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61 Warlock

The Warlock albums fronted by Doro Pesch were all amazing and so is her solo career. Great voice and the true queen of metal -

Warlock had the queen of Metal, Doro the greatest female in metal history - Odinest

62 Dreamkiller

Best live show I've seen in a long time! This band just plain ROCKS! The wide ranging vocals of Christy Johnson enhances the overall experience. She can be belting out a rock ballad one verse and the next sounding like a 40's jazz singer. Definitely worth seeing or listening to. They deserve much more national exposure!

Dreamkiller knows how to perform, they don't just get up on stage and sing. Catch one of their shows and find out for yourself

Great band! Even better live! Christy and the guys really get into their shows!

This band should be WAY higher on the list. One of the best vocalists I've ever heard in my life!

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63 Eths

They are AWESOME candice is my total idol and listening to them has actually really improved my French work at school!

French Metal. I'm hooked. Amazing, sick vocals. Several tracks from "Soma" blew me away.

Incredible female fronted metal from France. If you haven't heard Candice growling in key, check out her live set at Hellfest on youtube if you can. One of my all time fave metal bands. Brilliant guitar riffs from Staif Bihl, and the other gent who's name I forget. Can't afford to miss these guys.

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64 Doro

Come on, Doro should top the list. She is the only real metal vocalist here. #0 years and still around. She isn't death metal vocals, isn't opera, just old school style metal and paved the way for all other females who wanted to be in a metal band.

Really? She should be #1

Oh please, do any of you know metal? If so, Doro would be near or at the top. She could hold her own against any male metal vocalist let alone female. She sings metal the when it should be sung.

The only leyend here. That's IT!

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65 Theatres des Vampires

This is one of my favourit bands. I just love them and their vampire style. Sonya has an amazing voice. First they were playing black metal but later they created their own style (adding some electrical stuff) wich is amazing and original. Their 2 latest albums are the best in my opinion: anima noir and moonlight waltz.
Their live concerts are full of the vampire atmosphere.
Really great Italian gothic metal band!

66 Krypteria

They're pretty good. Don't want to be an ass but they're not the best. The album "My Fatal Kiss" was the best album in my opinion and their latest one, "All Beauty Must Die" is pretty good just not as great as the previous album mentioned.

Their other albums aren't in English so you're sol if you don't understand the language.

They�'re one of the bands I instantly fell in love with. I don�'t say that their music is the best and I like all of their songs, but in my opinion they deserve more attention. I didn�'t know about them until I accidentally found them on YouTube. And I don�'t know many bands with only Asian singer (by the way. She�'s really pretty, but that�'s not the point).

67 Lacrimosa V 1 Comment
68 Visions of Atlantis

Very good symphonic power band with operatic female vocals - Nicole Bogner, Melissa Ferlaak and Maxi Nil

69 The Runaways

If it hadn't been for the Runaways, girls would not be in rock or metal!

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70 Tartarus Tartarus V 1 Comment
71 Bloodlined Calligraphy

They had two different female singers. Very good band.

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72 Unleash the Archers

Unleash the Archers is the best band to come out of the frozen north. From the powerful vocals to the intense guitar and drums, this band has everything that any metal fan could want. Not to mention their music videos which have awesome visuals and great costumes and sets.

They provide a perfect blend of Melodic Death Metal with Power Metal. Not just the best female fronted metal bands, but one of the best metal bands period.

Absolutely fantastic band, "Time To Ride" is an absolute belter of a track

I like this one the best. Brittney Slayes is a great singer, Nikko is a great bass player, Scott is a great drummer, and Grant and Andrew are great guitar players and unclean vocalists.

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73 The Gathering

What happens with you? Anneke has the must amazing voice I've ever heard, her voice is better than any other singer in this list.

Can't believe this band isn't higher up! Well worth a top 5 spot. Several awesome albums. Check it.

Anneke es lo mas bello!

She's the best!

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74 Elis

A great band... I don. T know why is 52 place! Just because is a new band and others have much more experience?! Do not forget.. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step! - poisonforever

75 Splintered Soul

Fantastic drumming, fantastic guitar, and two gorgeous lasses, all of whom are awesome people as well. What more could you want? I'm looking forward to their album release with great anticipation and excitement! Watch these guys (and gals), they're gonna be big!

Amazing Band! I don't normally like Metal music but Splintered Soul is different. The music is so unique, amazing and powerful. You have to really use your heart to listen to every single notes and instruments. The complexity of the music is unbelievable. All I can say is 'Unbelievable talent'! PEOPLE Don't Know What they are missing...

Girls and guys! Please vote for Splintered Soul, because they are an awesome band and they will release an epic debut album in summer! Another reason to vote for them is that many of the other bands are already well known :-)

The finest Female Fronted Metal band in the world, Splintered Soul have changed music forever. There is no competition for what they do, and as a result, they are leaders in their field. Truly magnificent.

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76 Battle Beast

I usually don't like female fronted bands, but their singer has a true powerful voice.

Beautiful and rough voice. One of the best I ever heard.

Check this band. True metal band with great songs. New singer Noora Louhimo is on of the best female METAL singers. No operatic but proper powerful METAL voice like Rob Halford.

77 My Ruin

Love love love her. She is a beast of a singer!

My god, no other woman has as much power and anger as tarrie does, lyrically and vocally.

They were an all female Nu Metal Band, but when Mick Murphy became their guitarist their Music changed to 80s Metal. I liked Tairrie B's ex-bands Manhole (Rap/Nu Metal) and Tura Satana (Nu Metal) better.

78 Devilskin

Just such a tight band that is absolutely amazing! Love them

Brilliant NZ band that deserves global success. They have produced some awesome videos to go with their great songs.

Jennie's voice is fantastic. Not only on the records but she also belts it out at ever live performance. It's amazing to hear her roar.
Definitely one to watch out for.

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79 Coronatus
80 Cry for Eden

Great musicianship all around and very strong female vocals! Cry for Eden's debut album release 'The 11th Hour' is a great start for the band and offers some wonderful female fronted symphonic metal that even at times borders on progressive metal. They have a free download of one of the songs of their album available on their facebook page - - Truth Beyond Reason. I first learned of Cry for Eden when I noticed a posting of theirs in the female fronted symphonic metal group on Facebook. I am now hooked!

This band composed and played inspirational music. I listen to their music over and over because their music doesn't hurt my ears. This is one of those bands that most people are going to like because of the quality of music, production, singer, and really good musicians who are part of the band. Keep rocking!

Cry for Eden is a progressive orchestral rock band hailing from Portland, OR. Cry for Eden's first debut concept album "The 11th Hour" centers around the theme contemplating the human condition in modern times and promoting positive values in life.

Just heard you guys on! Absolutely wonderful music all around!

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