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1 German Shepherd German Shepherd

German Shepherds get a bad rap because there have been instances of the dogs biting people(they have one of the strongest set of jaws out of any dog breed), but if you take care of them and give them love, you'll find a very rewarding experience. In reality, most German Shepherds are giant puppies at heart. They are also extremely intelligent. My German Shepherd, Gunner, figured out how to enter the house by opening the screen door with his nose!

However, this dog breed is definitely not for inexperienced or busy dog owners. They require a lot of exercise, and they can get hyperactive and destructive if they are kept in a small space for too long. They are especially destructive as puppies. They also shed a lot once winter ends (They need to shed their winter coat to prepare them for the warm summers, so get used to picking up large hair balls around your yard come early spring). And even friendly German Shepherds can hurt you on accident (ex. Stepping on your foot) as they ...more

I currently own a 6 month old female and she is incredibly smart. I tell her home and she goes to her dog house. I could put a giant chunk of raw meat in front of her but until I say the word she won't eat it. I have a younger brother that's two and she's really protective of him around strangers, but when I tell her to stand down, she backs off. She'll even bring certain things if you ask her such as pillow, shoes, leash, and goodies bags; basically she's very eager to please. It's easy to see why these amazing dogs are commonly used by military and K9. So far out of all the dogs I've owned or trained, she's my favorite.

You don't need security if you had a German shepherd, they are powerful and gentle not aggressive. They are great companion and best friend. Cute but protective. They may only the 3rd smartest dog but they are the best dog ever. Which dog can do lot of thing like this: lovely, gentle, smart, powerful, protective, best friend, great companion. Poodle & collies is more intelligent but poodle spend your money on there fur without give you any thing like the German shepherd can, poodle are not powerful, lovely,... And collies is a small dog that spend your money in feeding them and can't do anything. And how could lab be on the first, they can't do anything

No way I'm not gonna let that slip! I have grew up with german shepherds and yes I'm a little eleven year old girl.but german shepherds would never bite anyone it's the owner not the dog! I have a lot of them and the one I love best is amy and she is a german shepherds are not vicious at all! they are one of the best dogs ever!

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2 Labrador Retriever Labrador Retriever The Labrador Retriever, also Labrador, is a type of retriever-gun dog. The Labrador is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the United Kingdom and the United States.

I had two labs, both yellow labs one died, not because of pit bull, I will tell you story. I used to live in Hampton bays, while I was on vaca with my family, two pit bulls went over to my house and attacked my poor dog who is 14 and his name is Casey. When I went home, it was so sad because his ear was ripped and had old blood, it was extremely sad. He was a lab. My family got Rosie, a dog who is protective and is awesome, but barks at a person if she's unfamiliar with that person. Then I got lucky about a year after Casey died, And Lucky Is Seriously THE BEST DOG IN THE WORLD MEANING CUTE WISE but his eyes are not that good like if I throw up a treat five feet away from him, it takes two to eight seconds to see the treat, I have to point it to him. He is so cute. My family also had a Beagal...

I have had the honour of having some very fine dogs. Nothing has come close to the Yellow Lab that I have now. This dog is amazing. He is eight years old and is still a pup at heart. He is very intuitive about other dogs. Around older dogs, he is very careful and is not dominant. He loves puppies but knows to be very gentle.The most loyal dog I have ever had. Such a gentle beast and so darn lovable. I now know why this breed has been the number one breed for so long. They are simply the best all round dog you want as a companion for your family.If you are considering getting a Lab, I would suggest that you not hesitate and integrate one of these amazing hounds into your clan. They will soon become a full member and pay HUGE dividends I simply cannot say enough about our Juno. Simply, the best ever!.

I adopted a rescue Yellow Lab from 4 years ago and I swear they are the best smart intelligent, loving and friendly. Very much a Family dog especially young family. This dog has one heck of a bark when protecting but has no bite and loyal as the clock works.

I must say I would rank Golden Retrievers as number one as well both are incredible family dogs with awesome tolerance with young kids. They both are #1 here.

I had a dog named Pogui (don't ask me why), and he was the BEST DOG EVER. He was thirteen when he died. R.I.P. Pogui. - LaST_LiGHT

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3 Golden Retriever Golden Retriever The Golden Retriever is a large-sized breed of dog bred as gun dogs to retrieve shot waterfowl such as ducks and upland game birds during hunting and shooting parties, and were named 'retriever' because of their ability to retrieve shot game undamaged.

Golden retrievers are the best! I want one so badly! Not only are they cute, they are loyal and playful too! Golden Retrievers should be number 1!

