympathy to the Daleks.

Her relationship with the Doctor was natural. In their adventures, they always had each other's back. They were best friends and obviously enjoyed each other's company. Even the Doctor himself said that Rose made him a better person.

Rose Tyler illustrates that everyday human beings can live an adventure of their own!

The reason why I love Rose so much is here we have a character who came from such humble beginnings. Rose grew up on a council estate in London with a mother who loved and cared for her daughter, but admittedly put a stranglehold on her life choices 'that job was giving you airs and graces' was the only comment Rose's mother could procure when Rose lost her job (thanks to The Doctor, of course).

Speaking of The Doctor, from the moment he quite literally crashed into Rose's life and uttered the word 'run' their journey has been one of 'the stuff of legend'.

Rose's personality consisted of being adventurous, clever, loving, kind-hearted and incredibly fierce.

The Doctor thought very highly of Rose, telling her she had 'made him better' as a person. I think that's very moving how they both touched and influenced other's lives for the better.

I believe that rose does not deserve the hate that she sometimes get as she was a true relatable character who really gained the doctors love and trust like I have never seen before. She wasn't perfect and didn't always do everything right but was brave, kind and would honestly do anything for the loneliest man in the universe. She cared a lot more for the doctor than any others conpanion and seemed to enjoy his company more than the actual travel which I found beautiful. On top of that her ending was truly heart brackig and will always be remembered as doctor who's only true love story.🌹

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2 Donna Noble Donna Noble

Out of all the companions, Donna was the best. People say that she was to noisy and loud but I think she was hilarious. Donna was immensely brave and she wasn't afraid to say what she thought was right! However, she also had a compassionate side, an emotional side that stole our hearts. She was the Doctor Donna, and for a couple of seconds, the most important woman in the universe.

There was no soppy romance with them (cough, Martha, cough, Rose, cough) Donna and the Doctor were simply best friends who balanced well together. Plus, Donna managed to be in some of the best episodes. She had a gripping ending, but I wish it could be better for her. Donna had that funny side to her that made you enjoy listening to her, and I wish she could stay. The Doctor and Donna were so good together.

Donna didn't just do what the doctor told her to, she did what she thought was right and didn't follow him like a puppy ( Martha again). The universe wouldn't be the same without her.

Of all of the companions, I think Donna is my favorite, even though there are so many awesome companions. I loved how she was never afraid to argue with The Doctor (and boy, did she argue! ) The Doctor himself called Donna his best friend! Their relationship was funny, and it showed how much the doctor needs his companions! She was different from Rose and Martha, which I think was really awesome to watch. All of the episodes in season 4 were phenomenal. Her ending was so sad, and I think the Doctor showed his best self around Donna, his best friend.

Her synergy with the doctor was by far the best. She acted more like an individual and less like the Doctor's lap dog.

My favourite companion. She was hilarious - WinchesterGirl26

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3 Amy Pond Amy Pond

Amy was a very brave, smart and loyal companion she has had a hard life with her parents being killed by the crack on her wall and being unintentionally abandoned by the doctor therefore I believe she deserves time to travel with the doctor. she was a great middle of the companion she was loyal but not obsessive she loved him (as a friend) but wasn't like a puppy following him around she helped him but didn't spend every minute of life following him. In my personal opinion she was the most intresting companion with a great back story. I don't understand how people call Amy selfish and pity's on Rory for having to deal with her always insulting him. When she insults him she is joking around that is how a normal relationship works. I know she entered the Tardis with feelings with him but never over step the boundaries like Rose and Martha did. She declares her love for Rory many times seen in the impossible astronaut/day of the moon, Amy's choice and the angles take Manhattan when she ...more

I enjoyed watching the development of this character as the series continued. At first, she seemed unimportant and only followed the Doctor around for the occasional second-hand on the job; she didn't seem to trust herself with situations, and turned to the Doctor many times. After a while, though, she seemed more confident in her abilities and thoughts. Her loyalty to those she loved and her sarcastic humor could brighten the predicament, and her bravery was outstanding.
Her relationship with both the Doctor and Rory shape the character into who she is. I enjoy seeing her as a wife who loves her husband so much she put her life on the line for him to the end. And her significance in the Doctor's life is heartwarming. I love how they had a relationship far more complex than just friends and his trusting in her own decisions as she grew up. Her departure was heartbreaking, because it was left the Doctor grieving in a way we hadn't seen him do before. Her courage, personality, and ...more

Karen Gillan/Amy Pond deserves to be #1. I feel like people are just voting Rose Tyler because she's considered generally to be the favorite companion - instead of expressing their true opinions.

