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1 Forgot About Dre

This is amazing - Thisisamerica

My sister likes that song and she hates Eminem

It was between this and Guilty Conscience but as soon as I remembered Em doing that interview in the video, I knew this was the right choice, HILARIOUS

Em was still shady, Dre was still rapping, back when the world was more simple, we had REAL hip hop then.

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2 Guilty Conscience

Just an awesome song. Must read lyrics if english isn't your first language!

What the hell is Space Bound doing in this list, Dre isn't even in it.

I'm not into hip hop, but it is kinda catchy :b... old song - SmoothCriminal

Much better than I need a doctor, such a fun song that really uses both Eminem and Dre

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3 I Need a Doctor

Great part by skylark grey. Em showing his love for dre is awesome. Overall great song

This is dre and slim at there best together no stupid accents or anything like it there past and how much eminem means to dr dre

They made this song because Dr. Dre died and came back to life

This is a great song but why did they make it I never knew why

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4 What's the Difference

I love this song. When I first heard this song I was with my worker and he had it in his phone.

By far the best slim and dre song no doubt

Love this song 3rd favorite off of 2001 - LegitGames12

With x on it, so dope

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5 Bitch Please 2

What a Banger!

BP2 has THE best's in it.

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6 Crack a Bottle

I love this song!

The best Eminem's it

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7 Encore / Curtains Down

The best to be heard... This was my golden era and a better understandin gto HIP-HOP... Big-up to the legends

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8 Old Time's Sake

WOAH! Really great song.

Awesome song. Very underrated.

Very good song

Honestly this is one of the greatest songs I have ever heard.

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9 Say What You Say

Their best song.

It's back and forth all day like red and meth, gotta love it


10 Hell Breaks Loose

One of the best for sure

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11 Medicine Man

Eminem's verse here is just brutal. Greatest rapper ever! #GOAT

Best modern Eminem verse since Forever

great for a new song

Goes so hard

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12 Lose Yourself

How can a song with only Eminem be better than an Eminem and dr dre collaboration. And the list is about the second one.

Dre isn't even in it!

I think they mean songs by dr dre or Eminem or both

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13 Ready for War HQ

Imagine 50 cent, Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Tupac collaborating on one song. Here it is.

14 My Name Is

The first single of Eminem which won best rap album of the year 1999

This isn't even the slim shady lp cover. Also Dre only has sound bits on this song he doesn't even rap.


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15 Die Hard

Was meant to be on detox but that isn't coming out

16 The Next Episode

very god

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17 If I Get Locked Up

Pure hip-hop, definitely old school with a dope beat and incredible lyricism.

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18 Till I Collapse UListen to Sample
19 Loose Cannons UListen to Sample
20 Without Me

Best for sure

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21 Darkside/Gone UListen to Sample
22 Mosh UListen to Sample
23 Space Bound

Dr. dre is not in this song - Eminem50CentFanForLife

Yes dr dre is in this song

No he's not

24 Criminal - Eminem UListen to Sample
25 The Real Slim Shady UListen to Sample
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1. Forgot About Dre
2. What's the Difference
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1. I Need a Doctor
2. Forgot About Dre
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