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1 Fatin Shidqia - Indonesia Fatin Shidqia - Indonesia

She's the best, and cute :) vote now ok, please take care, her voice is very nice and last just vote and like her

Fatin? She just 16 Years Old and already win XFACTOR. Her voice so unique and maybe only one from a billion people has it. She's very low profile and love her fans. So, we never doubt if she's one of the best female singer in asia

The new solois who has very unique character. Keep it up, Fatin! =D

Moeslem, low profile, good - swasono

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2 Agnes Monica - Indonesia

She is a best Dancer and singer...
she is a international artist...


I always waiting her performance everywhere
Her voice is have full power
She is the real diva

The best and the one only

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3 Charice Pempengco - Philippines Charice Pempengco - Philippines Jake Zyrus (born Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco, formerly known by the mononym Charice), is a Filipino singer who rose to popularity through YouTube. He is a transgender man.

Charice, and she already prove it!
1. Standing ovations from non Asian audience, each after performance.
2. Chart topping albums(#8 on billboards top 200 albums-track album sales,
#6 on japan oricon album chart, #3 on Korea gaon top album, #3 on Canadian
album sales.
3. Chart topping singles-pyramid is here most successful single so far, reaching #1 on billboards dance club song and #17 on billboards dance singles of the year 2010
4. Singing Americas national anthem at pres obama pre inaugural party
5. Got interviewed by international news channels like bbc cnn voice of america, and appeared on glee, ophra, ellen, kellys and regis show, paul o grady, italian shows etc, japan shows, singapore idol etc...
6. Invited by celine dion's concert and having a duet at Madison square garden.
7. Invited by andrea boceilli concert and having duet at theatro silencio in italy.
Appear in a hollywood movie-alvin and the chipmunks and here comes the ...more

Charice singing talent is a force to reckon with. She capture the hearts of many and ages from 8 to 88. She is steadily shining and legend in the making. Charice is not just a name but a brand in music.

She's very versatile! Amazing young lady.. She sings with convictions.. The emotion is really there... She's international already! I just love her! =)

Magaling talaga si charice!
1.all by myself
2.i will always love you
3.note to god
4.i have nothing
5.power of love
6.and I'm telling you I'm not going

basic lang kay charice yan...!

GO! GO! GO! charice!

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4 Sarah Geronimo - Philippines Sarah Geronimo - Philippines Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo aka Sarah Geronimo or Sarah G. is a world class and multi-talented Filipino singer, actress, dancer, record producer, model, host, coach/judge, commercial/product endorser and tv personality . She can also draw and plays the piano. Sarah is popularly known as the one and only more.

Guys... Just watch her videos in Youtube... Then you will know why she needs to be on top.. I'll guarantee that you will be hooked up with this young, beautiful, talented and humble lady... To see is to believe... Nothing to regret... Just follow all uploaders of Sarah Geronimo's videos.. Especially Ms. O (outrigger85) please do like her videos, since they are worthy... Believe me... I'm not Filipino but who can say that I'll become her avid fun here in my country since then...

Saw her live in concert here in California 2 years ago. She was simply amazing! Waited in line after the show to get her autograph and so I got to see her up close--i was surprised to find she was shy and very humble, and very beautiful; photos of her do not do her justice.

Hi everyone, Sarah Geronimo is the Hottest Female singer and actress in her generation, Her versatility will convince you how great singer she is. Sing and dance, rap, pop, R&B music name it and you will have it. That's how she perform. One of the proof is her latest concert, 24/SG find out, watch and you'll see for yourself! Keep it up!

I love sarah the way she performed she actually transform in the stage

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5 Regine Velasquez - Philippines Regine Velasquez - Philippines Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, dubbed as the Asia's Songbird is a Filipina recording artist, host, producer, philanthropist, commercial endorser, actress, and an Asian pop culture icon. She is widely known for possessing an extensive vocal range.

