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241 Maria Da Silva - Indonesia

Grand Finalis in 1999 Asia Bagus Song Competition, She finished at 4th pace after Rio Febrian from Indonesia, Contestant from Japan and Contestant from South Korea

Girl from Mollucas was Finalis in Asia Bagus Song Competition, at that time she lost to the Winner, Rio Febrian from Indonesia, runner up from Japan.

242 Mawar AFI - Indonesia

She came 3rd place at Akademia Fantasi Indosiar (AFI) session 1 after the winner Ferry from North Sumatera and Haikal.

243 Dhenok Wahyudi - Indonesia

Representing Indonesia in World Popular Song Festival In Budokan Hall Tokyo Japan, she replaced Hetty Koes Endang who did not get permission from her label, Musica Studios

Singer of Song "Symphony Kehidupan" or "Melody of Life" at composed by Ully Sigar Rusady 1978 WPSF Budokan Hall Tokyo japan.

Representing Indonesia 1978 world Popular Song Festival at Budokan Hall Tokyo, singing a song from Ully Sigar Rusadi, 'simphoni kehidupan'.

244 Cindy Bernadette - Indonesia

Original singer of song "Semenjak Kau Ada Di sini", the unique song that currently is very popular especially among teenager.

She is R&B, Hip Hop, Pop Dance singer, she is very talented girl, and her is Vocal Director, Composer too

Love you Cindy

245 Ira Puspita - Indonesia

She finished in the 3rd place at 1977 Indonesian Song Competition, after Hetty Koes Endang and Duo Melky Goeslaw and Diana Nasution.

246 Happy Prety - Indonesia

She performed the song called " Dirimu Satu " (in English " You are The One") compossed by Tarida Hutauruk at the 1982 ASEAN SONG Competition Festivel in Bangkok, Thailand. At that time, the song won the 1st Place in Song Category; Meanwhile, Grace Simon, another Indonesian Singer Delegate won 1st Place in Singer Category. The Song itself was already sung by Bornok Hutauruk in 1979 World Popular Song Festival in Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan.

247 Airi Suzuki - Japan
248 Riafinola Ifani Sari (Nola) - Indonesia
249 Nadila - Indonesia

Sweet and cute singer with sweet voice and fun energetic performance. Her hits song came when she was duo with Fathur.

250 Joice Pupella - Indonesia

Another Ambonese Girl who ever won National T.V. singer Competition in the mid 19804

251 Diah Iskandar - Indonesia
252 Nola Tilaar - Indonesia

Like Vina Panduwinata, she began her career in West Germany in late 70s. After going back to Indonesia, She created Hits Song called " Dansa Regae" in early 80s. Together with Euis Darliah, she performed as Duo at 1983 Asean Song For Competition Festival in Jakarta, and their song that called "Borobodor' won the Best Song. While the best Singer was the Filipino Singer, Ivy Violan.

253 Ivy Violan - Philippines

Best Singer with the Song "Kung Akin Lang" in 1983 ASEAN SONG FESTIVAL in Jakarta beat Host Singer Euis Darliah and The Best Singer in 1992 Lahti Midnight Song Festival in Finland Europe after beat Indonesian Singer, Imaniar

254 Rosemaria Abdul Hamid - Malaysia
255 Anita Sarawak - Singapore

One of only a few Asian Singer who flew internationally, she ever sang in Las Vegas like Celine Dion ever did as well.

256 Anna Mathovani - Indonesia
257 Nita Tilana - Indonesia
258 Alda Risma - Indonesia
259 Fifi Kabul - Indonesia

In 1978 Indonesian Song Pop Festival, she presented the song called "Bahana Perdamaian". The song was runer up on that song competition after "Waktu" song by Dian Anggraeni

260 Binu D Sukarman - Indonesia

Top Indonesia Soprano Female Singer that has painting her voice in Indonesia Music Industry. Her compatriot in her generation includes the name such as Aning Katamsi, Atty Soedaryanto.

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