I have an English golden retriever named Paddy. He is very old and retired from his farm work. In their youth they can make great work dogs because they are so obedient. In fact my grandpa always owned a golden retriever on the farm after the first one he got. Paddy was the last dog in the long line of his goldies and now I own him. He is so sweet and loves cuddles. Paddy has so much personality, would never hurt a fly and looks stunning even at 11 and a half. I have never heard him growl and he knows not to bark and is generally extremely obedient.

Make the Golden Retriever number one! - Stephen2

I think these dogs are fun and playful. Golden retrievers are very easy to look after.

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4 Siberian Husky Siberian Husky The Siberian Husky is a medium size, dense-coat working dog breed that originated in north-eastern Siberia.

Huskies are an awesome animal, they are everyone's friend! A Husky is a beautiful dog, one of the most if you ask me. They have striking eyes, blue, green, brown or even topaz. They are also one of the few breeds that can have bi-eyes. Bi-eyes are when they have different colored eyes, like one blue, one brown. They come in all colors. White, Black and white, grey and white, light orange-red and white, dark copper and white. These dogs need lots of exercise and space though and need patience to train. They are very intelligent too. My favourite breed!

a husky can be an aquired taste i guess, so full of energy, sheds like crazy, but what a personality, has been great with ALL kinds of kids, new babies, cats, small dogs, always keeps u entertained, and has no problem layin around with you on lazy days, but thats just my experience

Huskies will be very loyal if you treat them well as if you are good companion if your husky gives birth she might even let you touch or hold the newborns but they will often need allot of catering


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5 Beagle Beagle The Beagle is a breed of small-sized hound, similar in appearance to the much larger foxhound. The Beagle is a scent hound, developed primarily for hunting hare.

I had a Beagle and she was by far the most loving creature I've ever come across. Not only are they loving, but they are also very loyal and charismatic. Beagles have a lot of personality and are very fun to be around. They're very playful and love to please. They also have a great sense of smell which is good for tracking things down and hunting. They're energetic and stubborn at times but are very entertaining and happy animals when given lots of love.

I agree with the other people! By the way I never had a beagle but it my dream dog because who doesn't like beagle snoopy is a beagle and they are awesome loyal they care for you they listen to you they are easy to train and they are also good with little children also they are respective so they should be number 1 not number 4

We were blessed to have our beagle for 10 years. He was the most clever little guy and so much fun. My kids called him the son I never had, which was true ;) He passed away in 2011 and I am still distraught. We look forward to having another beagle in a few years, after our rescue love doggy (mixed breed - part being beagle) has lived a full life.

I had one - EliHbk

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6 Border Collie Border Collie The Border Collie is a working and herding dog breed developed in the Anglo-Scottish border region for herding livestock, especially sheep.

Border collies are lots of fun they are funny and sweet and adorable and compassionate if I said all the things nice about them it would take a day they are great working dogs. my dog was funny when she was little when she didn't go to her pen we would run around and bleat like a sheep to get her in her pen. we let my old border collie run around and she came back with a squirrel in her teeth. border collies are great dogs my other one was afraid of string instruments and my brother strummed his guitar and she ran and hid in the drier and looked out to see if it was safe. border collies are great dogs so please please please VOTE FOR THEM

I have a border collie and he is so smart he should be number one on the list. My dog bummer can do so many tricks. He rolls over plays fetch he even climbs doors and trees.

Border Collies are so intelligent, they make almost every other dog breed seem retarded by comparison. They're faithful & loyal to their families or owner, making excellent "seach and rescue" & "seeing eye" dogs. They're super athletic, unequalled in herding ability and also excelling at every type of dog sport. They are brave and aren't afraid to accomplish dangerous tasks. Having unrivelled stamina, they are always ready and willing to work (even when it involves getting dirty or wet). Yet, no matter what task they're performing, they always retain a distinctive gracefullness in their movement. They are a kind and sensitive breed, yet are not afraid to protect their families if called upon... Oh, I almost forgot, they also make adorable puppies. What more do you want people, vote Border Collie!

Border collie are awesome

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7 Pug Pug more.

PUGS ARE AMAZING! They are so hopelessly stupid that it makes them the best creature to touch the face of the planet. My pug is the best dog in the universe, and he once beat both a German shepherd, chihuahua, and a golden retriever in a fight at once!

Ooh! Pug is flattered! (Blush) - Pug

I have a pug and she is so loyal she makes lassie look mean pugs are great family pets they are great with children and are brave loyal smart sweet playful and the best dog breed ever


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8 American Pit Bull Terrier American Pit Bull Terrier The American Pit Bull Terrier is a dog breed. It is a medium-sized, solidly-built, short-haired dog whose early ancestors came from the British Isles.