Without the help of YouTube ever since, still regine conquers Asia with her album listen without prejudice that gone sold more than 2million copies across Asia and hailed as the best selling album in China by a non Chinese artist until the year 1999 hence it was sold 700,000, and no southeast Asian artist can beat the 8.5 million album units sold of regine across Asia, still the voice to beat, THE LIVING LEGEND A STANDARD INDEED, Asia'S SONGBIRD REGINE VELASQUEZ

I think she should be put in the top position in this list considering her countless achievements in singing either in recording or live concerts performances. She is the only singer in Asia or maybe in the world who can sustain the highest note for a long time without any effort at all. And she can still do this even if her voice is in a bad condition. Regine Velasquez deserves the title as the one and only Asia's Songbird.

THE ONE AND ONLY Asia'S SONGBIRD REGINE VELASQUEZ: Regine is widely famous for her effortless and exceptional belting. She credits this from her father's vocal training technique wherein she is submerged in neck-deep waters and she runs through her singing exercises to strengthen her diaphragm and build up her vocal cords and lungpower. This paved the way for a genre of belting for female singers in Philippine music. Regine has a four-octave range and though she seldom uses whistle register she is skillfully adept in hitting very high notes that require head voice using her chest voice. She can run through a series of very high notes using chest voice alone and is able to hit notes in the fifth to almost sixth octave in full chest voice. She is also popular for her ability to go through her vocal acrobatics while hitting her very high notes. She has exhibited her belting and sheer lung power while singing onstage sitting in lotus position and even while being suspended up on a harness ...more


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6 Anggun - Indonesia

Anggun is the best singer Asia and the reall international singer and still be Asian, anggun is the best selling Asian artis aoutside Asia and still down to earth

She is truly Asian international artist..
She can be famous all across nation in the world..
Not only in Asia

She's the only Indonesian International artist who can still survive and exists in International Career. The Queen of Francophonie Countries...

She is pretty famous in europe especially France

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7 Yui - Japan

You are best singer I've ever seen
I'm proud to become YUI lovers

Yui is the BEST! She is so cute and her voice is so soft. She's so kind and loving to her fans. I'm not a Japanese but I like her! She is my inspiration in music. Ganbatte Yui-san!

Yui's songs are WORTH listening... Actually I think SHE should be in the number 1 position... She will keep on rocking me... WE LOVE YOU, YUI!

I love HER

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8 Lea Salonga - Philippines

What the hell she's doing in number 23? I'm an American and some of my british friends freaks out! She should be in number 1! Please, whoever started this, combine all those "singers" on this topic, Google the accomplishments and quality of the voice technically, nothing and no one can compare with this lady.

The most talented and intelligent period!

Awesome theater, musicals singer/actor/performer...

Just simply way above any Asian female singers/artists..

She should be number 1. If there is any other singer who can surpass her achievements (lead roles in plays since childhood, starred in musicals in West End and Broadway, awards at age 19, lead roles in movies in her country and in USA, voice of Disney movies, was Eponine and Fantin in Les Miserables anniversaries, etc), then and only then can she become number 2.

Hands down number 1

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9 Nike Ardilla - Indonesia

she's truly diva... rest in peace m/ - littlebee

She's the best sold 30 million copies album all over the world

Nike ardilla her melodious-voiced singer, have a social life is extremely high, care for others, and beautiful face and her pretty well.. Love you nike ardilla.. Be at peace you are in deep sleep - syahonealamsyah

Best singer ever... If god has ever sent any angel to sing on this planet, it was nike ardilla undeniably...when it comes to feeling and melody nobody can touch nike, not even near. if she would have been active in ths century she would be very popular today without any doubt. very sad that we lost such an amazng talent like her. what she does not had? extraordinary beauty, magical voice,kind heart, charming personality everythng. very few people r gifted wd all these qualities. rest in peace u angel. am not indonesian am indian and I love hr musics to much and I have few frnds in my university too who listen hr music. mera vote srf nike ko milega.. asia ki best singer without doubt

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10 Angeline Quinto - Philippines

Great belter! Such soulful voice even better than jonalyn viray!

She is one of my idols in terms of belting.. I think she is the only singer who could rival regine velasques

She is one of the best belter this generation when she sings you can feel the essence of her songs and truly humble in and out. I'm one of her avid fans and amazingly surprise every time she sings. She got the power voice which she take pride easy when she is singing. She deserve to be the best singer in Asia because of her magical voice which no one can do it. She's indeed singer like regine velasques. She belts easily without any excessive doubt you can see or reactions on her face to hits the high notes. We love Angeline Quinto whenever you are because you got the talent which a singer should be. Now she's known as certified blockbuster with lots of awards like certified multi platinums awards and more. When she she belts the charisma is there which some doesn't have. Godbless to our beloved belter Angeline Quinto your such an inspiration to the youth this generation continue what your doing and you're the best singer belter for us. We love you...