Amy Pond is hilarious, awesome, and has great chemistry with Matt Smith. Even if you consider Rose Tyler the better actor, you can't deny Karen/Amy's true connection with the doctor - which is much stronger than the spark between Rose Tyler and Tennant.

Ahh, there's my hot, sassy, Scottish Karen Gillian.

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4 Sarah Jane Smith Sarah Jane Smith

If any person deserves to be voted best Doctor Who companion, it's Sarah Jane Smith. She and the Doctor went from not trusting each other to quickly becoming best friends. She is very easy to relate to, representing the majority of women in the world today with her mildly feminist ideas and stubborn, brave characteristics. She even went to feature in K9 and Company, and later the Sarah Jane Adventures. She has met nine of the doctors in total.

Sarah Jane Smith is one of the greatest companions the Doctor has travelled with. Her character was so well developed and is one of the most loved by classic era fans, including myself. She has also received her own spin-off series, which was just as great as the main show. I do find it an insult that many other great Classic Who companions are being pushed aside by the bland and undeveloped New Who ones, but I'm glad Sarah is in the top 10.

She has her own show called the sarah jane adventures and not many of the others have a show do they? She and the doctor have a romantic relationship! SHE SHOULD BE NUMBER 1 TOP BEST COMPANION

Elisabeth Sladen beautifully portrayed the role of Sarah Jane Smith. She was a fierce, sweet, and humble lady. Nobody could've done this better than Sladen. Sarah Jane Smith deserves to be the top companion because she has gone through too much trouble to only be in fourth. Sladen fans, gather round and vote for Sladen!

Rip Elisabeth Sladen...
1946-2011 We all miss you! You were too young...
Raise awareness for breast cancer.
Eliana J. Cruz

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5 River Song River Song

Aw come on guys how do you not like River? She is the only companion who isn't always whining and can take care of herself- she doesn't need the Doctor, despite the fact that they are the best couple in the show. But she is so much more than just the Doctor's wife. She is brave and just as smart as the Doctor, and if you have a problem with her refusing to kill him, well would YOU do it? She is one of the most courageous characters, in the end sacrificing her own life, plus she gave up all her regenerations. Oh and she is responsible for two of the best quotes in all of Nu Who: "Well I was on my way to this gay gypsy bar mitzvah for the disabled when I thought 'the Third Reich's a bit rubbish, I think I'll go kill the Fuhrer'" and "I'm River Song. Check your records again. "

River was clever, independent and didn't need the doctor to save her. She was hilarious, wonderful and mad she saved the doctor so may times and her arch was so masterfully created and so devastating.

River is simply the most brilliant and all around character Doctor who has had after the Doctor! There is just too much to say about this character!

That chick THIS CHICK! fun to watch...
Just watch her action scenes then she'll make you see*

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6 Clara Oswald Clara Oswald

She's Brilliant and I like her better than Amelia Pond. She's not had her full series yet, but I think that the mysterious qualities of Clara Oswald already make her brilliant. Jenna Louise Coleman is a beautiful, fabulous actress and a hell of a lot different to her Emmerdale and Waterloo Road self. Clara Oswald for the win

I see Clara as Martha Jones done right. She can stand up to the doctor, doesn't crush on him and can do very good comedic banter all while being the heart of the series. There seems to be a common misconception that she "doesn't have a personality and is just eye candy" this is a perfectly valid point, as long as you don't watch any 12th doctor episodes. She is the Martha Jones we would have had if Tate delivered her lines less like a foghorn, and more like a human being. Human beings have subtlety. Jenna Coleman has the acting chops to convey that. As for Martha, Rose, Amy, Rory, etc., I love them all, but they always seemed a bit too helpless to be my favorite. Sarah Jane, on the other hand, is brilliant, and is definitely an amazingly close #2, but Clara Oswald is my personal favorite.