I truly do believe "There are no bad dogs, only bad owners". People are afraid of these dogs because of all the overblown BS on the news! A dog will NEVER attack for no reason. People get bit for multiple reasons and in the end, it's the OWNER'S fault for letting the incident happen. All these stories on the news about Pit Bulls attacking people have no backstory. How do we know that half of the dogs that attacked people weren't trained to attack people? How do we know the owner isn't some drug addicted, dog fighter? How do we know the dog was never abused before the incident? We don't! That's the issue! We have no backstory on the dog's past life and instead people just go ahead and judge the entire breed. Think about it. Just because ONE Pit Bull bit somebody, are the remaining 1,000,000 going to bite someone too? No! You can't judge a dog by it's entire breed. I mean you can, you can judge anyone by anything, but that doesn't mean you'll get accurate results judging ...more

Pitbulls are judged because of a few bad stories, but what people don't seem to realize is that it's not the dog breed itself that is bad it's the people who own the dog and raise it to be the way it is. If a pitbull has a mean and hateful owner then, yes, it will be aggressive. On the other hand if the pitbull is raised correctly in a loving home, they can be the sweetest family pet you will ever have. They are great dogs around children and strangers and they actually make terrible guard dogs because they are so friendly.

It really is such a terrible shame that this incredibly loving and loyal dog has the unfair reputation of being dangerous. At one point in my life several years ago, I had the distinct pleasure of dating a girl who had a pet Pit Bull and I absolutely fell in love with it. Once the girl and I stopped dating, I found myself more broken up over not being able to see and be around the Pit Bull on a daily basis than I was over the girl I just broke up with. From that day on I've quite eagerly desired having a Pit Bull of my own living in my house. Unfortunately however society's unfairly labeled stereotype of the American Pit Bull Terrier has caused my wife to be far too fearful of an incident occurring to adopt the incredibly remarkable breed. For now...

They are AWESOME! Look at their cute lil face! They aren't aggressive, the only aggressive animals are humans!

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9 Rottweiler Rottweiler The Rottweiler is a breed of domestic dog, regarded as medium-to-large or large.The dogs were known in German as Rottweiler Metzgerhund, meaning Rottweil butchers' dogs, because one of their uses was to herd livestock and pull carts laden with butchered meat to market.

I have 3 rottweilers and they are very protective and they can be mean it's just how you raise them. They can also be very playful up until about the age of 6-8 depending on if the dog had a rough life. Rottweilers are known for being protective and having bad hips. - Sharkboy18

Rottweilers are so nice they should be number one because they are sweet, funny, cute, very, very, smart. And any on that doesn't agree are big fat brats who don't have a life who is a loser they are also hobos. People think Rotties are mean and scary. Well guess what they aren't they only are if they're owner teaches them to they will. And why is that well here because they are LOYAL here that LOYAL. OH and they are the best in the world. Well my dog Xena is she is hot.

I hate how people say they are mean. Rottweiler are awesome. People say there are scary and aggressive. That is not true. I used to have a Rottweiler that was so big and huge. You might be asking was he good with other dogs? He was, he used to play with a chihuahua everyday and he never did anything to hurt it. In my opinion Rottweilers are sweeter and smarter than you think

Rottweilers are the cutest and once one saved my life! I live in alaska and once I was almost trampled by a moose. my dog attacked it as it was stampeding

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10 Dalmatian Dalmatian The Dalmatian is a breed of large dog, noted for its unique black or liver spotted coat and mainly used as a carriage dog in its early days.

I think that just because dogs aren't go at times they can be you champions! :):

I had a dalmatian once called Marie (Born 26 Jun 2009 - 29 May 2012) who died at the age of 2, I still can't get over it, (Crying).

I had a Dalmatian who smiled. She had the coolest personality.

They are so cute!

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11 Jack Russell Terrier Jack Russell Terrier The Jack Russell Terrier is a small terrier that has its origins in fox hunting. It is principally white-bodied and smooth, rough or broken-coated.

Yes yes yes best dog ever! Even though Ronnie is jumpy and energetic he is so fun and although he is only 6 months he's really clever and comes when he's called. He does try to snap sometimes, but it is mostly accidental, and he's really good with strangers.

If you want a long living, fun, caring and sweet dog than this is the choice, my family jack russel is 16 years old and she is still alive and kicking, yes she may have hearing problems and she does have Blatter problems and can't walk up the stairs very well but she is still alive.