A very good singer, she can easily belt a song without being frustrated facial expression.. and one of the multiplatinum female singer in the Philippines.

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11 Kim Tae-yeon - South Korea Kim Tae-yeon - South Korea

Let's go soshi Let's go!
Sone will be with you forever
i really really like you and yours member
you are so powerful!
i like when you on stage with yous members

Her voice is really powerful and I love the way she hits the high notes

Taeyeon has the wonderfully smooth voice that will send shivers down your spine with she reaches for her high notes. She's got what people call powerhouse vocals that can adapt easily to almost any genre of music. From ballads to dance songs and even Korea trot music, Kim Taeyeon's vocal flexibility and beautiful voice easily makes her one of the greatest singers of our time.


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12 Yeng Constantino - Philippines

She's gifted and amazing talent. I love her for writing great songs and at the same time interpreting it by her great voice...! Superb.

Pinoy Dream Academy winner! - ainatz

Talented... Not only as a singer but also as a composer...

oh my idol

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13 Kyla - Philippines


Her voice exudes class. Effortless soul and r&b. Her CDs are well thought of and well produced (and yes, even the ones that have covers in it. She does not need best-selling albums to prove that she is a world-class talent Filipinos can be proud of.

Kyla's attack in singing or vocal techniques are very rR. It's like you're hearing a very big soulful voice in a petite lady. When you hear her voice, you'd already know that it is she who's singing. She doesn't dwell on gossips and is a very demure person. I really love all of her songs. I love her voice!

The most versatile singer I've known

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14 Shreya Ghoshal - India Shreya Ghoshal - India Shreya Ghoshal is an Indian playback singer. She has received twelve National Film Awards, twenty Filmfare Awards and eight Filmfare Awards South to date.

She has got a really lovely and melodious voice. Her songs are worth listening to. You will love this bubbly voiced woman. Should have been way too higher on the list, really

She has got amazing versatile voice quality. The number of awards and national awards as well her number of fans on facebook and twitter proves that she is not only best but best of everything. She is as beautiful as her voice and her voice is completely magical. She has more than 3.5 millions of fans in FB which clearly shows her magic in those people. She started off really young and got national award for her first sung. She also was the judge of X Factor India. She can sing in so many different languages that makes her utterly the best. Most of all, being a big celebrity, her personality is so humble and down to earth that no one can resist not loving her. SHE IS SIMPLY awesome..

Shreya's song is very beautiful and highly nostalgic feelings
She is very young talented singer

She is the best

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15 Datuk Siti Nurhaliza - Malaysia

She's a legend! Name it... Versatile and impressive singer, hardworking businesswoman, musical actress, excellent host, power couple, popular personality, model for various world-known brands, sweet and low-profile village girl... She's no doubt an all-rounder! Tell me who's more collections of awards than her? Tell me who can sing all genres of songs other than her? Tell me who can hit high notes perfectly without screaming like banshee other than her? No doubt! She's the only one and always will be! Cause she's the legend... Siti nurhaliza...

she is superb and very very beautiful inside and out, super voice and I tell ya what ; she just not superb singer, she was Maybeline Model, Jusco Model and she is successful mogul with cosmetic line (Sinplysiti), own her very own production company and perform all over the world, you name it - Rotal Albert Hall London, Japan, Kazakhstan, Australia, China, Indonesia, Brunei and many others and yes of course she is millionaire!

The voice of Asia, she deserved to be the no. 1. Instead of Charice, Siti shows the real Asia's by her East-personality.

She is the voice of Asia, but charice is the voice of the world... Even oprah knows that

Crystal clear voice...

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16 Nina - Philippines

She is the only singer in Asia that I know can play with her notes and whistles excellently. Plus the soothing voice that captivates the listeners' hearts, no doubt she always tops the chart and invades the music scene not just in the Philippines but in the entire Asia.

