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1 Fight Club Fight Club Product Image

A very life changing film, disturbing and starkly brutal, amazing ending a great action thriller!

As the others say; a life-changing film with a great story and even greater cast, as Pitt and Norton have equally given the best performance (even though, I liked Norton a bit more :D)

When Norton pulls the trigger near the end there, wow, was everything just a dream? do we really exist? are we just living the reflection of the real world? the greatest movie ever!

One of the best films of all time. His acting was superb as always. Also I love the final

2 American History X American History X Product Image

"Fight club" is better than "American History X", as a movie. But for Edward Norton, playing Derrek, I think is the best role he has ever had! For Norton, "American History X" is the best movie, in which he has ever played. This movie showed his talent from the best side, a true talent of an ACTOR, a talent of transformation.
This film should be his No.1.

Fight club surprised all of us in the plot twist... And was an amazing movie... But American History X is just so good and his performance is better in this! I think this is a better movie and a performance... That's taking nothing away from fight club though

Edward Norton is the best actor I've ever seen he is such an amazing actor and this movie shows how good is really is and primal fear is also great

Great performance showings the street and prison life. I'm glad Norton was allowed to work on the final cut. I own most of Norton's movies This is #1!

3 Primal Fear Primal Fear Product Image

Everyday I woke up and just say that:god bless ed. He is my shine

This is honestly my favorite movie of all time, I've watched it over and over and I could still watch it a hundred more times. Edward stole the show as Aaron/Roy. I've never seen such an amazing portrayal of a character. The fact that he didn't win the oscar for his role is frankly ridiculous.

This should be #1. Norton gives the most amazing performance I have ever seen. Incredible personality transformations. He was a thousand times better than Cuba Gooding Jr. from Jerry Maguire and he should have gotten that Oscar.

Yes, the ending was... oh, I've never seen something like that. And because of this movie, Edward Norton became my favourite actor of all time. Totally worth to watch it... and not even once... or twice! Love it!

4 The Illusionist The Illusionist Product Image

Awesome movie! Based on the book. It's a suspense movie that you just can't stop watching

I loved this movie, I watch it over and over

What a film great acting, great story

The best for me..

5 The Score The Score Product Image

Having De Niro and Norton together was the best thing about the movie.

Dynamic cast brought a dynamic performance

Bad plot. good actors

Great File I evea seen

6 25th Hour 25th Hour Product Image

WHAT! Why is this 8 on the list! It's a brilliant film and ed was fantastic in this! Hey, I got people to back me up on this - check ebert

reminiscing, re-evaluating one's life in one day!

This movie made me a big fan of Ed and his chosen movies!

What a great he is. Second only to robert de nero

7 Rounders Rounders Product Image
8 Death to Smoochy Death to Smoochy Product Image

Just imagine Hi-5 have secrets like this.

9 The Painted Veil The Painted Veil Product Image

I agree very underrated, amazing acting from the entire cast but in particular ed norton, you sympathized with him but saw his slightly cruel side too. Oh and perfect English accent the whole time

Absolutely stunning film. And so under-rated. I was blown away by it.

It is an awesome movie... That brought me to the paradise,

This is a remake of the 1957 movie, starring Eleanor Parker, called The Seventh Sin.

10 The Incredible Hulk The Incredible Hulk Product Image

Although not the strongest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Edward Norton's take on the big green monster was a damn good one. And honestly, I prefer him over Mark Ruffalo any other day. I mean, I was so pissed when they announced that Mark would be replacing Ed. And while Mark also does a good job in his performance, I think Ed did a little better and help made an overall decent Marvel film more enjoyable.

Best Hulk movie and Ed Norton was epic as Hulk in this movie!

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11 Frida Frida Product Image
12 Red Dragon Red Dragon Product Image

Super performance by Edward Norton!

13 The Italian Job The Italian Job Product Image
14 Birdman Birdman Product Image

Best Edward Norton performance since fight club and American history X! Could watch over and over again!

Maybe not as great as Fight Club or American History X but definitely top 5!
Incredible performance!

15 Moonrise Kingdom Moonrise Kingdom Product Image
16 The Bourne Legacy The Bourne Legacy Product Image

Great performance by Edward Norton and everyone else involved and just a great high-octane action movie overall.

17 Leaves of Grass Leaves of Grass Product Image

Two totally different characters, incredible

18 Everyone Says I Love You Everyone Says I Love You Product Image

I love The Illusionist most.

19 The Grand Budapest Hotel The Grand Budapest Hotel Product Image
20 Keeping the Faith Keeping the Faith Product Image

I agree that this movie was very good and should be ranked higher. The only problem to me was that Norton played third wheel to Stiller and Elfman throughout the film.


Movie many missed - what a loss
Movie had all emotions done with true feeling. Triple thumbs up should have MUCH higher

21 Sausage Party Sausage Party Product Image
22 Isle of Dogs Isle of Dogs Product Image
23 The People vs. Larry Flynt The People vs. Larry Flynt Product Image
24 Down in the Valley Down in the Valley Product Image

Awesome performance by the most awesome actor: Edward Norton. He really excells at playing manipulative good-looking bad guys.

25 Pride and Glory Pride and Glory Product Image

Excellent movie don't know why it wasn't rated as one his best. love it and don't get tired of watching it.

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