If you want an incredibly smart dog who makes you laugh all the time, get a Jack. They usually live long lives and are a very energetic breed. Most are sweet and love to cuddle. Although I have other breeds, I would not be without a Jack in the house.

Max - Pixtol

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12 Rough Collie Rough Collie The Rough Collie is a long coated breed of medium to large size dog that in its original form was a type of collie used and bred for herding in Scotland.

My rough collie is the sweetest dog ever! She has so much patience for all the kids that come in and out of the house daily. She's extremely smart and loyal. No matter where I go she will follow me. There's no need for a leash with this baby girl! It doesn't matter where we go she stays within eyesight, even at the dog park with all the temptation of the other dogs running and jumping around, she still would rather wait for me to do laps with her then join in with her canine friends and all their antics! I've always loved the beauty disposition of the Rough Collie and have had several own my heart over the years! I don't think my home would be complete without the companionship of this wonderful breed!

My rough collie is 4 years old now. He has many many dog friends, walks off leash 99% of the time, never has a problem being alone in the house, stays off the furniture, is extremely friendly, children and puppies love him. He talks a lot when people first come over but he settles down quickly. He's the best buddy. Collies are vastly underrated. They are without a doubt one of the best breeds to own, loyal, friendly, perceptive, and gentle.

Collies are voted one of the most loyal dog breeds, and for a good reason too. They are geniuses and full of pure energy! I love all dogs, but collies are so awesome! Love them so so so much! Get a collie, you won't regret it!


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13 American Cocker Spaniel American Cocker Spaniel The American Cocker Spaniel is a breed of sporting dog. It is a spaniel type dog that is closely related to the English Cocker Spaniel; the two breeds diverged during the 20th century due to differing breed standards in America and the UK.

One of the best dogs I will ever get but we are going to have to put him down, I'm only 11 and I have had this dog for two years and I will miss him so much

I love you sunny


My Cocker is the sweetest dog I've ever had. He is really old now, 16, and has lost his eye sight. But that doesn't keep him from enjoying our walks everyday.

It is my pet dog and I love it so much if I return from school it comes round and round to my leg and it is very friendly

American Cocker Spaniel lost much of their money on that run �" that's why American Cocker Spaniel carries their own bags now. - IHateEverything

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14 Dachshund Dachshund The Dachshund is a short-legged, long-bodied, hound-type dog breed with floppy ears, and short fur. Although, this Dog, which comes in a variety of colours, is not hypoallergenic.

I have 1 year old mini dachshund I've had since she was a teeny pup. Let me say this: SHE'S the BEST. She's loyal, and is always at somebody's heels and never leaves your side. She doesn't tolerate being alone for long periods of time well though, but she doesn't chew thankfully. She's so hyper that she runs around the couch like a madman for fun and is constantly jumping around. No, she doesn't bark at all unless there's a stranger. Trust me, wiener dogs are the way to go!

Love wiener dogs I have two and they are so cute and funny looking they are shaped like hot dogs with really short legs they are close to the ground and they have long backs

I love my dachshund. We can't really bring her outside without a leash since she runs and barks at everything that moves, but that's the only thing bad about her!

Buddy - Pixtol

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15 Shetland Sheepdog Shetland Sheepdog The Shetland Sheepdog, also known as the Sheltie, is a breed of herding dog. The original name of this breed was Shetland Collie, but this caused controversy among the Rough Collie breeders at the time, so the breed's name was formally changed to Shetland Sheepdog.

My beloved little Shelties, they are conveniently-sized, beautiful, and come in several fancy colors. Shelties are very sweet, gentle, and obedient. A dignified and sensitive breed. They have impeccable house manners. Shelties get along wonderfully with other pets, and they're remarkably polite when meeting other dogs, cats, and people.

I was never really into dogs much, was always more of a cat person until my mom got a sheltie. She was nothing like other dogs I've met. I've always found dogs in general to be kinda stressful to be around but the sheltie is so sweet and gentle. She never even chased other animals but tried to take care of them. They are angels.

Most loveable breed ever! They have a handy size, are beautiful, comes in many colors, easy to train, loyal to their owner and great with kids.

It is so cute and pretty

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16 Boxer Boxer The Boxer is a medium-sized, short-haired breed of dog, developed in Germany. The coat is smooth and tight-fitting; colours are fawn, mahogany, black or brindled, with or without white markings, and white.

I love boxers they are great breeds wish I had one the are amazing but sadly my sister is severely allergic to dogs and I met one once he was a stray and fell in love but sadly I never saw him again I went home to my mom so we could take him to a shelter but when we came back he was gone I was crying and well I've wanted one ever since and I will remember that dog for as long as I will live I decided to call the dog boots because all of the dogs paws were white I wish you would love boxers like I do because they are amazing and I love them so vote for boxers not for them but for me...