She is a world class singer... She has an angelic voice..

Great singer! She should be on the top. She's the first and only female singer who reach the diamond award here in the Philippines! Here voice has something that everyone can't get enough...

She is amazing.

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17 Jiew - Thailand

Jiew is one of the best Thai singers. (she is a Young Diva)
she's really better than some of this list which are better top-ranked..
Jiew should be at least in the top 15-20 of "Best Female Singer in Asia".

She can sing all types of music
She can hit the high note(F6), she has 3 octaves.
She has good voice and she has a good looking too.

She use of melisma, fast vocal coloratura, her vocal timbre has a slightly warmer quality

Her voice is so amazing.

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18 Gam - Thailand

P'Gam Fighting. You have very Good voice. I know it. You're my best singer.
Her song are very wonderful. I really like it!

Love P'Gam
You're the best singer
When you sing the song The whole world is stop.
I feel free and happy

She has a very powerful voice, and she very friendly with her fans.
She has a very beautiful talent. Love her so much.

You're the best for me. Fighting! P'Gam

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19 IU - South Korea

Korea's little sister is cute and has the most powerful voice. She can sing such high notes... Example would be the 3 octaves she sings in Good Day

False. That's three high notes, not three octaves. There's major difference.

I believe IU is the best now a days because of her unique bubbly voice. Even though I'm a filipino I prefer to choose IU. And someday or somehow I want to go to Korea just to meet IU

IU is very talented and she posesses a wonderful voice, she also show great potentials in herself by suceeding with her job as a singer at such a young age.

Love you

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20 Rachelle Ann Go - Philippines

'THE ULTIMATE CHAMPION' is no other than MISS RACHELLE ANN GO... She can sing and dance at the same time.
SHE IS SO FLEXIBLE in any type of genre..

RACHELLE ANN GO must be list on top. Because at her genre. exceptional belting. Her vocal range in belting was truly amazed by the Asian viewers. although she's not a very popular singer but try to look on her videos on YouTube her Exceptional Belting was probably AMAZING. On Ms. Saigon (2014) Rachelle ann go acts the role of "GIGI" because with her Versatility and Unique techniques What an Super Voice given from above. At her genre She can Sing And Dance, Rachelle can do whistle at the same time by "Never to Far" Her vocal range is belting in "All The Man that I Need" was Pure Voice. She is a Total Performer. Rachelle ann go given the title " The Ultimate Champion" and " The fierce Songstress". As from now, Rachelle ann go was called by "WEST INTERNATIONAL DIVA"

So much Talented. A Very Creative, Flexible and a Unique singer and dancer.

She's amazing singer one of the singer in Cinderella movie

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21 Utada Hikaru - Japan

Her songs are amazing and they have a very nice feel when you listen closely. Simple and clean makes you think of the one you love the most and not wanting them to leave your side not even for a second. Sanctuary lets you escape to that safe haven that's always there but more visible when your with the one you love most. Her songs are amazing and so is her voice.

Great voice and singing skills and she has such a huge vocal range. Her talents were shown even when she was very young.

Utada Hikari is one of a kind artist. Singer, songwriter, arranger, composer, music producer/director. Her music is so unique. Her voice can be soothing and yet has an edge to it. You can see it in her performances that she is really born to perform and create music. She may not be as flashy on stage like others, but you know she really can face the music.

I love her voice and songs <3
when I feel bad I often listen to her music, it's always made me feel better :D

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22 Novita Dewi - Indonesia

One of the best female singer now in Indonesia, her voice should have been known in all over the world, she is so amazing.

Singers who have technique and how to sing good. He can be called Diva

A great great powerful voice..

Good Singer, Amazing Voice, Technical of Singing is really Good

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23 Ruth Sahanaya - Indonesia

she is powerful and poetic, not any female singer can beat this tiny mommy, every tune and rhythm she sang could reach what song truly stand for. her voice have strenght to pierce the hearts.

She is the true Asia's Songbird. - kagen

Powerful voice and maintaining her career for over 25 years of Asian Music Industry

Her husky clear voice and power of throwing her voice makes her a unique singer of Indonesia.
"Kau segalanya" one of the most romantic song I have ever heard.

