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141 Chalice
142 Shear
143 Divine Ascension

Female fronted melodic/progressive metal with movie soundtrack like keys, shredding, riffing guitars, a thunderous rhythm section and a voice unheard of in the genre. All from Melbourne, Australia. Check them out.

144 Ecliptica
145 Triaxis
146 Orpheum

The real thing! Every band member is a very accomplished musician in their own right, and although comparatively new on the scene - they're going to be headlining pretty soon! Find their track Treason for a great example of their work!

Awesome band live. Definitely worth checking out, even though they're fairly new to the scene.

147 Nocturnal Tyranny and Downshock

Female fronted metal band that is from the United States. They are amazing!

148 Promisqes
149 Magion

One of the best Dutch female fronted metal bands that you probably haven't heard before. Strong voice accompanied by musicians with loads of experience, melodic, powerful and awesome! Guaranteed to be stuck in you're head for a while so proceed with caution ;-)

150 Dawn Of Destiny

Great band have all there discs. brilliant

151 Dark Princess
152 System Divide

This band is cooking they are more or less new to the business but this mordern/melodic death metal band they the best and the lead singer that redhead is smoking hot - DANC3W1THTH3D3V1L

153 Voidstate

These guys are awesome! Think Enter Shikari meets Nightwish!

154 Anabantha

Mexico "goth band from méxico the first band leader from south central country... Is powerful song is very melancholic and... Best musics for me "eres tu", "velo negro", "barcos fantasmas", "sangre"

155 Nya

Relatively unknown rock band but trust me, listen to You Are. You will not be disappointed. By the way Iron Maiden is a great band and all but aren't female fronted - Danielsun182

156 Pythia

Seen this band a few times now in Camden and they were fantantic. Would recommend anyone reading this, to check them out. Emily Ovenden, the lead singer, was orginally in the Medieval Baebes. A very different direction, but her voice works beautifully.

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157 Rockbitch

They put on an excellent live show... To bad they're no longer together

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158 Diablo Swing Orchestra

Such a unique band. There is no way one can describe how great they are. But Annlouice is amazing! If you have the lucky to be close to the stage you can hear her voice clearly when she is really far from the microphone. Their show is amazing and the songs will make you wanna dance and practice your air guitar skills!

Such a powerfully diverse and original sound! One of my favorite bands of all time!

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159 Tonight Alive

SERIOUSLY GUYS. Where is Tonight Alive?! Jenna and the band deserve to be at least in the top 15! They have mad beats and lyrics, not to mention that they are probably the most optimistic band out there. Seriously though, TA rocks.

Oh my god, Tonight Alive are pop punk. They're about as metal as Taylor Swift

160 Marry Me In Vegas
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