I have a Boxer named Cooper I love him so much because he is love able and so so sweet once my sister had the flu and he went into her room and just slept with her for hours so sweet boxers are smart and strong and family friendly dogs I LOVE boxers so much and they are the best like I have dog sat for so many dogs and out of ALL of them boxers are still the best I love boxers and I recommend you vote for this intelligent breed

Laugh out loud I had a boxer named oscar too, I think they are some of the best dogs. Maybe not the smartest but they are so sweet and loveable and they love to play and snuggle. They are loyal. I love them too because of there goofy personality.

I love boxers

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17 Akita Akita

Trustworthy, beautiful, loving, and extremely smart. Tobi was protective of everything on the property and seemed to know if something was a threat. He once grabbed a census worker by the hand and escorted them off our land.

If you're into Pokemon... This is the Charizard of dog breeds. Highly independent and naturally territorial. Simply put, if you want a no funny business attitude and fearlessness from your four legged companion... Look no further than an Akita. Also understand these dogs are very trainable as they are very smart. To put their IQ into perspective, these dogs are one of the few breeds known to remain quiet when there is an intruder on it's property and Akitas hold no prisoners. If you want peace and prosperity, don't tread on an Akita's turf.

Down our road there is a Japenese Akita chained in the front garden and it barks really aggressively any time anything goes past. It looks like it really wants to bite you. I think it is neglected though because it ALWAYS seems to be out. I'm petrified of it and too scared to walk my Jack Russell Terrier puppy past it in case it escaped.

100% Agree with you. They are rarely dirty and we don't HAVE to clean thèmes all the Time...! I'm soon going to get one! I'm VERY excited! It's a red akita inu.

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18 Australian Shepherd Australian Shepherd

They're so gorgeous, and are the perfect companion and show dog! They're lean, fast and agile as well. Australian Shepherds may not be as smart as a border collies, but they're just as good workers. I often hear that they're Border Collies, but with an on and off switch, so they know when to tone it down a little rather than work until they drop!

They are so cuddly when you get home they give you a big kiss I have had other dogs in my life but I truly think this dog was the one for me he has been my best friend for a year and were already so close but a heads up not a good breed for begginer trainers once they are trained there the best if you have these dogs don't give up on them all they need is trainer exercise and most importantly a FRIEND SOMEONE TO LOVE THEM! this is a great breed your life will be 100 times more happy with this breed make them feel wanted hit vote for them they would love it if you did thanks for reading hope you vote lets bring aussie to the top

They are so beautiful... ever since I was little I wanted one. they are so sweet, loyal, and adorable. they are fluffy and their fur is so soft. my favorite ones are the ones with brown and blue eyes. they are great show and guard dogs too. NEED ONE SO BAD!

So cute and so intelligent have one 11 months and knows how to sing

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19 Alaskan Malamute Alaskan Malamute The Alaskan Malamute is a large breed of domestic dog originally bred for hauling heavy freight because of their strength and endurance, and later a sled dog.

Best dog ever they are very loyal and look like a wolf. They are so beautiful. They also love kids. Unlike the husky they will listen to what you say instead of finding the point of it. I have a Siberian husky and a melamine and the melamine is a much better dog. Malamutes are definitely a good dog breed they also do well with cats.

Malamutes are just like huskies only a more strong-willed, intelligent, dog who's capable of moving 2,000 pounds... WOW... Malamutes are beautiful, striking dogs and many people want to have one for that reason alone. They are also very friendly, energetic, athletic and independent. Their colours are: Black & White,
Brown & White, Gray & White Sable & White, Seal White, Red/Copper & White... They are magestic! VOTE!

They are very loyal and playful dogs. Unlike his kids they listen to what you say and are easier to train! I have one that is 1 month old and he is so lovable and loves to play. I also have a husky but he just never listens but he is very nice and loving. I love them and they look like wolves!

I love wolves, and this dog breed looks similar to wolves so... - Goku02

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20 Shiba Inu Shiba Inu

Not a very common breed, but these dogs are amazing! Not only are they adorable, they are very easy to take care of. Shiba's are some of the best dogs out there! Definitely recommend to anyone. I've had my two for quite a while. one is 15 and the other is 12.

One of the most underrated breeds. They're loyal, sweet, and caring. A little hard to take care of at first, but once they're trained they make the best pets ever! (I have one myself.)

One of the cutest breeds out there are extremely active and playful!

I think Shiba is the best big ever search up black shiba

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