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221 Good Girl Maggie

Modern Rock band from Poland - Freesh and Rocky. Actually in studio with debut album.

222 Arkan
223 Hydrogyn
224 The Sins of Thy Beloved

Very... Very good band is the first for me! Music "forever and All alone" best songs... See you!

This band should be close to Tristania and Draconian.

225 Sorrowseed

Lilith Astaroth is the singer of Sorrowseed, a melodic black metal band from Massachusetts. She does brutal style vocals that are unmatched as far as I'm concerned. Her range from low to high is amazing, and she has a great singing voice as well. Unlike so many other female fronted bands like Arch Enemy and Otep she does NOT use vocal processing, her voice is real. And it's powerful!

226 Flowing Tears
227 Ideas
228 Just Jinjer
229 Despised Icon
230 NeraNature V 1 Comment
231 Ann My Guard

The world's NO. 1. Doll metal/alternative rock band with female vocalist/bassist on the front!

232 Tracktor Bowling
233 White Lung

Great punk band led by frontwoman Mish Ray of Vancouver, Canada. Both the albums rock. Don't miss.

234 Mariangela Demurtas

The best singer than I ever hear...

235 Butcher Babies

I went to go see a band an stumbled upon this band at the show and I honestly paid to see this band. Not the one I went there for. Heidi who is the blonde has so much energy that it blows your face off by itself. But these girls are in the boys club. I mean they do man metal and they do it good. When I first saw then on stage I thought oh no. But then these two hot girls in lingirie come out with serious man metal. They captured metal with a kick.

The Butcher Babies performs with two beautiful frontwomen with great power and will totally get your attention! Don't judge a book by it's cover and make sure to listen to their music... It's pretty damn good! They are one of the heaviest, darkest and hard-thrashing kind of nu-metal, female-fronted bands around. They'll get you head-banging and wanting to start a mosh pit as soon as you start jamming to them.

These chicks rock! Carla's beautiful voice with Heidi's screams make for a great duo. If you're a fan of In This Moment or Otep, you should definitely check out this band!

Probably my favorite band

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236 Unexpect
237 Archetype

Great female fronted melodic death metal band from Mexico.

238 Brighter Than a Thousand Suns

Cool Band with amazing clean vocals...have some post-hardcore elements though

239 Hands Held Hi

Unsigned but won't stay that way long - amazing

240 Gallhammer

All-Female band from Tokyo. They begin with Black/Doom style earlier, Crust-Punk later. All three of their album is unique on its own; Gloomy Lights, Ill Innocence and The End. The lead, Vivian Slaughter said the band is on hold as of now.

Vivian Slaughter is also married to Maniac, the ex-vocalist of the infamous Black Metal band, Mayhem.

This band has real talents, even the infamous Euronymous of Mayhem signed them.

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