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24 Kamasean Y Mathews - Indonesia

Like Jessica Sanchez runner-up American Idol that was saved in the big six by Veto of Jenifer Lopez, Sean Idol should be eliminated in the big Five Specta Show, but since she is The Fave of all three Judge especially Ahmad Dani, Agnes Monica as well she wa saved by Judge using the Judge Veto. Can she follow Jessica Sanchez that finally go to the Grand Final, let we see in the couple week Indonesian Idol Spectacullar show every Saturday night.

She is only just 16 yo, and she is most favorite of judge to win the 2012 Indonesian Competition. Along with Regina she make Indonesian Idol this year can equal to Jessica Sanchez Quality in this year American Idol

She is just only 16 years old, the same age with Jessica Sanchez runner up American Idol; However, like Jessica Sanchez (Philippines Heritage with father from Mexico), Sean Idol has already the ability to sing like diva.

Amazing voice especially feat judika in indonesia idol. Especially she sang e song with title "butiran debu"

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25 Toni Gonzaga - Philippines Toni Gonzaga - Philippines Celestine Cruz Gonzaga-Soriano, better known as Toni Gonzaga, is a Filipino singer, television host, actress and comedian.

She is the "Ultimate Multimedia Star"! She didn't just get that title for nothing. She can host, act, dance and she can definitely sing. No one in her generation can do what she can all at the same time. Many artists can claim that they are multi-talented as well but none can show tangible proofs of excellence (accolades/awards) in the aforementioned fields as she can. Truly, the "epitome of versatility".

Since we're on the topic of singing, what makes a good singer you may ask. A good singer is someone who has a good pitch and/or has the ability to carry a tune every single time. Many popular singers are like that. But great singers are those you want to hear again because each and every time they sing, they own the song. You believe them when they sing it. Their emotions can be heard, you feel the song is somewhat important to them as if they're talking to you through their songs. Why am I discussing this? Because I think Toni Gonzaga is a great singer. ...more

Toni gonzaga is one of the most admired artist in our generation... She sing from her heart... Toni is god fearing person, she always thank god for what she achieve... And toni is a loving daughter, sister, and specially a friend... Go go go ateh tin... We love you very very much...

Toni Gonzaga is one of a kind.. She's very talented.. She's a very good singer, actress and host.. Sometimes she also dances.. And because she can almost do everything she was called the ultimate multimedia star..

For me Toni Gonzaga should be on the Top 10!

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26 Sherina Munaf - Indonesia

For a decade she have been proven that Indonesian singer do not only referred themselves to fame, but it must be walking on a pure of art, which is truly singer's path. Her great songs told like that

She had incredible charisma and all the song is awesome "she incredible singer"

Good character indonesia artist, very cute


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27 Rossa - Indonesia

She won a MTV Indonesia Awards 2000 for "Most Favorite Female Artist", Indonesian Music Awards (AMI) 2008 for "Best Pop Female Solo Artist", and a SCTV Awards 2008 for "Famous Singer"

The Best Female Artist "Music Planet Award 2011" Connect Tone Harmony Album & Stories at Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia

The most popular Diva now in Indonesia

I love her voice and inspiration women

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28 Regina Ivanova - Indonesia

Marvelous voice and very humble, very positive attitude, worth to be a role model for teens

Finalist 2012 Indonesian Idol who has high quality vocal comparable to Top International Singer like Adele, or runner up 2012 American Idol Jessica Sanchez, who in heritage Mexican Philippines

The Perfect Singer From Indonesia
The Winner Of Indonesian Idol

The Best Singer From Indonesia
The winner Indonesian Idol

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29 Stacy AF6 - Malaysia

You are the best STACY ANGIE
Singing LIVE without miming like agnes monica!
Malaysia's Pop Star is here!

She is talented w0men,
Quality, and sing the high notes...
I'm proud of stacy angie...
He deserves to win...
Keep spirit for Stay-C...
She is a best Dancer and singer...
She is a Asian artist...

The multi talented petite singer of all time. She can sing, the best in dance, she's cute, she's good to all of her fans, she got it all! I LOVE HER!

