My Try On Making A Mary Sue

MLPFan Name: Cherry Blossom Love Princess Heart
Age: 14 years old (but she has been incarnated for centuries, so she's technically 400)
OC Fandom: VOCALOID and every other anime/game/novel universe she has gone to.
CV: Hanazawa Kana, but sometimes LiSA would also voice act Cherry (`w`)
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 45 kg
B-W-H: 87-49-82

Cherry Blossom is a vocaloid made by Crypton Future Media and was made using YAMAHA's vocaloid synthesizers. Like what her bio said, she is voice acted by Hanazawa Kana, the most popular female VA in the anime industry. Cherry has a japanese voicebank, an english voicebank, a chinese voicebank, a korean voicebank(both korean countries), a germany voicebank, a spanish voicebank and soon, she may get a russian and an animal voicebank.

Appearance: (her picture is in my photo profile)
Cherry had long, soft blush pink hair reaching her hips that would shine like stars if it were to be near light. Her hair would even create it's own light and would glow in the dark of night. When this happens, her hair would still be in the same colour, but will shine white light and her hair would have flower highlights in it.
Her wide, beautiful eyes are usually glittery pink and would shine like diamonds, and her eyes would glow in the dark also. If that happens, her pupils will be enlarged with a shape that ressembles a sakura flower in both her eyes, her eyes will shine but her eye colour would cycle around the colours of the rainbow.
Her skin is also really fair and pale without looking ill, as it looked like whip cream that was whipped well. Her face also sports a natural pair of pink blushes on her flawless skin. She never used make up to have her face like that, it has just been always like that since years ago
Her outfit consists a blush pink silk sleeveless dress. Her dress shines and she wears matching boots. She also had nearly transparent whitish pink, lacy silk gloves that reached her flawless fair skinned elbows. She also used a pair of pink bracelets on her hands. She also wears a cute whitish pink bow shapped hair pin which in the center has the image of a golden heart. She also tied a small ampunt of locks in both sides of her hair into half pigtails and curled the lower part of her pigtails in a ringlets ^w^
She also has cat ears and a cat tail that matched the colour of her beautiful hair. But they'll only appear if she wants too
For "her age", she is quiet tall and skinny.

As a mary sue, Cherry barely has a personality, other than being this "pretty, popular, smart, amazing" girl who everyone loves and has many boys falling for her. She's just a caring, amazing girl who loves all her fellow vocaloids and all her fans.
A funny thing to note is, whenever she does a cover of a song, It'll be twice in fact TEN TIMES more popular than the original version. A great example is when she covers Hatsune miku and Megurine Luka's song, Ai Dee, Cherry's version became very popular, It beat the original's position in the 'Hall Of Legend' out of the waters.

cHeRrY iS sO pOpUlaR, ShE'S mOre PoPuLaR tHaN mIkU. lOl0 (don't take this serious. Cherry is just a joke OC and my favourite vocaloid is Miku)

