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1 Old World Blues (Fallout New Vegas)

Floating brains in jars, lobotomy gone awry, talking toasters, penis-tipped feet, Science!, atomic lasers, and everything else just beautifully pop-cultured and 80-90's Science! Esque themed about this DLC just blend in with the kick-ASS characters, areas, weapons, story, and humorous jokes and references. Blend that together and you have a pretty god-dammed awesome DLC. SCIENCE!

Amazing the weapons that you get are amazing the toaster ending is the best had me laughing out loud the story gets pretty deep and the quest are so interesting every location is interesting and you get to learn the origin of the night stalkers be sure to be skilled in the field of science before tackling this dlc

I often find video games that try to be funny never succeed compared to film or television. This DLC though made me laugh out loud more than once and that's a testament to the solid writing and voice acting and just general fun wackiness involved. Gets you some fantastic energy weapons to help for the other DLC which is great as well.

Not as good as Lonesome Road/Far Harbor/Nuka World/Honest Hearts

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2 Broken Steel (Fallout 3)

Without this DLC the Wasteland would forever be locked without being able to achieve its full potential. - burningdagger

Just added to the awesomeness that was Fallout 3 and gave us a lot more room to grow in the Wasteland. - thisismyonlyvoice

Broken Steel may continue the "story" of having liberty prime shoot people in the face, but it isn't even really anything. It is basically one quest about going from point A to point B and nothing else.

Great dlc but had the most boring quest the shock value quest I'm going for the middle portion which was the worst
1. go to a town with 20 deathclaws which I had a dart gun so it was more of a chore than a challenge
2. go to the sewers with even more deathclaws
3. go up a certain ladder and find even more deathclaws
4. when I found some enclave members I was extremely happy
5. kill sentry bots
6. get testla coil
7. forget about 1 deathclaw
other than that great dlc - a-random-guy

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3 Lonesome Road (Fallout New Vegas)

Very difficult, but Ulysses is by far the best character in the whole Fallout series in my opinion.

Brought the Couriers story full circle, but was too short in my opinion. - thisismyonlyvoice

Shortest and greatest of all the Fallout: New Vegas DLC.
It's a real shame that Ulysses isn't a companion anymore. :(

Hi cares about Ulysses? I just love that courier duster.

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4 Point Lookout (Fallout 3)

The first Fallout open world DLC. Really fun to explore. - thisismyonlyvoice

Added a whole new perspective on the wasteland, just great.

So good and not hard like everyone was saying it would be

Boring and short

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5 Honest Hearts (Fallout New Vegas)

Follows-chalk and Joshua Gram were my favorite followers in the whole DLC, I loved this DLC, it is the beat one from any of the games in my opinion

Another fun open world DLC. Not as memorable as OWB, but introduced to Joshua Graham. - thisismyonlyvoice

45 pistol and 45 submachine gun are awesome I love this dlc

Best characters in any Fallout DLC to date.

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6 The Pitt (Fallout 3)

Best weapons out of all the Fallout 3 DLC. - thisismyonlyvoice

The apocalyptic panorama and music is breath taking! It shows the real horrors of the nuclear holocaust.

I am from Pittsburgh, so I loved it when I was walking on the bridge and killed the mole rats and sniper

They turn your legendary character into a regular slave

7 Far Harbor (Fallout 4)

I really liked Far Harbour all of the endings are morally grey in a way so no matter what you do you will always be left with a thought that the ending you chose may not actually be the best... The story was so in depth and the new characters were well done. The only complaint I have about it is the one puzzle section.

Expands upon the main factions and presents a HUGE expansion of land and weapons that no other dlc compares to.

Really enjoyed how in depth the story was

I only got the GOTY edition of fallout 4 to get this becuase it was cheaper to get GOTY at my local games store than to buy the DLC alone Loved every second of far harbour abseloutly beautiful and should be higher up iwhe honest hearts and lonesome road should be top 5 at least

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8 Dead Money (Fallout New Vegas)

The most difficult Fallout DLC thus far, but the pay load at the end is more than worth the hours of raging. (Note: DO NOT play on Hardcore mode) - thisismyonlyvoice

The best dlc because whilst FNV is the only game with dlc that felt like it made genuine changes to atmosphere, this dlc also made huge changes to gameplay, it stole your wealth of gear and made challenges like gas, resurrecting enemies and sensor traps that were hard irrelevant of levels, immersing you in a brutal inhospitable land and conveying the dark story of a lost paradise filled with aimless dregs

Harsh gameplay and intense atmosphere makes you feel like you are in the games. The story itself and the characters are interesting and fascinating. Best DLC in my opinion.

This should be higher

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9 Operation Anchorage (Fallout 3)

Weakest of the Fallout 3 DLC's but did have a really good pay out at the end. - thisismyonlyvoice

Interesting, but short...

Chinese Stealth Armour: This made my favourite playthrough and breathed new life in Fallout 3 for me.

10 Mothership Zeta (Fallout 3)

Though the gameplay was repetitive and sometimes tiring, it was by far the most unique DLC in all of Fallout history. Completing the quest gave you interesting weapons and a endless supply of money (from selling rare alien items). Dead Money gave you money at the end, but you can only take a few gold bars (due to how heavy they are) and end up almost empty-handed by the end of the DLC.

Fallout 3 on a alien spaceship. Need I say more? - thisismyonlyvoice

I loved the theme and getting to battle aliens but then again its not like you could join them also it felt very repetitive.

And fun

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11 Nuka World (Fallout 4)

Of all the Fallout DLC landmasses I feel Nuka World is the most unique, while at the same time maintaining immersion. Even though the DLC was lacking in quests that allowed you to not be a raider, the attractions and their stories made up for that.

Great DLC with tons of new exploring

Great DLC so far!


12 Automatron (Fallout 4)

The return of the Mechanist! A fun but challenging short questline and the robot building aspect was much deeper than many expected.

This is just amazing how it is

13 Gun Runners' Arsenal (Fallout: New Vegas)

Adds some really good guns and weapon mods.
Fallout: New Vegas would be very different without this add-on.

Complete the dead money dlc get out with all the gold and then buy the best gun runners weapons you'll be set and unstoppable a complete killing machine

14 Contraptions Workshop (Fallout 4)

Making factories! adds a lot to the settlements

15 Vault-Tec Workshop (Fallout 4)
16 High Resolution Texture Pack (Fallout 4)

Why is this on the list this isn't a dlc - a-random-guy

17 Couriers Stash (Fallout New Vegas)

Starts you off in FNV with some really good supplies. - thisismyonlyvoice

18 Wasteland Workshop (Fallout 4)

Pretty cool to have captured creatures right in the arena. But did we actually need this dlc. I mean come on I don't care about settlements. Some do and that's fine but Fallout doesn't need this feature. We could have had a real dlc but we got this.

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1. Lonesome Road (Fallout New Vegas)
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3. Broken Steel (Fallout 3)
1. Broken Steel (Fallout 3)
2. Old World Blues (Fallout New Vegas)
3. Point Lookout (Fallout 3)

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