Clara is awesome! I love her as a companion and her relationship with the doctor is brilliant to watch! The impossible girl! She saved the doctor so many times and they have a great relationship and chemistry!

Just did a 10 year binge and it's neck and neck between Rose and Clara. Martha didn't stick around long enough. And I grew tired of Amy's constant crying and emoting. She character wore on me. All the male characters played backup roles. Now if I had to have a real companion in the Dr. Who universe hands down it would be River Song. Maybe a close second here would be the Tardis itself.

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7 Martha Jones Martha Jones

Martha Jones had a crush on the Doctor, yes, but the Doctor asked more of her then any of the other companions, ASKED her, and she did it without complaint, and very well. She has a strong head and a mind of her own, and well as her feet planted firmly on the ground. After all, it was Martha who decided to leave the Doctor, her own instinct and opinion. She as utmost self respect. She won't throw herself at a guy and worship him. She walked the Earth to save the world. After her departure, she stayed on her feet and became a fantastic UNIT agent, as well as helping Torchwood sometimes. Martha built her life, but on something she knew about and enjoyed with the Doctor, but her life without him. She is truly independent.

Martha is so under credited just because of Rose. Rose is cool-ish, don't get me wrong. But Martha was seen as a stand-in, which she wasn't as all. The Doctor believed in Rose, yes, but her believed in Martha as well. He asked her to walk the earth because he ...more

Martha was intelligent, clever, and saved the world multiple times. I agree it was annoying that she was constantly pining after the Doctor, but I also thought that was realistic and sometimes interesting. Imagine spending that much time with the Tenth Doctor and NOT fall in love with him. Overall, I think she was good enough for the top ten, but Martha definitely wasn't number one.

Martha's character was never given enough credit, she was smart, cleaver and saved the world multiple time. Martha had to deal with the Doctor during his mopey sad period after Rose left. Yet while the Doctor was depressed and down, Martha was saving the world!

She should be number 1 - 2storm

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8 Jack Harkness

Jack is perhaps the most loyal of all the companions. In the sense that he waited, and continues to do so, forever at the Doctor's 'beck-and-call', without receiving so much as a 'thank-you' or a sign of appreciation, yet, he remains steadfastly loyal to the Doctor, dying in his name who knows how many times. However this is frequently overshadowed/hidden via his charisma, charm and flirtatious nature. Jack is, additionally, the only companion who in which can truly relate to the Doctor, in the sense that we do not know of his past, we do not know his true name and the fact that, ultimately, he will loose those close to him, in the same way as the Doctor is destined to.

I have to Agree Donna Noble 2nd for real she was okay at first but she complained to much River Song and Jack are better than her. Who saw that whole Face of Boe thing coming. Jack was is cool I mean really He got his own spin off series that should tell you how great of a character he is.

Why Is stupid DONNA NOBLE second all she does is whine and complain and her voice is so annoying always Yelling at everyone. Jack was awesome always having fun I loved the fact that he turned out to be the Face Of Boe that was as the doctor would say "BRILLIANT".

Captain Jack Harkness is funny, nice, and a badass. I'm sad that he didn't get very much screen time in the series. But, at least he appears in Torchwood...

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9 Rory WIlliams Rory WIlliams

I love Rory because of how fun and dorky he is. I also love how Amy always calls him an idiot and then decides she want's to make out with him.

How can you not love Rory? Honestly.

So perfect because he's either clueless or knows everything and he's so sarcastic!

He died

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10 Wilfred Mott Wilfred Mott

Legend! Was absolutely fantastic in all of his episodes, a real personality and a terrific actor. I loved him, and wish that he could have been in more episodes! Shame that he killed Tennant though :( However, it was his gun that saved the day in the end

NO WAY Wilfred was one of the best better than Clara Oswald bye 500 BILLION POINS now to tell you the truth he always wanted to be with the Doctor and Donna Noble never to leave the Doctor I think it was so sad once the doctor turned to matt smith cause he just couldn't see Donna anymore:(

Wilf was brilliant the man who was originally just going to be a random man in Voyage of the dammed to Wilfred Mott, Donna Noble's grandfather who assists the tenth doctor in The end of time!


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11 Mickey Smith Mickey Smith

Laugh out loud my friend calls me mickey smith and I call her amy pond

Below, same thing what me! I call him Mickey and he calls me amy!