Hatsune Miku: A friendly rival of Cherry. The two are considered as rivals for the queen of vocaloid spot as the two are the most popular. Despite of this, Miku says that Cherry is far superior than her and she's fine with giving up her title to Cherry. The two are also really close friends
Megurine Luka: Luka is actually Cherry's long lost younger sister who has been abducted by an evil dimensional and time traveller eversince Cherry's birth. When they were reunited, Luka promised to make sure Cherry will never disappear like that ever again.
Kagamine Rin: Rin sees Cherry as a perfect future Sister In Law of hers, as she realizes how both Len and Cherry are madly in love with each other.
Kagamine Len: Len already had a crush on Cherry from the time he first met her and wishes to spend more time with her. Cherry also has loved Len from a long time as he was her motivation to be a vocaloid idol herself. So one day, Mitchie M and supercell (who were making a collab album) offered them to sing a duet together. That day was the most important day ever in the vocaloid world. Forget the day vocaloid was created. The day the best and most romantic song was ever created. And by that time, they fell in love and started dating and spending time together. Her sole purpose of existence is also to only be paired with Len and upstage everyone with her greatness (^.^)
Kaito:Kaito wants to hang out with her because he's also in love with her, he knew for sure that she was actually 500, and he was the only person who knew about Cherry being in that age, but he decided not to use flashy advances on her because people might end up calling him a pedophile due to Cherry's very young appearance. Also because Cherry is dating Len and Kaito is Len's best friend. Kaito also promised to never mention her being 500 nor her immortality to anyone, including Len. They're still good friends, tho ('U')
Gakupo:Gakupo is also interested in Cherry and would try to approach her when possible. However, due to his "womanizer" and "player" portrayal, he may only be interested in Cherry for her looks
Every other male vocaloid: They all have a crush on her too. And Shoot On Tokyo! is actually dedicated for Cherry! (>w<) but for most of time, like Kaito and Gakupo, they were friendzoned. Lol. But they're all good friends with her, despite how they're still in love with her, too.
Every other female vocaloid: They all respect her and treat her as superior than any other female vocaloid, including Miku chan. They're all are also good friends with her
Sukone Tei, Ichine Luna and Akita Neru: since they all had a crush on Len and are super evil, they hated Cherry and tried to make her break up with Len. But before they even did so, Cherry already knew such plans and used her time stopping geass on them, and because she had some Saitama in her, she one punched the three and set them to a jail with her punch. She also has some Tatsumaki in her, she used her physic powers and caused a meteor to fall to the jail

Cherry had a really bad past. She was abducted by an evil time dimensional traveller ever since "her birth". She was then held hostage in an underground research lab that's like Area 51 as a research subject because she has'sue energy' in the level 9282898282929190181691619181019. In short, she's extremely overpowered, so they have to take her away. During her time there, she also learned how to travel through time and dimensions. However, she managed to escape when no one was around and the security was off. However, when she was already outside the area while looking for help, she got hit by a truck.
When she was awake, she found herself in an orphanage with a few kids and a caretaker there, with the caretaker commenting on how amazing that Cherry could magically heal her all wounds quickly despite how she was unconcious. Some were impressed as well and were astonished by her beauty, but many were jealous of her and bullied her. Because she's usually alone, she would time travel or go to other dimensions to see how It's going there. The first dimension she went to is the code geass universe. There, she met C.C. who gave her geass.
As she grew up and left the orphanage, she had to work at McDonalds for a living, she was caught singing by a customer, who turned to own Crypton future media. Said person was very amazed by her skills and offered her to join an audition to be a vocaloid idol. So she joined it and then she won over everyone else and became the very popular vocaloid she is now.

