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21 Dance the Night Away
22 Let the Good Times Rock

Let the good times rock this is awesome song fantastic love it a lot xxx

This one deserves top 10 to be honest

23 More Than Meets the Eye
24 I'll Cry for You

Such a great song. It should have taken Dreamer's place in the top ten, in my opinion.

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25 Time Has Come

This a much better ballad than Carrie (I do like that song, just not as much as this one.) TIme Has Come just sounds a lot better, and its lyrics are a lot more interesting and original. - Raa396

Best ending song.

26 Halfway to Heaven

Halfway to heaven is such a good song xxx

27 On Broken Wings

On Broken Wings is Europe's best song. It's melodic, it's fast, the musicianship is bang on & it rocks. There is daylight between On Broken Wings and their next best song.

On Broken Wings is by far Europe's song writing at it's very best. It's a straight-out rocker with a melody and hook that Jon Bon Jovi would kill for. John Norum is such an amazing guitarist.

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28 Last Look at Eden

This is not a glam rock song like in the 80s. This time is very different. Their music is full of power, hard rock at its best. - gustavochavarria

Last look at eden very powerful song xxx

Their best song after the Final Countdown - full-on hard rock rather than wimpy stuff

29 In the Future to Come

In the future to come is a great song

This is metal, is great

30 Sign of the Times

Sign of the times is amazing awesome song love it a lot xxx

Honestly the best power ballad by europe. Should be higher than carrie

I think best song of Europe... - hsnckk

31 Girl from Lebanon

Best intro I have ever heard. - hsnckk

32 Words of Wisdom V 1 Comment
33 Not Supposed to Sing the Blues V 1 Comment
34 Yesterday's News

This is just an amazing song from the Prisoners in Paradise-sessions! Love it!

35 Heart of Stone

Such an underrated song! Love it

36 Ninja
37 Badchep
38 Always the Pretenders

Always the pretenders is a fantastica awesome song xxx

39 On the Loose

On the loose love is song awesome xxx

40 Firebox

Firebox this is a very good song xxx

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