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81 Mindy McCready Mindy McCready

One of the best voices in the music industry. I love listening TEN THOUSAND ANGELS and I remember her because of her country style. REST IN PEACE.

This vote is for wasted beauty and talent. She deserved more recognition as an artist than she got. In my opinion, with such a divine voice she could have been a legend. I guess all she needed was some better luck.

She had the most unique voice I have ever heard and her songs were fantastic. She was great!

Sorry, I mis-spelled the last entry.

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82 Sammi Smith

Help Me Make It Through the Night, is one of the best country songs I have ever heard--ever. Her voice is beautiful. Not on a par with Patsy Kline but very good indeed.

Sammi Smith number 70? Look, I don't know who put her here, but whoever it was is nothing but a damned fool idiot.

My Favorite of Sammi's is Hallelujah for Beer! It's the best song!

83 Juice Newton

She sings my favorite Song "The Sweetist Thing I've ever Known is Loving you"

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84 Deana Carter

Strawberry Wine is the one song that everyone should listen to and Deana will instantly go into the top fifteen. She just hadn't been heard for a while!

85 Lucinda Williams

#88?!? Lucinda Williams is a really great song writer. She has never gotten the attention she deserves. She has a fantastic and unique voice along with great instrumental parts. Just listen to anything by her.

She's a great songwriter.

This list is joke... Shania Twain and Garth Brooks are the 2 worst things to ever happen to country music...

Excellent artist with soul!

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86 Jean Shepard

I think Jean Shepard is the best country artist of all times, even at the age of 81 she can still sing, in my opinion she is the Grand Lady of country music and always will be, it's a shame she hasn't be performing lately because shes not feeling well my prayers are with her for a full recovery, I love her so much shes a sweet lady and witty as well, I miss her so much. God Bless you Jean. Jeanne WAlsh my enail is [email protected], com

I love her song "Slippin' Away" written by Bill Anderson.

When you have one of the greatest singers of all time this low, you must admit your list is absurd.

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87 Charice Pempengco Charice Pempengco Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco, popularly known by the mononym Charice, is a Filipina singer who rose to popularity through YouTube. V 1 Comment
88 Hannah Blaylock

If you're that good, then I prefer you with love as better singer that I'll never heard your song. Though I'm an out sider with love, peace, kindness, faith and etc. In meantime I will look forward to see you.

89 Jo Dee Messina

Definitely should be somewhere on this list. She charted 6 number one singles, plays guitar and piano, is a songwriter with a great voice, and fantastic performer. I love her!

Jo Dee Messina I would love for you to be on my Facebook Naaman moorehouse

90 Wisper Cox

She has a voice that is a mix between Tanya and Carrie with a little Martina mixed in, simply unbelievable, check her out on you tube then vote

This young lady is really starting to go places, everyone should check her out

Wisper Cox is a delightful upcoming young singer that seems to have an old sole for music. Pipes as big as Texas is an under statement. Her yodeling is a crowd favorite but can go right into a toe tapping country song, a sing-along classic rock tune to today's pop beat. Check this beauty out on and You are in for a treat!

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91 Rosalie Allen V 1 Comment
92 Bobbie Gentry

What a great singer she was!

Not exactly country - but a blend of pop/soul/country/rock - everything.
One of the best on this list - by far.

93 Sarah Darling

Sweetest most amazing country music female singer in the world!

94 Sylvia
95 Marie Osmond

A great Country Singer since The Osmond Brothers years Remember her cover Paper Roses.

Marie Osmond I would love for you to be on my Facebook Naaman Morehouse

96 Wanda Jackson

Wanda deserves much higher than this listen to her music and you will agree

Was the first country female to dress sexy and belt out a great song

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97 Skylar Laine
98 Jessi Colter
99 Colene Walters
100 Leona Williams
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