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141 Holyhell
142 Katra

In live she sounds some weird but their songs are really interesting.

143 Edenbridge

Best band way above many others way too low on the list

This should be a top 20 band on this list.

Definitely top 20. Give them a listen

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144 Triaxis
145 Orpheum

The real thing! Every band member is a very accomplished musician in their own right, and although comparatively new on the scene - they're going to be headlining pretty soon! Find their track Treason for a great example of their work!

Awesome band live. Definitely worth checking out, even though they're fairly new to the scene.

146 Dawn Of Destiny

Great band have all there discs. brilliant

147 Anabantha

Mexico "goth band from méxico the first band leader from south central country... Is powerful song is very melancholic and... Best musics for me "eres tu", "velo negro", "barcos fantasmas", "sangre"

148 Tonight Alive

SERIOUSLY GUYS. Where is Tonight Alive?! Jenna and the band deserve to be at least in the top 15! They have mad beats and lyrics, not to mention that they are probably the most optimistic band out there. Seriously though, TA rocks.

Oh my god, Tonight Alive are pop punk. They're about as metal as Taylor Swift

149 Marry Me In Vegas
150 Trillium V 1 Comment
151 Leather Leone

"Surrender to no one". New Chastain!

152 Circle of Conspiracy

Great new band featuring both female and male vocals with a lot of good songs on their first album. I think they can go far.

Awesome mix of vocals! Feels like a mix of Nightwish, Amaranthe and Lacuna Coil!

153 Red Queen

Fronted by Elena Vladi who is originally from Russia. Sings with perfect growls and clean vocals. Very nice voice.

154 La-Ventura
155 Animal Alpha V 1 Comment
156 Onyria
157 Worhol
158 The Superjesus

Australian rock band in the late 1990s - early 2000s, that are quite underrated IMO - petrucci75hammet

159 Chalice
160 Shear
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