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121 Semblant

Mizuho Lin is awesome. I think the vocals are the real strength in the songs.

122 Velcra

In my opinion the best band. It's industrial metal with electronics and hard guitar powerchords and singer's female cleanapscream voice makes this band awesome!

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123 Light This City

"I can't believe they aren't on this list. If you like thrash and death metal you will love them. "

Good Melodic Death Metal. The female singer has a very good voice. It is like a mixture of Gossows Arch Enemy and Amon Amarth.

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124 Riseback

Cool band with great songs!
Check Riseback Debut Album

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125 Macbeth

I love the last album "Neo gothic propaganda".

Vanitas best goth album of all time

One of the most underrated metal band,
Neo Gothic is a masterpiece!

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126 Nervosa

A lot of the bands on this list aren't even METAL. here we have an amazing all female METAL BAND and it's 143. Sad. Really

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127 Sumo Cyco

The vocals of Sever is just epic and the beats from he band are just as good!

128 Betty Blowtorch

If you haven't heard about this band you don't know anything about female rock bands. With only one album "Are yoman enough", they are the very best and powerful band of the history.

129 All Ends
130 The Murder of My Sweet
131 Cerebral Bore V 1 Comment
132 Dark Princess
133 Automatic Loveletter V 1 Comment
134 Benedictum

Seriously, how is this band not included? Veronica has more balls than most power metal male singers, and has done some classic covers (Balls to the Wall, Heaven and Hell, etc) mixed in with equally great original music.

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135 Dorothy

Hungarian punk-rock band formed in 2011. Playink funky, melodic and sometimes hard music, they are really cool rocker trio.
Their first album released in 2013.

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136 Marmozets
137 Ravenscry

This should be number 1. The singer has a beautiful voice and the band has WAY more talent than Evanescence could even fathom.

Must agree. Ravenscry deserves a much higher position, which in time they should get.

138 A Sound of Thunder V 1 Comment
139 Sins In Vain

Sweden delivers again and again; This is simply fantastic! Sins In Vain reinvents and levers what once Within Temptation brought to the table. Love it! - Adawa

140 Angelika & Demons

Gothic metal, Evanescence and Nightwish's follower. Really enjoy their last album Easy Death.

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