World should look at her performances... And I beg world will know her strong voices, dance and international performance

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30 Putri Ayu - Indonesia

The Winner of T.V. event "Indonesia Mencari Bakat" and One of two Winner of "David Foster Young Talent Scouting in Indonesia". Together with Angelique Martha Pieters, she performed as Local Guest Singer in David Foster and Friends Concert in Indonesia last year. With unique Seriosa or Opera Type Vocal, the 13 years old Girl from Yogyakarta made David Foster very pleased.

The True Combination of Talent, Beauty, and Class, She definitely has one of the most angelic voice in the world that you'll ever hear... Proud of our nation : Indonesia.. And if any of you have ever heard the name David Foster, then you all know which level/class of Putri Ayu is right now.. God Bless You Putri Ayu...

She is the youngest operatic voice of Indonesian soprano. She performed with David Foster in Jakarta and Singapore last year, also duet with Michael Bolton. Just launched her first single album. She is amazing singer at this moment.

Putri ayu is the best batak singer song

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31 Julie Anne San Jose - Philippines Julie Anne San Jose - Philippines Julie Anne PeƱaflorida San Jose is a Filipino singer, actress, model, composer, and television personality.

At her very young age, she can sing with some pro in singing. And she got many awards, she is so humble, sge can rap, sing, dance, play instrumentS, act.

Very good enchanted voice and beautiful, shes voice touches the heart of music lover listener, try to search her music in YouTube and you will be enchanted.

She is real singer and no one con do as julie ann do

Love you ate Japanese

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32 Maeda Atsuko - Japan

Maeda Atsuko is a fantastic singer. Her songs are really gorgeous and she has a beautiful voice. She is very popular in Japan. She was also a member of popular Japanese music group AKB48.

Acchan is the best

33 Ziana Zain - Malaysia

She is a talented singer... She has a great and high pitch voice (octave 4)..
Most of her ballad songs was been using in most drama and film in Malaysia..
She also has won a lots of medal and acknowledgement either local or international...
She also is a talented actress and have her own phenomenon all over Malaysia especially during her films Sembilu 1, Sembilu 2, Maria Mariana & Maria Mariana 2...
She is also known as one of the fashion icon in Malaysia... Always been choose by most local or international designers to wear their design...

She is truly Diva ZIANA ZAIN!

ZIANA ZAIN great woman, no talent, looks, strong career and have a very happy family... Well... After 20 years of his life involved in the arts, he was still accepted... In the class of their own... My loyal fans... He's not stand in his place...

Ziana Zain are Datuk Siti Nuhaliza Idol,. Datuk siti sang Ziana zain kemelut di muara kasih to gave her to final and become champions in local singing contest.. One year later, Ziana zain song kemelut di muara kasih lost to Datuk siti in major local song contest.. But there's no one singer in malaysia can reach high pitch song from ziana zain,.. Ziana zain song always using/chossing by amateur singer for singing contest..

Most powerful n versatile voice

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34 Tata Young - Thailand

She's a good singer because she's the best of international singer and the important reason is I love her voice. When she sang songs I feel so good. Although she was famous in the past but for me she always the best.

Tata Young were the most successful singer in Thailand.
Unfortunately, her overt hypothyroid has stopped her career
Even though she has come back but she can no longer dance or sing
She is like Britney...

Tata is the best at all if you have a chance to hear her songs. You will know Tata is a real singer, so please supporting her. If you are a producer of many artists in The USA or UK, getting her to be the famous singer around the world. Please!

Amita Tata Young hoo!

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35 Boa Kwon - South Korea

If BoA wasn't here, maybe there won't be any Hallyu or Korean Wave. There might not be K-Pop today. Because of her, Korean music was known all over the world! Because of her, Japan and Korea are now in good terms with each other. She debuted in Korea when she was 13, debuted in Japan when she was 14 and debuted in the United States when she was 21! She's multilingual! She knows her mother tongue, Korean, Japanese, English, Chinese and a little bit of French! In fact, she sings songs in of course, Korean, Japanese, English and Chinese! Isn't that great? She is a legend. She's only 24 now, turning 25 (2011). She's the best!

She can sing and dance! She sings the best in her live performances and concerts! She's so cute!

She's a true artist. A true star. A true performer. Everything about her is genuine!

She has a very powerful voice. Awesome dance moves. Very beautiful too!