Skills and abilities
As a vocaloid, she has a very beautiful voice and is very capable of dancing. But her skills are the best in the world
She also can:
1. Go to other universes and learn the powers and skills there
2. Telekinesis
3. Telepathy
4. She also has two death notes
5. During the time, those under 18 are prohibited to have any access or use mecha robots. While Cherry, whose believed by almost everyone that she's only 14, somehow has an access to her own humongous (and overpowered) mecha, that she invented and created HERSELF.
6. Physics power. She's also part humanoid, part neko, part dragon, part angel, part esper, part magical girl, and part elf(despite how she has no elf physical features, but she has elf magic in her). She also has some goddess powers in her. She gets all of that from all the people/creatures she was in her past lives.
7. One punch
8. Turn into a titan
9. Celestial mage
10. Dragon slayer mage
11. Swords mage
12. She's also as great as Kirito in swordsfighting, as fast as Asuna and a good shooter like Sinon
13. Martial arts. She also can do the martial arts style Mairu Orihara did in Durarara!! Episode 25 or that scene in shou episode 2(or so..)
14. She's also a pro in exorcism. Her ranking as an exorcist is already a palladin and she already mastered Knight, Tamer, Dragoon, Doctor, and Aria
15. Every magic in mahouka, she's also the true new leader of the yotsuba and successfully out-sue Miyuki and Tatsuya
16. She's also the greatest puella magi E.V.E.R!!!
17. She can either freeze, flood, explode or set anything in fire with her mind. So if she thought in her mind that a building should be frozen, the building will be all frozen is just 3 seconds
18. She can make plants grow out of nothing!
19. She can make weapons out of thin air
20. Her bows are actually a pair of multifunctional weapons. It can be a recording drone, an explosive boomerang, a shuriken and a transforming sword. And she decides what It'd be with her own mind
21. Mind control
22. She made that bow thing herself and then it means she's a genius. Hah!
23. She also can fly!
24. Speaking of flying, she can fly because she has angel wings, but they're usually invisible. But when they're in present from view, they're really amazing
25. She can allure people with her looks or her voice and make them do whatever she want
26. She had a geass eye though. On her right eye. It can only be visible if she wants to, so for most of the time she wouldn't show it off. Her geass can control people's minds, freeze time, read people's minds, allure people, freeze people's mind and soul, corrupt people's memories, erase people's memories, brainwash people, see the past/future of the place she activated her geass, go into people's minds/dreams/illusions and she can also intimidate a person's mind and learn their darkest secrets from doing so. She also can switch the geass with a geass canceler.
27. In her other eye, she also has a ghoul eye. Like the geass+geass canceler eye, it can only be visible if she wants too. She's not even a ghoul, though. She just has a ghoul eye for no apparent reason because, why not?
28. Teleportation
29. Time travel
30. Gambling
31. An immensely massive amount of good luck
32. She can make the weather as any weather she wants. She can even make her own weathers and use them
33. She also has a magical fire breathing dragon and a glitter rainbow shooting winged unicorn(alicorn). And she can spawn the two at the same time just by clapping her hands twice
34. You wanna see someone make an art masterpiece from ice rinks? Cherry can do that, BY ICE SKATING
35. She can eat anything she wants without getting fat. And she'd only gain weight if she wants too
36. She can play any music instrument at the same time. Only with her two small hands
37. She can drink any kind of alcoholic drink without getting drunk
38. She also can smoke quinoa and marijuana without being drunk or addicted (sponsored and brought to you by Quinoa, a brand new way of eating rice)
39. Wanna see someone do daredevil stunts in a motorcycle and ON water? Cherry can do that!
40. She's the best at every game
41. She's also going to be scouted for hope's peak highschool once she's old enough as either the 'Super High School Level Ultimate Everything' or the 'Super High School Level Ultimate Mary Sue'
42. She's the best at video games! (>w<)
43. She also has the best intuition
44. She can break a sword's blade and the shards would turn into crystals and even better, flying glass winged butterflies! (=^・ω・^=)
45. She can make water, ice, fire, and even rocks out of thin air
46. She can make the weather as any weather she wants. She can even make her own kind of weather or season and make the weather as that.
47. She can She can make butterflies out of flower petals
48. She can create magical crystals in any colour of shape she wants and put anything there

1. Everyone loves her
2. She's better than everyone
3. Her sole purpose of existence is only to be paired with Len. So If Len doesn't exist, she won't exist either
4. She has a female version of Len's bootyshorts
5. She made a cover of Justin Bieber's song- "baby" back then when Justin Bieber is still popular, and It turns out her cover is a lot popular and a lot better than the original version. And many people who had no idea of the original thought that the song was vocaloid
6. Her only enemies are Tei, Luna and Neru
7. She's being in an arranged marriage with Len
8. Sebastian Michaelis was her butler in one of her past lives. In fact, SHE WAS CIEL PHANTOMHIVE!!!!
9.She's like John Cena and Mary Rainbow Kawaii D'sue (a yandere simulator joke OC, and a source of inspiration to Cherry) she has a person who follows her around and blares trumpets when she enters a room. In fact Cherry has FIVE PEOPLE and a MARCHING BAND following her around to blare trumpets and play music when she enters a room.
10. She has a whole religion around her named 'Cherryism'.
11. She sucks
12. If she dies or stops re-incarnating, the end of the world will happen
13. She has a secret mansion in the city of Atlantis
14. She's the author's wish fulfillment and self insert character. And is also a joke OC


She's a joke OC, don't take It seriously - MLPFan


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