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201 Thorr's Hammer
202 Killing Moon
203 Exoaura

"Love the vocals, great twist by with not-usual alternative metal and such strong soul! Love all of it! Can't wait to see and hear the progression as well! "

" SO BLOWN AWAY! I am already salivating to hear more! The vocals are beautiful, the production quality is fantastic, and the message is powerful. I am excited to see what is next from Exoaura." - exoaura

204 Orpharion

Beautiful band from Turkey! It's so unique sound and style! Check that guys out!

205 Walls of Jericho

Candace! Love her vocal style, she sounds good whether screaming, growling or singing. She is one of the few female vocalists in metal that don't play up the gender, not a "metal Katy Perry", she can hold her own with the boys, and yet stay original. And they are American, no longer have to rely on bands from overseas for decent metal.

Candace Kucsulain Is one of the sweetest women I have ever met.
If you want to see hell on stage, she is the female master of stage presence
Watching this Vixen of hardcore on stage you think at any moment she is going to jump off and start beating everyone to a bloody mess. But off the stage she is very sweet and has such an amazing honesty about her.

206 Bloodlined Calligraphy

They had two different female singers. Very good band.

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207 Shocker Stalin

... Otherwise known as Shocker-X they are a homegrown band out of Buenos Aires, mashing up tango with metal-core. Ban Lesage is their founder ^^ charismatic front-person ^^ she delivers my favorite take on the "one vocalist singing both sensitive feminine ^^ death growl" thing. Check them on YouTube.

208 Winter In Eden

Their first album Awakening is superb, their second about to be released is expected to be even better.

A new band set to take the female fronted metal scene by storm.

Love this band. Can't stop listening to Echoes of Betrayal. A great roller coaster of an album.

When you playing near north London?!? Never seen yous live but looving the album :-D

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209 Warlock

The Warlock albums fronted by Doro Pesch were all amazing and so is her solo career. Great voice and the true queen of metal -

Warlock had the queen of Metal, Doro the greatest female in metal history - Odinest

210 Doro

Come on, Doro should top the list. She is the only real metal vocalist here. #0 years and still around. She isn't death metal vocals, isn't opera, just old school style metal and paved the way for all other females who wanted to be in a metal band.

Really? She should be #1

Oh please, do any of you know metal? If so, Doro would be near or at the top. She could hold her own against any male metal vocalist let alone female. She sings metal the when it should be sung.

The only leyend here. That's IT!

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211 Eowyn
212 Dreamkiller

Best live show I've seen in a long time! This band just plain ROCKS! The wide ranging vocals of Christy Johnson enhances the overall experience. She can be belting out a rock ballad one verse and the next sounding like a 40's jazz singer. Definitely worth seeing or listening to. They deserve much more national exposure!

Dreamkiller knows how to perform, they don't just get up on stage and sing. Catch one of their shows and find out for yourself

Great band! Even better live! Christy and the guys really get into their shows!

This band should be WAY higher on the list. One of the best vocalists I've ever heard in my life!

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213 Dark Whisper

Great Gothic Band with two Female Singers from Argentina

214 Hydria

Really good band. Lisa has a really good voice worth having a look

215 Kells
216 Mysteria

From Finland. Just love that voice! She's also a songwriter/keyboardist

217 Fit for Rivals

Awesome control and raspy effects given, Renee Phoenix delivers whats to be expected in vocals.

Awesome voice, awesome music! Should be way higher. You can really rock out to these guys!

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218 Deadmaya
219 Cherri Bomb

These girls changed my life, their album changed my life. They are super talented and they are just 14-16 years old. Beautiful, funny, cute girls!

Amazing girls, amazing album, amazing live, can't wait for their next album!

Great band for a all girls band

220 Black Knight
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