She debuted when she was only 13 (2000) years old! She was discovered by SM Entertainment when she was only 11 because they believed that she has the potential. They were right. Now, she's a very great artist! I am a Jumping BoA or BoAjjang! I love BoA! Also, in early 2012, she will have a movie called Cobu 3D! All I can say is... BoA should be in the first!

she works so hard and she is an AMAZING DANCER
and all of her songs were huge hits and she is loved internationally
and she is very beautiful

BoA Best performance best dance and good voice.

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36 Aya Hirano - Japan

An amazing singer, she's also the voice actress for Konata Izumi and Haruhi Suzimaya!

37 Joy Tobing - Indonesia

She is still the best singer that was born in Indonesian Idol. Her voice is unbeatable with modern big notes and very powerful

The Winner of the Indonesian idol Season 1, that has an amazing modern Voice that comparable with those in the origin country.

Joy is the best and truly diva bravo joy

38 K.S.Chithra - India

May be a handful of Indians have heard her song... She is a lose to others... She is the nightingale of malayalam cinema... She has the max number of National awards... What else should be there...

undoubtedly she is the best. nobody has such a sweet voice.

She is very beautiful and talented female singer. I believe she is the absolute best of them all. "

Best singer

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39 Bunga Citra Lestari - Indonesia

Everything about her is not less than Sweet. She has a Sweet voice. She has a sweet body, her Song has been sweet melody.

She is The Hits maker in this era. Her song such as Pernah Muda, and many other is being played in all radio station. She is married to Australian-Malaysian, Ashraf Sinclair, and she is the mother of of one son.

He strength is her natural voice. No wonder if many song of her turn to be "Hits".

40 Shena Malsiana - Indonesia

Jazzy singer... Love that

Best Female Jazz Singer In Indonesia! Support Shena Malsiana :)! Top5 X-Factor Indonesia! Amazing Voice! Spectacular Show! Happy! Name Fans Is Shenation! International Artist! :D Support! SHENA MALSIANA ALWAYS! - rikosetiiawan

I love jazz.. And she's so jazzy n funny.. Hehe

I Love Shena, She's Funny! Hihihi

41 Hetty Koes Endang - Indonesia

She began competing at the age of 12 in 1969 winning Children Singer Competition in West Java. After that, she participated in every song Competition until she won 2nd Place at National Singer Competition in 1976. One year later, she won 1st Place as National Singer Competition in 1977 and also in 1978. She won Best Singer at National Competition once more in 1981.! Esides, she finished at 2nd place two more times in 1980 and in 1984. Also, she finished at 3rd place in 1982 National Song Competition. She also won International Song Competition twice, in 1977 at WPSF in Japan and in 1983 in chili Song Festival Latin America. She really love to compete. Her Life is on stage to compete.

Queen on stage! She was born to sing and she love to be challenged singing every genre music Pop Mellow, Pop Kreatif, Pop competition, Indonesian Traditional Kroncong, Ethnic Sundanese Song, Even Dangdut, Rock, Jazz, and Seriosa. She also love to compete and has An Ever Green Competitive Spirit in many International Song Competition : in Chili South America, Tokyo Japan, even participated in Non Competition Festifal in Netherland, China, Japan.

Queen of Festival since during 1977 - 1984 dominate National Competion, even ever win WPSF 1977 in Tokyo Japan and win Best Singer in Vina Del Mar Chili Song festival in 1983. She is Versatile Singer, She can sing various genre : Pop festival, Pop Indon, Pop Malay, Traditional Sundanese, Kroncong, Jazz, Sof Rock, even try to learn Seriosa. She was Queen of Pop in Indonesia Music Industry, she recorded over 100's album until the late 1990's.

The Winner of 2010 AMI Award in Kroncong Category, with the recycle song coming from the Peterpan Band.

