Best Female Fronted Metal Bands

There are a few lists out about female front women, but this list is for the best female fronted bands that are considered "metal" including metalcore, nu-metal, death metal, etc.

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61 White Skull

Power Metal Band from Italy. Vocalist Federica "Sister" de Boni is one of the best female metal singers in the world. Check out their new album "Under this Flag".

I'm agree with you
this band is so cool and the singer is so good at singing this kind of metal
also Sister Sin is cool and Hysterica or the old ones like Vixen

62 Monarch!
63 Eluveitie Eluveitie

I like to call them a Celtic Heavy Metal band. Their drummer is wicked. They use Celtic elements constantly in their songs. And two female sings who know how to scream! Great stuff to get you through bad traffic.

Folk metal band with awesome female vocal. Must listen to!

Wouldn't of thought of this band as female fronted, but two female singers do sing with the band. Seen them live with Epica. They were absolutely brilliant. One of my favourite bands.

Should definitely be higher up on this list. Great celtic elements blended perfectly with melodic metal

64 Haggard
65 Ignea

THE excellent mix of various metal subgenres, ALL songs available on You Tube by the band itself in great videos (instead of being scattered on 3rd party accounts). If you like your metal with a sense of a melody and you enjoy both clean vocals and growl (done by the same person!) then I really recommend this band. Their top (nearly 2mil views) official video for "Alga" under the link

Such a talented band! These folks really know what putting heart and soul in music means. Check them out, they are totally worth it!

Perfect blend between extreme and clean vocals, mix that with some epic oriental metal and you get this awesome band. Very passionate about what they do, making it my favorite

They deserve to be much higher on the list.

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66 Mortal Love

Mortal love's creations are great. too bad guys. hope you'll come back soon.

67 Omega Lithium

Great Croatian band with hot looking girl vocal.

68 Drain STH

For me they sound like the female black sabbath.

Best band ever wish they would reunite

69 Battlelore

Nice group, nice voice.

70 Krypteria

They're pretty good. Don't want to be an ass but they're not the best. The album "My Fatal Kiss" was the best album in my opinion and their latest one, "All Beauty Must Die" is pretty good just not as great as the previous album mentioned.

Their other albums aren't in English so you're sol if you don't understand the language.

70? why so low I have 4 albums by them and superb Liberatio and In Medias Res are my two big fave cds and her voice is amazing. So she's an Asian singer, but by god what vocals she has. I fell in love with this band the fist time I heard them, Concordia, you and I and why are just 3 amazing songs by this superb band - DEBBIE65

They�'re one of the bands I instantly fell in love with. I don�'t say that their music is the best and I like all of their songs, but in my opinion they deserve more attention. I didn�'t know about them until I accidentally found them on YouTube. And I don�'t know many bands with only Asian singer (by the way. She�'s really pretty, but that�'s not the point).

71 Lacrimosa

Anne Nürmi is one particular voice, but she sings very well. I love them

72 Visions of Atlantis

Very good symphonic power band with operatic female vocals - Nicole Bogner, Melissa Ferlaak and Maxi Nil

73 The Runaways

If it hadn't been for the Runaways, girls would not be in rock or metal!

I agree with the other comment here.

Runnaways are so badass also Joan Jett and Suzi Quatro, Doro.

74 Luna Mortis
75 Tartarus Tartarus

Straight-up blackdeath violence. Real women, real metal.

76 Eths

They are AWESOME candice is my total idol and listening to them has actually really improved my French work at school!

French Metal. I'm hooked. Amazing, sick vocals. Several tracks from "Soma" blew me away.

Incredible female fronted metal from France. If you haven't heard Candice growling in key, check out her live set at Hellfest on youtube if you can. One of my all time fave metal bands. Brilliant guitar riffs from Staif Bihl, and the other gent who's name I forget. Can't afford to miss these guys.

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77 Battle Beast

I usually don't like female fronted bands, but their singer has a true powerful voice.

Beautiful and rough voice. One of the best I ever heard.

Check this band. True metal band with great songs. New singer Noora Louhimo is on of the best female METAL singers. No operatic but proper powerful METAL voice like Rob Halford.

78 Devilskin

This lady has an astonishingly powerful voice. Certainly someone to watch.

Just such a tight band that is absolutely amazing! Love them

Brilliant NZ band that deserves global success. They have produced some awesome videos to go with their great songs.

Jennie's voice is fantastic. Not only on the records but she also belts it out at ever live performance. It's amazing to hear her roar.
Definitely one to watch out for.

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79 Elis

A great band... I don. T know why is 52 place! Just because is a new band and others have much more experience?! Do not forget.. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step! - poisonforever

80 My Ruin

Love love love her. She is a beast of a singer!

My god, no other woman has as much power and anger as tarrie does, lyrically and vocally.

They were an all female Nu Metal Band, but when Mick Murphy became their guitarist their Music changed to 80s Metal. I liked Tairrie B's ex-bands Manhole (Rap/Nu Metal) and Tura Satana (Nu Metal) better.

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