Why Is It Named 'Durarara!!'

MLPFan Hi everyone. I'm MLPFan and I'm going to make a theory of why is Durarara!! Named like that.
So for those who don't know what is Durarara, It's a popular 2010 anime series which was adapted from a light novel series by Ryohgo Narita in the same name. The anime also has a three parter 2nd season, too.
Enjoy, but huge, I mean HUGE spoilers ahead! You have been warned!
So a dullahan is a headless person in irish mythology(Don't know how to write down what a dullahan is..). And Celty Sturluson(headless rider, or the 'Kuro Baikeru', which would mean Black Biker), one of the main characters is a dullahan whose looking for her head that was scattered somewhere In Ikebukuro. Why is this added as evidence, you ask? Read the next part

2) L and R (NO RACISM!!!!!)
In Japan, L usually sounds like R. In fact In an episode of Assasination Classroom, there was an episode about this. And It has become a popular "trope" about Japan. Dullahan = Durrahan
Starting to get the point?

According to MyAnimeList.net, an alternative name for Durarara!! Is Dulalala!! And again, back to the L and R thing..
Dulalala!! = Durarara!!
But why Dulalala? It can be a PUN on the word DULLAHAN If you think about It. They might simply take the first 4-5 letters of the word DULLAHAN and say the two last letters 3 times in a row. But would'nt that be, Dullalala? Well then they can just take one of the Ls behind the Du to avoid two letters at the same time. Dulalala then would be Durarara

But how come, they name It Durarara instead of Dulalala? It can be because they prefer It as DRRR!! Than DLLL!! Or It can be another pun on Celty. In Ikebukuro, unlike In the medieval eras, Celty used what appears to be a motorbike. If you don't notice, motorcycle engines would also make a noise than sounds or at least sounds similar to 'Drr!!', right? So to combine the two things about Celty, the pun on Dullahan and the noise of motorbikes, It became Durarara!! Also to use the "engrish" pronunciation.

Yes, this theory is really amateurish. But I believe, that if you try to think the whole thing carefully, It all might just click. So thanks for reading my theory. But please keep it in mind that this theory still needs more confirmation and evidence. Also some more convincing information. So this theory is apparently still under development. If you have any ideas about why is it named 'Durarara!!' Please message me or leave a comment WITH the reason why you think It clicks to why It was named so. I would try to update the post everytime a new idea comes in mind or I received a new idea from you guys, so keep sending ideas and opinions for the theory. Thanks for reading, anyway!

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Interesting - TwilightKitsune

Thanks 4 the feedback 😊 - MLPFan

Dullahan is a headlesss man who rides the horse. I know that creature because I own the mythologic creatures book when I was 6th grade. - visitor

Really? What is the name? I want to look it up in the local bookstores - MLPFan

I Forgot the book's name 😲 - visitor

Oh, that's okay 😄 - MLPFan

Doesn't Dullahan mean groom (as in a bride's groom) - TwilightKitsune

I don't know - MLPFan

I never watched this anime before. I only saw the scene where a dude punched a thug out of his clothes which was hilarious. Would you recommend this anime? - Mcgillacuddy

I remembered that scene and I laughed at it so hard. Definitely, watch It - MLPFan

Durarararararararararara - Absolite