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41 Canvas of Life - The Quantum Enigma

Maybe the best performance of Simone. One of the most beautiful ballads I've ever heard.

Beautiful and very expressive song, I just love it.

This is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard in my life!
It's very tender

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42 Deep Water Horizon - Requiem for the Indifferent
43 Feint - The Phantom Agony

I listened to a few of their songs. This by far ruled my world

Just one word to describe this masterpiece "ORGASM"

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44 Run for a Fall - The Phantom Agony

WHAT! I can't believe I had to add this! Definitely one of my favorite songs of all-time.

My favourite from The Phantom Agony, such a melancholy song.

45 Resign to Surrender - Design Your Universe

This is my favorite Epica's song, absolutely perfect!

Such a perfect song... Can't believe it's number 36!

This good Song. Why on number 28? Its Must be Number 1

Best Epica song so far.

46 Another Me "In Lack'ech" - Consign to Oblivion
47 Victims of Contingency - The Quantum Enigma

Victims of contingency, sence without sanity and omen are the best of the quantum enigma definitely

48 Death of a Dream - The Divine Conspiracy

Such awesome chorus could only be possible for epica. very nice composition and vocal

One of those songs that you can listen to thousands of times and still love

49 Illusive Consensus - The Phantom Agony
50 Avalanche - Requiem for the Indifferent

Laugh out loud this is the best song in my opinion.

This should definitely be higher on the list

Nice rhythmics, love the transitions.

51 Chemical Insomnia - The Quantum Enigma

Literally the best ending to a song, ever. Period.

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52 Sense Without Sanity (The Impervious Code) - The Quantum Enigma

The chorus gives me goose bumps every time!

Absolutely favorite Epica song

53 In All Conscience - The Quantum Enigma

One of the most emotional songs by Epica.

54 The Holographic Principle - A Profound Understanding of Reality The Holographic Principle - A Profound Understanding of Reality

This is a true masterpiece of the genre! A superb blend of epic choirs and vocals, fast heavier riffs, high Simone vocals... A perfect mix between symphonic and progressive metal. The lyrics are very deep and philosophic as always. I can't stop listening to this song, even if it's 11+ minutes. I enjoy every drop of it!

Epic intro and outro! This masterpiece makes me shiver. The whole song is a pleasure to listen to! Every second of it! What an amazing composition. I need to hear this live with a full orchestra and choir. It needs more votes!

55 Memory
56 Seif Al Din - The Phantom Agony
57 Semblance of Liberty - Design Your Universe
58 Guilty Demeanor - Requiem for the Indifferent
59 Trois Vierges - Consign to Oblivion
60 Natural Corruption - The Quantum Enigma
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