Best Element Skaters of All Time

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1 Bam Margera Bam Margera

bam 4 life 1 he is awesome 2 he rocks 3 he is craize 4 I have his ato gragh

sorry about the spelling - elementrules99

BAM! He is the bomb, the best skater I've ever seen! No one could do anything without him!

You obviously don't know your skating teams. there is MUCH better then these guys

Sick skater and sick on jackass

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2 Nyjah Huston

Why is Bam in the number 1 spot? Nyjah and Mike should be up there, honestly, Bam really isn't that good of a skater, he's just flashy. Just like Ryan Sheckler. Nyjah and Mike are extremely creative and technical, not just generic.

I vote nyjah bcuz he yunger than everyone else on element team but jus as good - enjoi1my1DCs

Nyjah is the best! His style and tricks are awesome, I don't know why he is not the first! He won street league recently and had marvellous score!

I LOVE NIJAH Huston he is awesome

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3 Mike Vallely

mike vallely is awesome and I just figured out he is not on the element team anymore! but he is always the best skateboarder!

mike v. did a invert with a fingerflip combo how does that not beat bam margera! - fallenfannumber1

mike vallely is the best skater on element skate team!

4 Chad Muska

I looked up to this man back in the day. One of the Greats. He's why I bought an Element as my first board

Because he is just mad good at what he does.

5 Tony Tave
6 Bucky Lasek

O wow this is amazing how come Bucky lasek one of the greatest vert skaters isn't even near the top. - ballaboi17

7 Darrell Stanton
8 Chad Tim Tim

He's so cool. I like it how he can take all the pressure of his skating and taking care of his family

9 Vanessa Torres
10 Collin Provost

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11 Tom Schaar
12 Levi Brown
13 Tosh Townend
14 Nick Garcia
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