We need to add jackie tyler

Come on.. Mikey is so funny

12 K-9

The feelings I got from the death of k-9 was worst than brian's death

K9 was the first dog on Doctor who. Who doesn't like a laser-shooting Robot Dog?

That's exactly how I feel. How doesn't like an awesome robot dog like K9?

Literally best T.V. dog. (Any one else listen to 'K-9's Lament' before this? ) - swift104

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13 Ace

One time, Ace beat up a Dalek with a baseball bat. It was pretty cool.

I knew as soon as I saw her for the first time that she would be awesome, and everything I've seen of her since confirmed that opinion. Not my absolute favorite companion, but top 5 for sure.

The fact that this funny, smart, actually capable companion is #13 is a wake-up-call for people to watch more classic Who. She beat up a Dale, with a baseball bat, for God's sake!

Ace: Oi, who are you calling small?
*whacks dalek over head with baseball bat*

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14 Jo Grant

Jo's awesome! Although she's not my favourite companion, she's in my top 10, that's for sure. I mean, she could resist hypothesis attempts, and that's pretty awesome. She may have been overshadowed by Sarah Jane, who was right after her, and, I must admit, is totally awesome, but who wouldn't appreciate the clumsy charm that Jo possesses, absolute loyalty to the Doctor and the U.N.I.T group. She should be voted into the top ten! This just proves once again that people (especially kids my age, I'm only 12) should watch and read WAY MORE classic Doctor Who's.

Stop hating on Jo she deserves more attention than she gets. She could resist hypnosis which is amazing. No other companion could do that - greatesttop10s

When idiots vote the 2nd or maybe 3rd worst ever companion (although because she risked blowing up the entire universe just to see the Doctor again you really need to put her as No. 1 most useless person ever) as No. 1 there is no hope of them realizing that Jo was by far the best.

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15 Romana I Romana I

Intelligent and not immediately infatuated with the Doctor, as many were. Also, very easy on the eyes, to say the least. Remembering he changed companions like other people change their socks, it was refreshing to have one that didn't subscribe to his somewhat pushy superiority. They tried to script her as a foil, but she was far too bright for that. Probably too difficult for the writers to keep up at that level, leading to the abysmal decision not to renew her contract.

Romana is one of the best characters in Who. She isn't my favourite, but certainly deserves top 10! Her independence and intelligence and absolutely logical (sometimes too logical) train of thought perfectly balance the 4th Doctor's wonderful quirkiness and apparent (sometimes) absolute disconnection from the events.

Romana I is the best character there is, she is self dependent and the perfect balance for the 4th Doctor's quirkiness.

Mary Tam.. devastatingly beautiful!

16 Brian Williams
17 Captain Jack

Because he never dies its what everyone would like

While Rose is winning, I thought I'd vote for my other favorite_Jack Harkness. He is very funny, and he's Immortal! - tiger37

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18 Craig Owens Craig Owens

Needs to appear again. It is cool to see the doctor I. An everyday environment.

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19 Jamie McCrimmon

Jamie was absolutely the best companion the Doctor ever had. Despite rarely understanding the technology behind everything, Jamie was always willing to go along with the Doctor's plans. Not to mention, the Doctor and Jamie had a unique chemistry, and worked very well together. And even in the modern series, the Doctor remembers Jamie, because they were so close. It was Jamie who first gave the Doctor his cover name of "Doctor John Smith", which the Doctor uses to this day. If the actors Frazier Hines and Patrick Troughton hadn't had to leave when they did, I'm confident that Jamie would have traveled with the Doctor forever.

Jamie is special, he stayed with the second doctor for his whole run! He had great chemistry with the second doctor and Victoria/Zoe. Name a companion more loyal and cheeky than Jamie. I just wish the new series would have more companions from the past. You do see physical diversity in companions nowadays, but almost no companions from the future/past/another world. It used to be better when companions were just passing along and didn't have some unnecessary secondary purpose.

Highland Warrior.. Second longest serving assistant

I don't get why there are companions like Clara Oswald in the top ten! Jamie is a far more complex and entertaining character than Clara ever will be.

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20 Leela

Tribeswoman and bodyguard of the 4th Doctor

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