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42 Airi Suzuki - Japan
43 Jonalyn Viray - Philippines

For all I know, jonalyn viray is the best singer of all times! She is so versatile... She can do whistles, belt songs and everything! She was the first ever grand champion from the singing competition Pinoy Pop Superstar in the Philippines and then won in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS OF PERFORMING ARTS in Hollywood where she bagged 5 GOLD MEDALS.
She is known for her soulful voice, extreme belting ability, and the ability to sing in the whistle register. She has cited Mariah Carey and Regine Velasquez as her greatest musical influence, along with Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Kelly Clarkson, Aretha Franklin and Patti LaBelle.
She is currently in a group called La Diva with Aicelle Santos as alto, Maricris Garcia as mezzo-soprano and Viray as Soprano. She was also in a group called DECIBELLES with Kyla and Rachelle Ann Go. She had a recent concert with Frencheska Farr and Julie Ann San Jose entitled 'Beyond Limits'.
She is in contemporary with Sarah Geronimo, ...more

Actually in the Philippines, I think regine, charice and jonalyn are the greatest in terms of singing. Jonalyn is really fantastic. She always give justice on her songs though only few can recognize especially with her rendition of the song "the impossible dream".

Jonalyn Viray is Real Diva & Soul Princess in the Philippines. I wish to be come Asia's Soul Princess of International Pinay Soul Princess... God Bless Jonalyn Viray.

The Asia's Fearless Diva

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44 Poppy Mercury - Indonesia

She is legendary and the real lady rocker Indonesia..

She is the natural singer in Indonesia, she has A great and high pitch Voice!
She just want to sing and pick up the very small but mast touching things in everyone,

The Pearl of music in Indonesia that never can be forgotten of our music listener... Loves only for you no body one as you do,

Fatin is the best...

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45 G.NA - South Korea

She is very very beautiful and has good songs too

She's a great singer and dancer! And awesome songs!

G. NA is a talented dancer ^^ singer. She has beautiful and expressive voice that can reaches everyone's heart - Alyosha

46 Kana Nishino - Japan

Best Japan singer I ever know

47 Lata Mangeshkar - India Lata Mangeshkar - India Lata Mangeshkar is an Indian playback singer and music director. She is one of the best-known and most respected playback singers in India.

This list cannot be correct if lata mangeshkar is not placed at number 1. But this is possible because of the fact that we do not hear other country's music, nor do we understand the lyrics and the situations in which they were sung. So can't help it. But a voice like hers will never be heard again. I am fortunate to be living in the time when she is still with us.

God of singing lata mangeshkar is a legendary singer.
And I don't think that any one can compared with her voice and nature.
She is known as one of the popular god of Indian "sarraswati" of music.
If one is angry and listen her song he become very relaxed by melodious voice of lata mangeshkar.

No doubt if we count a voice rather then the complete music, no one can mach her. she has only the voice which makes the Indian all time Happy, and the biggest popularity in India she Get.

She is no1 in the world singer at age of 80 she can sing like a cuckoo - dev2279

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48 Jaclyn Victor - Malaysia

Super women. Just give any song.. She will deliver very well.

THE BEST EVER... But never been acknowlegde properly before..

She is gifted, she sings without even thinking. Like we breathe... Ypu don't think before you breathe..

Hope she will be known in worlwithe.. SOON!

Totally amazing and powerful voice..she should be number 1

Malaysian "Whitney Houston"..go search her on YouTube if u doubt eht I'm saying

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49 Ailee - South Korea

Seriously what is Ailee doing so far below? 47? She should be 1! I was a huge fan of Taeyeon and BoA (Both South Korean) until Ailee came along and blew me away! PLease check out her songs and covers, you'll regret it if you don't!

Ailee has a high voice. In her pre-debut days, she uploads her
Covers in YouTube. All in English. She grew in America and she debuted as singer in Korea. I love you Ailee! Hope you'll get into TOP 10! You deserve it the most.

This girl should be at number 1 spot. Fatin can't compare to the AILEE. Although her lower register aren't developed enough, she has a very developed and well-trained middle voice, has a smooth, trued head voice and is able to convey emotions of every song she sang. One of the best in Korea AND maybe Asia~

Pop Jazz R&B excellent a must listen.and she is a looker!

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50 Inka Christie - Indonesia

Start singing from age 10, her voice never changed until now, she has got unique voice, she have been duet with Malaysian rocker star, they album very famous in both of they country

She's one of famous lady rocker in Indonesia, she has 9 album, and she is still active singing until now

Inka is good singer

She low profile actrist, nice, good looking, good moslems, has unique voice especially in high tune

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