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Taylor Alison Swift is an American singer-songwriter. She was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She is best known for writing break up songs and for having more than 5 Grammys. She became interested in country music when she was around 9 years old and after watching a documentary about ...read more.


I am ten years old and my favorite country singer is Taylor Swift. I have MILLIONS of posters of her in my room. I would LOVE to go to one of her concerts. She has made me want to become a singer. Now I sing where ever I go! I love these songs: We are never getting back together, I knew you were trouble, Begin again, Place in this world, Hey Stephan, Never grow up, Mine, and Mean. I love you Taylor Swift!

I think she's the best. she sings such great things. yes a lot of it is about her passed ex boyfriends, but some of them are not about that. a few examples would be like Ronan. she only performed it once and broke out crying doing it. it is about a little 4 year old named ronan thompson that passed away of cancer. another example would be 15. its about her best friend. here are the rest of them I can think of: 22, The Lucky One Everything Has Changed, Love Story, You Belong With Me, begin again, Treacherous, All Too Well, Stay Stay Stay isn't

I follow her I love everything she sings and does! All her song are wonderful they really fit me! I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT! Since she's so young she knows what we kids want to Listin to and she is the best singer that country ever had and will ever have! If you go around to Kids that Liston to country you will find she is everyone's roll modles inspiration! She can speak to people by just singing because we kids get what she singing about not just boys and how they have done her wrong it's about how she got her hart broken by the stupidest stuff that they have done to her and all of them are real no lies she can really get people to see how speacial she really is she has an amazing voice and life! I look up to her and someday I'm gonna be just like her nothing to change I have devoted my life to her and I bet others have too she should be number 1 nothing else!

Very popular female singer in 21st century. Out of many country singers, her influence is second only to Johnny Cash if we look at music at a wider perspective. A spectacular songwriter, with several albums being sold and going platinum, and even experiencing global success. Has experimented with pop on her album 1989. Versatile performer and songwriter. Has made success on her own as opposed to gaining success from a karaoke show (American Idol, et al)

Taylor makes Sparks Fly when she entertains. She is definitely not Mean, the songs she sings are Fearless, it's not Our Song, but it feels like it is! My brother thinks she belongs with him. Shes the reason there are no Teardrops on my Guitar. I got a White Horse because of her. The Story of Us is not very memoriable, but it's Mine.

She writes her own music. She has an amazing voice. She plays an instrument. Not something you see a lot in her generation. On top of that she plays a genre people of her age usually don't even know or get. I'm proud of what she's achieved and she definitely deserves my vote.

She is the best country singer and one of my favorite singers! I love her. I'm obsessed with her. She writes songs that are very close to my reality and her songs " The Story Of Us" and " I almost do " are like they're made for me! They tell every single lyric true for me! I'm so related to them! I love her style and everything about her and we some the same interests! My idol!

Hi again, I am the same one who said I am ten years old. I also love the songs 22, stay stay stay, and enchanted. I think it was really rude how one person put on dolly partons that taylor swift faked a accent. Taylor swift is not faking it. Have you ever read about her life as a kid? I think taylor swift is the best of all of them! I LOVE YOU TAYLOR SWIFT!

Although her songs have been fading more to Pop in sound, they still feel like country, and she honestly gives me chills. Her passion really does come through in her songs, you can really feel her emotions. She can sing her feelings, a true sign of a brilliant Country artist, a true inspiration.

I think this girl gets enough hate as it is. She gets hate from country for not being country, she gets hate from pop for not being pop and she gets hate from haters for writing about her exes. I think she has created a whole new genre herself and is a talented country/pop singer and songwriter!

Taylor Swift is such a gifted country singer, she knows how to connect to her fans so deeply, especially girls like me. The lyrics of her songs are so inspirational and beautiful, she brings joy and inspiration to my life and hopefully all the other 7 billion people as well. I love you Taylor!

Taylor is such an inspiration, she's so true to herself and is so down-to-earth. She writes her songs about what happens in her life, she even said it herself how her songs are like reading her diary, its all her. She also writes her own songs, she makes HER OWN hit songs. She's truly one of a kind

I am just so glad that Taylor Swift is number 2. But she really be at number 1.I adore her and I don't think my life would be the same without her. I t has truly made me love and appreciate Country Music more than I ever would have without her. She is so Stunning on the inside and the outside. Her voice was sent from God to a gift to all us normal people. Taylor Swift keep on doing music and never change because you are so perfect to me. But if you do change I will love you forever. I absolutely adore you forever. I am a Swiftie trough and through and I will never let go!

I think she is the best female country singer I have ever seen.. Her songs are really touching.. And mostly related to every teenager's life.. She is a very great songwriter and talented singer.. Waiting for her new album.. Simply enchanted by her music and voice clarity.. She should be on number 1 in this list.. I just fall in love with her when I listen to her..

I just love Taylor Swift, She is like totally Fashionable, cool, pretty and her songs! They make me feel like a Country singer ready to shine in the spotlight. I just really love her. I'm like, the biggest Taylor Swift Fan ever! PLEASE EVERYONE OUT THERE! VOTE FOR MY COUNTRY SINGER HERO TAYLOR SWIFT!

Taylor Swift really embodies what it means to be a country singer. She tells stories through her songs and she allow the listener to understand her. Her lyricism and her musical abilities are hard if not impossible to match! She's absolutely incredible!

Bottom line she worked hard all on her own at a very young age and kept pushing herself taking real risks and made sacrifices, mostly for her family and has always wrote and played her OWN MUSIC. She is a self starter and has always stayed true to herself.

She is so cool and awesome her voice is so good. She is super pretty I could listen to her all day and night, to me she is the best singer EVER! She is so cool and dresses so pretty I wish I could sing as awesome as her. My favorite song of hers is I knew you were trouble. Go Taylor swift!

She has been my inspiration for so long and my role model as well. She is basically someone that I look up to. She said to herself that she needed to go to Nashville at such a young age to be a country artist. That's really courageous and fearless. I would love to meet her someday!

Taylor Swift writes her songs according to her real-life experiences which many can relate to. She also 'wears her heart on her sleeve' and is not afraid to express her true feelings She definitely deserves a higher place on this chart. Go Tay-Tay!

I think because she is the best country singer of all time because, first she writes a song that is about her life and express it in a song, Second she's very young and can already writes song and sings it very well and third she cares about other. So Vote for TAYLOR SWIFT

Taylor swift is amazing and gorgeous I wish that I could sing like she can and look like her to I love her sing 2 songs that I really like is we are never getting back together and I knew you were trouble the songs they speak to me I love you taylor

Taylor swift is a awesome country singer. When you see that she wrote most of her songs herself you can really tell that she like to perform and loves her job and that she isn't just doing it to ne famous or for the money. I can't tell if she is more of a country singer or somthing else because so many of her songs sound like modern pop music. I think she should be the number 1 "country" artist.

Taylor Swift is not a 100% country singer, she has a lot of pop influences in her music. However, I find her truly amazing and I think she should definitely do more country songs because her voice is more country - like.

Taylor Swift is totally easily the best country singer of all time. In my opinion she is an incredible legend and the greatest person EVER. She is the most amazing role model and has the best voice in the whole world. LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT!